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A shitcoin consists of two numbers: J, which is randomly-generated and reasonably-long, and K, which is a cryptographic hash of the concatenation of the bitcoin value and of J. A J is given to a bond-holder, who keeps it secret, while K is posted to the Shitcoin distributed hash table network, along with a time stamp (secured through hash chaining, in exactly the same way as ordinary Bitcoin ... herbijudlestoids hmmm well i would never have argued that the USG will shutdown bitcoin or that bitcoin will be worthless, those seem like two stupid things to bet on. although i would posit that considering the nature of centralisation of the internet currently, it might not be that hard for the USG to do so. also i dont think bitcoin is worthless, i think it has a considerable value as a ... These are, listed in alphabetical order and with our sincere thanks : ageis, azelphur, brendio, ezl, cory, jurov, kakobrekla, nanotube, onefixt, mike_c, mod6, random_cat, rdponticelli, reeses, smickles, sgornick, the00dustin, znort alongside many others. Bitcoin is in fact first and foremost a wonderful community of highly skilled, intelligent and open minded people which tearfully reminds one ... Czech Republic based Bitcoin exchange Bitcash.cz was allegedly hacked on November 11, 2013 and approximately 4000 bitcoins were stolen. The operator or operators almost succeeded in their efforts to remain anonymous with impunity, were it not for disgruntled users that named some suspected perpetrators in online forums. According to the 2014 yearly report of the #bitcoin-assets log. home log search bash PREV: 02-07-2016. hide bots links only kindergarten. NEXT: 04-07-2016. Transcript for 03-07-2016, 358 lines: 10:42:06 punkman: "Early in 2015, a department head at the National Development and Reform Commission was investigated for corruption. In his apartment they found more cash than they could count by hand. They got currency-counting ...

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