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Epayments suspends ALL accounts

Sorry for us guys... Another time we can see that Bitcoin is the future.
We write to inform you that in accordance with paragraph 12.1 (j) of our standard terms and conditions, we have unfortunately taken the hard decision to suspend activity on customer accounts, effective from today. During the course of this suspension customers will be unable to transfer, deal, withdraw or deposit funds and will be unable to use their ePayments cards.
Following a review by the Financial Conduct Authority ('FCA') of ePayments Systems Limited's ('ePayments') anti-money laundering systems and controls, a number of weaknesses have been identified which require urgent remediation to ensure that our customers can enjoy a safe and secure platform.
Following discussions with the FCA, ePayments has agreed to suspend activity on customer accounts until remedial action has been undertaken to the satisfaction of the FCA.
We know this will be a very frustrating time for our customers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are working tirelessly with the FCA to ensure improvements are made and accounts can be reactivated as soon as possible.
During this improvement process, we want to assure customers that their funds are being safeguarded as normal.
Should you have any questions in connection with this letter please contact [email protected]
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