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LongWaited A Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide to Altcoins!

LongWaited A Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide to Altcoins!
Welcome to the exciting (and sometimes confusing) world of virtual currency. Alternative cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, have revolutionized the way we think about money ever since Bitcoin lead the way for the first wave of cryptocurrencies.
At one point, Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency around, and now, there are thousands. Bitcoin has become the leader that other altcoins follow and remains the most widely accepted virtual currency to date. Whether you are a financial wizard or average person, anyone can join the cryptocurrency game.
The key to understanding and exceling at cryptocurrency is knowledge. Each of the following cryptocurrencies attempt to improve on existing technological solutions. Cryptocurrencies can fulfill many functions, and they aim to work on issues ranging from storing medical data to providing anonymous financial transactions. Many provide a decentralized network allowing efficient anonymous transactions, and in addition, there are Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that can help ensure security.
What are Cryptocurrencies?
A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that comes as a “coin” or “token”. They are largely intangible and were originally designed to be free of a central regulatory authority, like a bank or government agency. At first, it was criticized by the traditional finance industry, but now many are embracing blockchain technology.
Cryptography uses mathematical equations to ensure that the tokens are securely created, stored, and transferred. Anonymity and decentralization are the key components to most cryptocurrencies, and this is why the cryptocurrency world continues to grow in popularity.

Types of Altcoins:

Bcash (BCH)
Bcash originated out of an early hard fork of bitcoin. A fork is when developers and miners of a cryptocurrency disagree on the cryptocurrency’s mining and transaction process, and when this occurs, the currency “splits”. Some developers and investors will choose to follow the original code while others will support the currency’s new “update”. As a result of such a fork, Bcash launched in 2017.
BCH was created to increase the scalability of Bitcoin from one megabyte to eight megabytes which allows for larger transactions. It also removed the Segregated Witness protocol that is used in Bitcoin, which limited the block space available for transactions.
Ethereum (ETH)
Founded in 2015, Ethereum is one of the giants that followed Bitcoin. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that allows you to execute smart contracts and build applications, and you can essentially build other cryptocurrencies off the Ethereum platform. Its token is known as ether, and ether is used by other developers to run their own applications or as a token to buy other cryptocurrencies.
In 2014, Ethereum had its first official presale. This was essentially the first initial coin offering (ICO), and these are now a popular source of funding within the industry. After 2016, Ethereum was split into Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), and it is still one of the most valuable coins on the crypto-market space.
Zcash (ZEC)
Launched in 2016, Zcash is based on a decentralized and open-sourced platform. Zcash prides itself on its ability to ensure privacy and transparency during each of its transactions, and it claims it is the “https” of the crypto world. Essentially, it is added privacy to already pre-existing crypto-transactions.
They even offer an added feature of “shielded” transactions, which allow for further crypto-security. Zcash developers came up with an innovation called zk-SNARK, and this revolutionized the way cryptography is used to secure crypto transactions.
Dash (DASH)
Dash is a more private form of bitcoin and comes with features like DarkSend and InstantX that provide added support to protect anonymous transactions. It was originally known as Darkcoin and was renamed Dash in 2015.
Dash allows you to make nearly untraceable transactions. It offers stronger anonymity than most cryptocurrencies and is based on a decentralized network. Founded in 2014, it was founded by Evan Duffield and quickly gained popularity among crypto-enthusiasts and investors. It differs from other coins in that it can be mined with either a GPU or CPU.
Ripple (XRP)
Founded in 2012, Ripple aims to work as a global network of low-cost payment transactions. XRP works to allow banks and individuals to make international payments at low costs while ensuring a high level of transparency. You cannot mine ripple which helps reduces latency issues.
It also decreases the need for high computing strength that some other coins need for mining. Many popular banks have already adapted Ripple technology for cross-border payments because it is the most popular cryptocurrency for traditional investors. Traditional investors understand ripple’s utility as an efficient method of cross-border transactions.
Neo (NEO)
Originally known as Antshares, Neo was founded in 2014. Called the “Chinese Ethereum”, it is the largest Chinese cryptocurrency. It utilizes smart contracts in a similar way to ETH. Neo owes much of its success to its ability to support multiple programming languages on its platform.
Launched in June 2018, EOS is one of the newer currencies, and it was created by a well-known mind in the blockchain world, Dan Larimer. Before starting EOS, Larimer started and popularized Steemit which is a popular social media site that was founded on blockchain technology.
EOS is founded on the same platform as Ethereum. During their ICO, EOS was able to generate close to $4 billion in funding, which is one of the highest recorded. Its proof-of-stake system aims to provide more scalability than other currencies. Also, EOS differs in that there is no mining. To replace the need for miners, block producers are rewarded in tokens depending on their rate of production.
Cardano (ADA)
In 2017, Cardano was founded by a co-founder of Ethereum. Carles Hoskinson hoped to combine the benefits of Ethereum as well as fulfill several other functions. ADA looks to solve the issues that come with other digital tokens by focusing on interoperability. They also hope to solve problems of scale. ADA has the ability to make financial transactions in mere seconds, when before it could take days, and this is an added benefit to those in the cryptocurrency industry.
Monero (XMR)
Designed to be an anonymous currency, XMR is focused on security and privacy. It was one of the older altcoins to become fully established after being founded in 2014. Unlike other virtual currencies, monero’s funding is completely dependent on grassroots community funding. XMR utilizes a rather unique technique known as “ring signatures”.
With ring signatures, transactions using XMR have added anonymity. A group of cryptographic signatures will appear with each transaction, but only one of which is the “real” one. They all seem as if they were completely valid, which provides more security, and for people seeking private transactions, this is a draw to use the form of XMR for cryptocurrency.
Litecoin (LTC)
One of the more well-known altcoins, Litecoin has been around since its founding in 2011. Its founder, Charlie Lee, formerly worked as a Google engineer and is a well-respected figure in the blockchain-sphere. LTC is open-source and utilizes scrypt as proof-of-work.
Litecoin is very similar to Bitcoin but works much faster, and it can generate blocks quicker and can confirm transactions at a higher rate. Litecoin has been adopted and endorsed by banking companies around the world because of the benefits it offers to users.
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PSA: Don't fall for Darkcoin's deceiving marketing and pump and dump. It's just a copy of CoinJoin (created by a Bitcoin core dev, for Bitcoin), and does not give perfect anonymity.

The whole point of CoinJoin is that even though it doesn't guarantee perfect anonymity, it comes in handy because it can be used on top of Bitcoin (eg: Bitcoin's Dark Wallet), no need to modify the core nor create a new coin.
So this is my prediction for the possible finales for Darkcoin:
Edit: Commentators informed me that Darkcoin is closed source. Wtf, really? I'll take doge over DRK any day if I have to choose.
Edit2: Darkcoiners are claiming that it is open source because they have a Github link. Yes, we can see a basic clone in there, but it doesn't have its main feature, the coin mixing with CoinJoin (which they renamed into DarkSend for no reason), which remains closed source as explained here.
Edit3: Apparently it was also insta-mined.
Edit4: Coins that give better anonymity than Darkcoin: All the coins that use the Cryptonote technology.
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Some info as to why the coin was so quite until recently

I was checking out the bitcoin talk section on THC and found this reply the dev left the other day:
Congrats to all the THC holders and folks that have been here from the beginning. I have worked tirelessly to make $THC great again. A lot of things are coming up. I have several different teams working on different parts of HempCoin. All of our news will be presented on twitter @thehempcoin. The new website will not be active until the new wallet and fork are in place. The new fork is basically exactly like DASH anonymous coding in all aspects including a masternode/HempPAY/darksend coin with Windows, Mac, Linux, and source. This is a fork so all coins will automatically be in the new wallet. Specs will be released on twitter. This all takes time to get t right. Be patient and this will continue to be Epic. THC has taken over the top marijuana coin spot which is amazing. This is very popular with Japan,China and all of Asia. We have lots of other news to push out pertaining to agriculture as well as dispenary platforms. I’m not on BCT often but can be reached on twitter. We will also have a telegraph soon. All the positive tweets will help. Also after the fork (because the exchanges won’t make a new coin twice in a month) we will be pushing for more top exchanges and will call on the community to help. As most of you know I am not a major THC holder. I started this as a community coin and stepped away November 2014. It wasn’t until April this year that folks started seeing value in THC. I am full time dedicated to THC and will do everything to make this a world leading top coin. A teaser spec is 1 Masternode will require 20,000 coins.Cheers!! Tim
This sounds as if the dev had given up on the coin years ago due to a lack of following, but now that the coin has picked up he is dedicated to it fully and ready to get it to the top! This would explain all the recently activity and also the missing info on the website. Hopefully soon we will be seeing >$1 values!
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My mostly-impartial take on the top 20 coins on CoinMarketCap

Backstory: I have a friend who is becoming interested in cryptocoins, and I decided to write about a sentence to share what I know about the top 20 coins on Coinmarketcap. As for my knowledge: I've been obsessive about crypto since 2010, but I've taken some time off out of irritation with the soured bitcoin community (I did take a side in the debate for awhile, now I'm disgusted with the entire community). Everything below is recollection and opinion. Much of my knowledge is greater than two or three months old, except for Augur, which I still follow closely. Please - read along and feel free to berate me.
1 Bitcoin - Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency, and the coin with the most adoption. Despite the high market cap, it is bending under it's own weight. The core developers and the miners have scary agendas. Bitcoin is likely to survive and thrive, but not because of anything the community has done to help it.
2 Ethereum - Ethereum isn't technically intended as currency, but some see it as bitcoin 2.0 because it extends the basic blockchain ledger idea. Because Ethereum has a turing complete scripting language built into it, it is more susceptible to new attacks and will need to be substantilly hardened for years to come. The development team is led by Vitalik Buterin, a young genius. Ethereum is generally seen as having a strong development team and a lot of future potential, especially in managing sub-tokens and smart contracts like Augur and Digix.
3 Ripple - Ripple is poorly regarded by many seasonsed cryptocurrency users - many (including myself) do not regard it as a cryptocurrency, but as a general scam. Note that Ripple has low market volume and few privacy protections.
4 Litecoin - Litecoin was the second cryptocurrency to be developed (after bitcoin in 2012) and it is currently traded in China because the developer base is Chinese. Litecoin is literally a bitcoin clone with two modifications. It has potential for speculation, but is not generally used in the US.
5 Monero - Monero is the strongest privacy-centric coin. It uses a novel blockchain solution called ring-signatures that forces mixing for every transaction. Monero took a long time to catch on because of the absence of a GUI wallet. A GUI wallet was recently released. Monero got a recent pump by being the primary currency of Alphabay - instead of bitcoin. (Personal note: I sold all of my monero and I regret it now. Please PM me seed phrases containing coins!) :P
6 Ethereum Classic - Ethereum Classic is quite literally a "grudge coin". Some ethereum users were upset when an Ethereum Contract (The DAO) was rolled back by the Ethereum team, and they revolted by remaining on the old Ethereum fork - the fork that did not roll back the DAO. Many users also see this as a part of the bitcoin hardfork argument because it seems apparent that those who do not want to fork bitcoin to raise the blocksize limit are staging a protest to demonstrate how badly things can go if a coin is forked.
7 Dash - Dash is a very interesting fork of bitcoin with several neat features and a very aggressive development roadmap. Dash is the most prominent coin to pay nodes for obfuscating transactions. People who hold 1000 dash can run a masternode and support darksend transactions while receiving dash in return. This has been very positive for dash in the long run because it makes the token worth hoarding. Dash also has a anonymous transaction solution that has had some scrutiny from the crypto community because of suggestions that one person (government) hosting many masternodes could deobfuscate transactions.
8 MaidSafeCoin - MadeSafeCoin is one of several tokens designed to foster decentralized cloud based data storage. MaidSafe has been in existence for a very long time but only really got traction when the cryptocurrency revolution started. MaidSafe's primary competitor is Storj, though, the last time I checked, both teams deny they're competing.
9 Augur - Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform that is currently in alpha development. The token (Reputation) was released several months ago by users hoping for a quick product launch, but they were disappointed and many sold, leaving the token very cheap. All indications are that the development team is being careful and meticulous to release a working product and avoid something similar to the DAO fiasco. If Augur Reputation is successful, holders of the token will receive regular payouts for reporting on the correct outcome of prediction markets.
10 Steem - Steem is a token-incentivized discussion board, sort of similar to reddit or quora. The basic gist (I believe) is that users reward other users with tokens for submitting worthwhile content. This is probably over-simplified and wrong
11 NEM - I am not familiar with NEM.
12 Iconomi - I am not familiar with Iconomi
13 Dogecoin - Dogecoin started as a meme based on the Shiba Inus dog breed, it was originally a litecoin clone that gained tremendous community traction based on the concept of doing good and sharing good will. The token was widely dismissed, though it has maintained some usefulness.
14 Factom - Factom is a project that verifies the legitimacy of information and databases by stamping/hashing the data in the factom chain. This insures data integrity and could allow proof of ownership, proof of invention, proof of accurate records, etc. Factom was a big deal when it was launhed, but as with many other tokens it doesn't have the same luster as investors have moved on to other tokens, despite the inherent usefulness.
15 Waves - I hold some Waves and I don't even know what it is right now.
16 Stellar Lumens - I don't recall what Stellar is at this moment.
17 DigixDAO - Digix is intended to serve as digital gold. The concept is that the maintainers of digix will hold literal gold reserves in a vault equal to the issuance of tokens. There are regular audits, and demonstrable proof of assets. People who depend on literal assets tend to like the knowledge that their asset is tied to a physical asset, but others feel like this totally misses the point of scarcely created cryptocoins (i.e. bitcoin).
18 Zcash - Zcash is a new privacy-centered cryptocoin. Much hyped.
19 Lisk - Lisk is an ethereum clone, similar to what Ethereum Classic has become. I consider it in the same league as Litecoin to Bitcoin.
20 GameCredits - Something, Something, something, get paid for playing games and exchange game credits with other gamers.
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Entre los aspectos informáticos de una red, podemos encontrar elementos que se encargan de procesar toda la información, enrutar paquetes, encriptar, validar y verificar todas las tareas que se realizan en una red local o conectada a internet. Un cluster se define como un sistema de procesamiento paralelo o distribuido. Consta de un conjunto de computadoras independientes o interconectadas entre sí, de tal manera que funcionan como un solo recurso computacional.
Los cluster a su vez están formados por nodos, equipos de computación tradicionales o servidores que se encargan de realizar una o mas tareas especificas dentro de la red con uno o mas nodos, estos equipos pueden tener diversas configuraciones tanto de hardware como de software, estar en diferentes sitios físicamente, pero siempre aportando poder de procesamiento o resolución de tareas al cluster.
Un nodo maestro, dentro de la red informatica es aquel que se encarga de administrar, controlar y monitorear todas las aplicaciones y recursos del sistema en cluster. Estos equipos son usualmente servidores a los que se puede contralar remota o localmente y cuentan con todo el poder de procesamiento necesario para verificar las tareas entregadas al cluster.
Muy bien... Ya teniendo en cuenta que es un cluster, un nodo y nodo maestro, vamos a establecer algunos terminos con respecto a DASH DIGITAL CASH.
En primer lugar debemos saber que DASH es una divisa digital Centrada en la Privacidad, basada en el software de Bitcoin, con algoritmo X11, en con conjunto con una arquitectura de "dos niveles", para alimentar y mejorar la red de datos que la forman.
El primer nivel consiste de la minería bajo un mecanismo de consenso llamado "Proof Of Work" (POW) (Prueba de trabajo) que se encarga de asegurar la red y escribir las transacciones en la bockchain.
El segundo nivel consiste en un tipo de prueba conocido como en Nodos Maestros o MasterNodes, quienes se encargan de habilitar las características avanzadas de DASH.
Los MasterNodes DASH, son computadores que corren una wallet de DASH con copia completa de su blockchain dándole robustez a la red, al mismo tiempo aseguran la mezcla de las monedas, el anonimato de las transacciones sostenido con un sistema conocido como "Proof of Service" (PoSe) (Prueba de Servicio), ya que los nodos deben asegurar los servicios que prestan, aparte de que los MNO - Master Nodes Owners toman parte de las decisiones sobre el uso del presupuesto.
Para llegar a tener un MasterNode DASH, debes contar con varios requisitos, contar con una cantidad de 1000 DASH de colateral (siempre disponibles en la wallet) lo que se conoce como Proof of Stake" (PoS) (Prueba de sostenimiento), una dirección IP dedicada, asegurar la disponibilidad del nodo las 24 horas con un máximo de desconexión de 1 hora, un servidor dedicado o un servicio VPS - Servidor Virtual Privado corriendo con sistema operativo basado en Linux. Si alguno de estos requisitos falla no seras capaz de correr un MasterNode DASH.
Los MasterNodes aseguran el sostenimiento, accesibilidad y disponibilidad de los siguientes servicios:
Los Masternodes de DASH indudablemente tiene un costo que corre por parte del dueño, así que por poseer un MasterNode activo en DASH, se recibe una recompensa, que viene directo de la actividad de minería. Mientras que en todas las otras criptomonedas, la recompensa por los trabajos y resoluciones de bloque van el 100% a los mineros, en DASH las recompensas son repartidas de manera distinta, donde el 10% va al fondo de tesorería, 45% va a los mineros y 45% a los MasterNodes uno a la vez. Actualmente 1,5 DASH son pagados a cada nodo cada 7 días. También debes tomar en cuenta que otro ingreso es el pago de los fees o comisiones que los MasterNodes ganan cuando los servicios que sostiene (InstantSend and PrivateSend) son utilizados.
Como vemos la red de DASH esta muy bien constituida y sólidamente asentada con el sistema de los MasterNodes lo que permite sostener los servicios descentralizadamente a la vez que se protegen las transacciones y la privacidad de los usuarios.
Si te parece interesante y quieres apoyarme, no olvides Upvote y follow y si quieres puedes dejarme tu propina en DASH por aqui:
XvFbuBVMBRx7W9rABiQXWzaqTEsRqrrWkH Jahlexis Tafari Lugo
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BTG is in top 10 in CoinMarket Cap! Here is why it should be in the top 5.

How I see the top 10 currencies on CoinMarketCap.com

1 Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency, with all the hype and all the press. I do not see any coin overtaking it in the near future. Probably never.

A) Bitcoin Gold allows for GPU mining on people’s home computers and it is ASIC resistant, which makes for a more decentralized coin. (One of the founding principles of bitcoin, which has fallen by the wayside with Chinese asic (such as BITMAIN) controlling most of the mining market and allowing it to pull all sorts of shenanigans. B) Bitcoin transactions have become slooooooooow! (Bitcoin GOLD is much faster) C) Bitcoin transactions are PRICEY! You can't even send someone $10 worth of bitcoin because the fees would eat the entire transaction. This is why STEAM dropped bitcoin. The fees have become ridiculously high (see miners controlling the market above as to reasons for this) Bitcoin Gold has lower fees. D) The network for bitcoin can be VERY unstable. Whenever Bitmain wants to move the miners over to it's own fraud coin, bitcoin cash, they slow the market and delay transactions. This should be seen for what it is: an ATTACK on bitcoin. With all that said, bitcoin still carries on and the price continues to climb! It remains #1 in marketcap.

2 in marketcap is Etherium. People love to remind you that Microsoft is backing Etherium. Yeah, but guess what. Etherium's network is an absolute mess!!

Hundreds of millions of coins have been lost because of a "bug". WOW. The 44billion dollar Ether network was brought to its knees by Crypto Kittie, a digital cat child’s app that uses Etherium contracts to trade digital pussies. Etherium shouldn't be number 2. Not until they can create a stable network. Who knows what will bring it down next? Digital dogs?

3 Bitcoin Cash. This currency is a fraud. It merely exists to allow Bitmain to use asic boost, to give it an advantage mining coins. Once Segwit went into place on bitcoin they could no longer use asic boost and lost their advantage so they forked bitcoin for greed. They tried to take a bunch of miners with them and force everyone who wants to buy an antminer to pay for them in Bitcoin Cash, driving up BCC and trying to take down BTC. This is a fraud currency and everyone should ignore it, and let it die on the side of the road like the diseased rodent it is.

4 Litecoin This is a great coin. It is more stable than every coin above it. The network is reliable and the transactions are fast. As if that were not enough, the fees are ridiculously low. So low that they have attracted STEAM, who just dropped bitcoin, to allow people to purchase on their store with Litecoin.

This should be the number 2 coin, in my opinion. (only because nothing is going to dethrone Bitcoin.)

5 Ripple If you have ever invested in ripple, and thought the price was going to go up and was surprised how it suddenly came crashing down, well you are not imagining things and you are not alone. The price on this coin is manipulated.

Don’t be me wrong, Ripple is a useful coin with good tech behind it. Fast transactions, good scalability and low fees, but this coin is used by banks to transfer fund between them. They do not want to the value to go up because that would make the fees larger. This “global “token is mainly traded on Korean exchanges. This coin was not designed to be a holder of value, so if you are looking to invest, I would stay away from Ripple. Anything over 25 cents is risking a sudden plunge. I’m amazed to see it at 36 cents.

6 IOTA - I love IOTA. What a great coin with a great team behind it. The network (Tangle) is very advanced and they love to brag about how they are an improvement over bitcoin. The people involved in IOTA tend to be very passionate and haters of blockchain.

The problem? Well, their wallets don’t even work! You can buy it on Binance, but you can’t even withdraw it because they have so many problems trying to get a wallet to be stable. For a coin that suddenly shot up to $5 (I rode a lot of that up and jumped out) on the news that they were working with Samsung, Microsoft and others on an information sharing network, I would think they could get their transaction network up and running so people can keep coins reliably in their wallets and get them off exchanges.

7 DASH One of a kind. The network funds itself. Unheard of. It’d decentralized with Masternodes that vote on how to spend the budget. (masternodes controlling the future don’t sound decentralized to me, but I digress) They claim instant transactions and privatesend (wasn’t this darksend?) This used to be XCoin in Jan 2014. 10 days later the core dev team changed the name to Darkcoin. Later they changed the name to DASH (not to be confused with Dashcoin, which is exactly what many people do… get confused.)

Some people would say there is a dark side to Dash coin, but to each their own.

8 NEM My first question is if the currency is called NEM, why is the symbol XEM??? NEM codes its own blockchain making it efficient and stable. If you hold 10,000 XEM, you can harvest(?) which incentivizes people to hold, which will inflate the price. (HODLING is the main reason bitcoin goes up in price. If everyone were day trading it can you imagine the volatility? When you limit the supply and there is still a high demand the price must go up. Simple as that.) NEM (or XEM) is not discussed very much and is not widely known. This is odd considering its high market cap (top 10 baby) and its solid tech. NEM (like bitcoin gold) needs some good marketing.

#9 Monero This is a PRIVATE COIN, untraceable currency. This coin has a purpose, and that purpose is protecting the privacy of the users of it. You can send and receive Monero without knowing who you sent or received coin from. This coin will increase in value as demand for privacy will only continue to increase and this is the world’s number one privacy coin (sorry dash). Some people may have ethical reasons to not want to invest in a coin that may be used for all manner of shady dealings online. That’s up to you to decide. Are you against fiat cash? For the most part cash is untraceable too, and people use it for all sorts of shady things, but people also use it for plenty of good things.

10 Bitcoin Gold Finally a version of bitcoin I can mine on my computer at home! YEAH!!! Bitcoin is SUPPOSED to be decentralized, and this is the ONLY flavor of bitcoin that lives up to that. It’s the same block interval and block size as bitcoin, but it updates difficulty on every block and prevents ASIC’s by using POW Equihash so people can mine on GPU’s at home.

As I mentioned above, Bitcoin Gold has faster transfers with lower fees and the network is not able to be manipulated by companies such as Bitmain, because large ASIC farms have no control over this network. Some mysterious forces (I wonder who?) attacked Bitcoin Gold when it first launched, with DDOS attacks and faking wallets. Despite the rough start, bitcoin gold has been widely accepted at 25 exchanges including Bittrex, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Binance and Yobit! It has even found a home in hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger. You can use Coinomi on your phone too. http://amzn.to/2AeoyMI <----- Check Out Trezor Hardware Wallet!
THE TOP 5 COINS FOR ME: 1) Bitcoin (obviously) 2) Litecoin 3) Etherium (Because of the hype) 4) Monero 5) Bitcoin Gold Honorable mentions: IOTA and NEM
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This took a long time to type. :)
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Let's kick of with the Whitepaper of the Week: EUNO

What is EUNO?
EUNO is a currency based on privacy of the end user. It is a currency that has Proof of Stake (POS) as well as Proof of Work (POW). EUNO has a relatively low max supply and an extremely fast transaction time. Using the privacy aspect of the coin to make transactions(Darksend), users can anonymously send EUNO without any tracing of the sender. Darksend transactions are facilitated by the EUNO Masternodes. EUNO Masternodes help with the network as well as create a means to receive new EUNO
Whitepaper abstract
The upsurge in the number of cryptocurrency projects since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009 has brought tremendous technological innovation and utility models into the decentralized digital currency space. Despite that, cryptocurrencies are still to date mostly viewed as speculative investment and store of value instruments. This notion has devalued the potential benefit of their use in resolving real logistic, economic and societal bottlenecks, and has necessitated a sober approach in addressing obstacles to their wide public acceptance. Indeed, mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to be hindered by polarized perceptions between different actors – public entities, the financial sector, merchants and consumers. As a result, the overall market remains extremely niche, highly volatile and susceptible to confidence shocks. At face value, this divide can be traced to (i) a wide misconception of use in illicit activities that has suspended the process of public recognition, (ii) perceived risks to traditional financial and monetary structures, (iii) overstated weaknesses in terms of scalability, speed of transactions and network vulnerabilities, (iv) price volatility, and (v) perceived complexity of use. While those concerns are to some extent valid, we view that their influence is overemphasized due to a much more rudimentary cause, which we identify as the status quo bias. As well as adhering to basic requisites of security and usability, diffusion of technologies that potentially carry broad economic and social implications compel the presence of a system that promotes active use and curbs early adopter risk. Short of such a design, potential users would more likely retain their preference for prevalent payment methods, barring the few for which the status quo already imposes greater risks. Building on that, we assess obstacles to cryptocurrency mainstream adoption within the context of a behavioral approach from which we derive key lessons for the development of EUNO coin. EUNO coin was created with the aim of tapping into the core attributes that have hindered wide public acceptance while not compromising the key features that make cryptocurrencies a revolutionary technology: decentralized, trustless, immutable and incorruptible. EUNO combines solid security features building on previously developed cryptocurrencies that have succeeded in addressing network vulnerabilities and minimizing incentives for malicious attacks. From a user’s perspective, EUNO is a privacy-by-choice coin focused on accessibility and usability through platforms and tools that aim to support commercial exchange with minimal requirements of operational knowledge and merchant infrastructure. Furthermore, EUNO is built with an aim to survive independently of its founders in the longer run. It embraces a community-driven governance structure that promotes transparency and flexibility, and facilitates adaptation to the needs of the market. In terms of exposure and user acceptance, we introduce into the cryptocurrency space the Adoption and Convergence Incentivized Distribution (ACID) protocol, the function of which is to incentivize the use of EUNO in commercial transactions, and promote a wider and more equitable coin distribution. The ultimate vision of EUNO is a widely accepted and extensively distributed digital currency to be used by consumers over the air (OTA) in near field communication (NFC), point of sale (POS) transactions, with minimal requirements for technical expertise by users and integration processes by merchants.

Check it out here:
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GoByte - MasterNode Coin

GoByte - MasterNode Coin
GoByte (GBX) is a cryptocurrency based on Dash aimed at vendors to provide monetary services . GoByte features the masternode technology, which provides to the network near-instant and secure payments as well as anonymous transactions. The near-instant payments known as InstantSend technology, average at 1.3 seconds per transaction. The anonymous transactions known as PrivateSend technology, mix your funds trough the masternodes network, making near-impossible to trace back the origin of the funds.
GoByte Network is a modular network based on the blockchain technology. The GoByte's modules are developed independently yet, they all have the same blockchain as a core, and work all together to create a fast and secure network. Thanks to the modular structure of the GoByte's Network, modules can be updated independently without causing errors or issues with other modules. Our developers are working tirelessly on bringing new and innovative modules to be merged later with the other modules of the network. Every module is developed by its own team lead by a Senior Developer, this way we offer to our developers a clean canvas to be filled by their own imagination. The first and biggest module of the GoByte Network is the "Pay" module, which acts as a payment gateway, central bank and cold wallet at the same time. The "Pay" module is the network's center support, working directly on the blockchain, being able to create and execute transactions which will later be confirmed by the masternodes and miners.
Our project is not aiming to build the blockchain around the existing economy. We are aiming to create a new economy around the blockchain. The first step into building the GoByte Network economy is by providing liquidity and ways to acquire GBX coins. Therefore, a part of our current development team which has past experience into building, developing and maintaining bank ATMs that are currently being actively used around the word, have decided to build and develop our own ATMs and POS Terminals along with Card Reads and more. All of those devices will be directly linked to the GoByte Pay module which will attribute to the customers an identity and act as a central bank of the entire economic system. Allowing you to deposit, withdraw, perform payments, loan GBX coins, link or request GoByte Pay Debit/Credit cards to use with our ATMs, POS Terminals or CardReaders.
In order to create a self-sustaining economical system, GoByte had implemented the Governance feature, currently found in Dash and more other cryptocurrencies. The governance feature allows to the masternode holders to vote, fund or reject proposals submitted by the community, from event sponsorships to acts of charity or developer bounties. By funding projects, the community can sustain the media/events appearance and even the development, without the reliance of a central development team.
Specifications ◆ Algorithm NeoScrypt ◆ Block time 150 seconds ◆ Block Reward 15 GBX decreasing by ~15% every year ◆ Estimate Supply 31.8 Milllion ◆ Required 1000 GBX for Masternode ◆ Masternode 50-80% Block Reward ◆ Superior Difficulty Retargeting Using Dark Gravity Wave ◆ Superior Transaction Anonymity Using PrivateSend ◆ Difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave ◆ 2.7% Premine*
Masternodes help keep integrity of network and enable support for Darksend and instant send. You need 1000 GBX to setup a masternode and start to earn rewards.
RoadMap Roadmap
GoByte Blockchain Start ◆ Launch Website (Done) ◆ Window, Mac and Linux Wallet Release (Done)
Get listed on Exchanges ◆ CoinsMarket — Completed ◆ Stock.Exchange — Completed ◆ CoinsExchange — Completed ◆ Cryptopia — Completed ◆ CryptoBridge — Completed ◆ HitBTC — Completed ◆ TradeSatoshi — Planned ◆ Upbit — Planned ◆ Kucoin — Planned
===[Q4 2017]=== ◆ Genesis Block and initial launch — Completed ○ Announcement on BitcoinTalk.com since block 2 — 17 Nov 2017 ◆ Website Release — Completed ◆ Windows, Mac OS, Linux Wallets Release — Completed ◆ Listing on first 4 small/medium sized exchanges — Completed ○ CoinsMarkets.com — 18 Nov 2017 ○ Stocks.Exchange — 19 Nov 2017 ○ Cryptopia.co.nz — 22 Nov 2017 ○ CoinExchange.io — 04 Dec 2017 ◆ Listing on useful Crypto websites — Completed ○ CoinMarketCap.com — 20 Nov 2017 ○ Masternodes.Online — 21 Nov 2017 ○ CryptoCompare.com — 22 Nov 2017 ○ CoinGecko.com — 26 Nov 2017 ○ CoinRanking.com — 04 Dec 2017 ○ CoinHodler.io — 04 Dec 2017 ○ Masternode.Pro — 05 Dec 2017 ○ WhatToMine.com — 02 Jan 2018
===[Q2 2018]=== ◆ Listing on decentralized exchanges [2/2] — Completed ○ BarterDEX — 05 Jan 2018 ○ Crypto-Bridge.org — 29 Jan 2018 ◆ Web Wallet — Completed. (integrated into "Pay" module) ◆ Android App — Under Dev. ○ Coinomi Multiwallet — 05 Jan 2018 ◆ IOS App — Under Dev. ◆ WhitePaper & Translation — Completed ◆ Dev. of "Pay" module — Under Dev. ◆ "Pay" module mobile apps — Under Dev. ◆ Listing on another 3 medium/big sized exchanges — Completed ○ HitBTC — 16 Apr 2018 ○ CoinSwitch — 04 May 2018 ○ IndaCoin Exchange — 17 May 2018
===[Q4 2018]=== ◆ Electronics Shop — Planned ◆ Starting the development of the "Market" module — Planned ◆ Atomic Swaps/Exchange — Reconsidering ◆ Marketing and Awareness campaign — Under Revision ◆ Hiring PR team — Under Revision ◆ Attract Merchants — Constant
===[Q1 2019]=== ◆ Start dev. of POS Terminals — Planned ◆ Testing GBX payments on vending machines — Planned ◆ Starting development of the "Overwatch" module — Planned ◆ Starting development of the "Mint" module — Planned ◆ Start building cloud mining farm. Share profits among MasterNode owners — Planned ◆ Hardware wallets for GoByte tokens — Planned ◆ Attract Merchants — Constant
===[Q3 2019]=== ◆ Smart Contracts — Reconsidering ◆ Starting development of the "Social" platform — Planned ◆ Founding or Partnering with an academy for "GoByte Academy" — Planned ◆ Founding the "Blockchain Innovation of the Year" event with prizes — Planned ◆ Attract Merchants — Constant
===[Future]=== ◆ AI that maps data and cryptographs it into a blockchain ?? — Future ◆ Quantum Ressistance ?? — Future ◆ New Algo ?? — Future ◆ Moving to DAG ?? — Future
Downloads https://github.com/gobytecoin/gobyte/releases/download/v0.12.1.3/GoByte_0.12.1.3_Windows64.zip https://github.com/gobytecoin/gobyte/releases/download/v0.12.1.3/GoByte_0.12.1.3_Windows32.zip https://drive.google.com/file/d/17lQ24gft63gC1ZZcljghau6LKTEmU4Sn/view https://github.com/gobytecoin/gobyte/archive/v0.12.1.3.tar.gz
Website https://gobyte.network/
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Donations for DarkSend Code Review

Hey DarkCoiners,
I was honored to be selected by Evan as a third party outside of the development team to review the DarkSend source code. Announcement here.
Unfortunately I'm not bit-rich enough to work on just any project that strikes my fancy, so I generally have to prioritize the projects that pay over the ones that don't.
I'm throwing up a donation address for anyone willing to send a few DRK my way. Even if I receive 0 donations, I'll still be reviewing the code, so no worries about that; donations will just enable me to put more concentrated effort into the review, which is especially important in meeting the deadlines that Evan has set to release new versions of the client.
Why fund my code review?
Let me know if you have any other questions about the project.
Donations: XqHt831rFj5tr4PVjqEcJmh6VKvHP62QiM
Regards, Kristov
Edit July 19: I hugely appreciate everyone's generous support this project. It will be a big help in allowing me to focus my time on it. I wanted to provide a little update to give you an idea of what will be taking place, and soliciting your feedback.
The last few days, I've been corresponding with Evan discussing the design of DarkSend+. We're covering both topics of privacy and practicality. I think we'll continue this back-and-forth until Evan feels settled on the next DarkSend+ design.
When I receive code from Evan, I'll be doing the following:
All of my findings will first and foremost go to Evan. I'll discuss with him what options make sense to report back the findings to the community once they have been addressed -- I'd like to disclose the details of my review as much as possible so people can see what they have donated toward, but that's really Evan's call.
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Discussion: Marketing and Darksend (anonymity/privacy)

Hello everyone,
With the news that Darksend will be leaving Beta soon, and the recent spike in Darkcoin's price on exchanges, I believe it is time to discuss how best to begin marketing Darkcoin.
Darkcoin is particularly valuable to those who value anonymity and privacy. This includes a vast potential user-base and the coin could provide a much needed service to certain communities by providing a secure method of exchanging currency. A service that was originally provided by the combination of Tor and Bitcoin.
In my opinion it is time to reach out to these communities that value privacy and make them aware of Darkcoin's potential. I am not proposing spamming these communities encouraging them to adopt Darkcoin, however instead simply posting about Darkcoin's potential and the service this coin could provide these communities in the near future.
I think the best course of action for Darkcoin right now is to make people aware of the coin, so that when Darksend is fully functional the adoption process will be quicker.
tldr; reaching out to communities that value privacy and letting them know about Darkcoin's future potential is beneficial for the coin.
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What does dash blockchain show to everyone?

Is it just like bitcoin blockchain? What happens when I mix my funds? Do I get the mixed dash in new wallet such that after darksend/mix nobody will know where my coins went? And I can send them out freely from this new address that nobody knows belongs to me?
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How much profit can I potentially make setting up a Darkcoin Masternode? I can't seem to figure it out. Can you?

I saw instructions on how to setup a masternode. It covers costs, profit potential and setup instructions. Some of the info went over my head but this is ok since I can hire somebody to set up a masternode but I do not fully understand the profitability per this post at https://darkcointalk.org/threads/darkcoin-update-masternode-requirements-masternode-payments.225/ So I did some research which I am sharing for comments.
This post https://darkcointalk.org/threads/darkcoin-update-masternode-requirements-masternode-payments.225 says:
Profit per masternode are as follows: 1x Masternode = 576 blocks * 10% of the reward = 1036DRK/day 8x Masternodes = (576/8) blocks * 10% of the reward = 129DRK/day 16x Masternodes = (576/32) blocks * 10% of the reward = 32DRK/day 128x Masternodes = (576/128) blocks * 10% of the reward = 8.1DRK/day
So What is the profit to me in darkcoin if I am one of the 8th Masternodes or 16th or 128th or 1200th Masternodes? What is the "reward" they reference? I unfortunately am not good at this kind of math. Am I the only one? I do more research.
How many masternodes exist now? See below links for answer. As of May 29 it is over 350 something. http://www.reddit.com/DRKCoin/comments/26ruk6/how_many_quantity_of_masternode_nowwhere_can_i/ http://drk.poolhash.org/darksend.html Unfortunately, I do not have the expertise to understand what I am seeing. How many coins are being generated per day in total? Please do not tell me if I dont have the expertise to understand this that I should stay out. So I do more research.
How many masternodes will there be? See thread below. It is dynamic. https://darkcointalk.org/threads/darkcoin-update-masternode-requirements-masternode-payments.225/
Much of the other info I need to evaluate this investment I can find but not on its profitability in non technical terms. I am not a programmer of crypto but I can read a profit and loss statement. So I do more .. you guessed it.. research.
Any and all help is appreciated. If it was easier to follow the profit on this maybe more masternodes would be setup which may or may not be good for the masternodes but would be good for Blackcoin which I am investing in.
Not sure why masternodes are not explained at all on Darkcoins web page. See Darkcoin's home page > resources > masternode https://www.darkcoin.io/masternodes.html (masternodes guide coming soon). If darksend aka the masternodes are such a key part of Darkcoins present and future success this lack of clarity needs to be addressed at https://darkcointalk.org/ & http://www.reddit.com/DRKCoin and on Darkcoin's home page.
The profit picture is also changing seems the 10% has gone to 20% and starts June 14th. This is good news. What does it mean in laymans terms? http://www.reddit.com/DRKCoin/comments/26mkm7/expect_at_least_350k_drk_to_be_bought_for_more/
Found this > 10% of the coins generated are allocated to Master Nodes in this thread http://www.reddit.com/DRKCoin/comments/26fvs9/i_want_to_be_part_of_a_masternode_but/ [–]DyslexicZombei 1 point 4 days ago Note: not just a percentage but 10% of the coins generated are allocated to Master Nodes.
So how many coins are generated? Or how many Darkcoins are issued daily? WOW! Found info I was looking for about coins generated per day - here http://wiki.darkcoin.eu/wiki/FAQ
"The monetary base is expanding at a rate of ~3000 to ~7000 coins per day, depending on the difficulty. The issuing rate changes dynamically depending on the difficulty of the mining: More coins are produced as an incentive to mine while the hashrate of the network is low and less coins are produced when the hashrate of the network is high.
As of May 15, the minimum block reward has been achieved, with only 5 DRKs issued per block - although it is not yet stable at that level. When the minimum reward is steadily at 5 DRKs / block, it will equal an issuing rate of just 2880 coins per day.
So divide 2880 coins per day by 1200 masternodes* (my guess - nobody knows how many masternodes there will be see https://darkcointalk.org/threads/darkcoin-update-masternode-requirements-masternode-payments.225) = 2.4 Darkcoins per day or at $10 per coin about $25 If the coin goes to $50 well then you can do that math.
WAIT! It is 20% of the coins generated (this is the reward). Above it says 10% but it is going to be 20% right? 2880 coins per day x 20% = 576 coins divided by the number of masternodes (1200?) = .48 per masternode or $5 per day? Could be $25 per day if coin sells for $50.
OR is it... Based on the blocks your masternode solves?
OH gosh I thought I almost had it figured out. Does anybody know the exact answer? I think it is the info I have under wait.
Dear Evan (the developer of blackcoin) do you see my confusion?
Lets go on>>> Maybe $80 per month. Costs to put up masternode: Info from here http://www.reddit.com/DRKCoin/comments/26fvs9/i_want_to_be_part_of_a_masternode_but/ [–]DyslexicZombei 1 point 4 days ago Free info from homework already done: The cheapest instance at amazon will work for a Masternode at only $23 a year, power included. (I have not confirmed this) Firewall protection needs to be set up. It's up to you if you pay for protection, but it's often true that you get what you pay for. DDOS protection is needed to keep the node online during an attack. Non-free protection starts at $50-60 per month. You could try to get away w free DDOS but they're not meant for serious or sustained attacks. See above advice regarding getting what you pay for.
How many Darkcoins will be issued in total?
Unlike the number of Bitcoins in which the number is known in advance, Darkcoins have a maximum theoretical limit of approximately 21.3 million coins by 2050 with a slow issuing curve. However the real number of coins can be reduced to something like 16 or 17 million coins in case the hashrate of the network brings the mining reward lower in the near future.
Initially the plan was to have a theoretical limit of approximately 84 million coins, however due to the initial block reward formula which was aggressively diminishing block rewards without a minimum reward set, it would be near impossible to have more than 10 million coins issued.
Minimum block reward is now set at 5 DRKs per block and instead of using block halving every 4 years, Darkcoin employs a far smoother 7% annual decrease in coins issued per block. The minimum block reward was achieved on May 15th 2014.
Bottom line answer is: The theoretical maximum is close to 22mn but in practice we might not see more than 16-17mn coins due to tremendous difficulty increase very early in the coin's life.
Is this profitable? $5 per day oh lets say $10 per day x 30 days = $300 per month minus costs per month of $80 = $220 And your investment is still yours. You still have the darkcoin in your wallet. You dont buy a masternode. so yes this seems profitable but I bet my math is wrong and I need to be sure. All comments appreciated.
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What is Zealium (NZL)?

ZEALIUM COIN Masternode. Darksend. Environmentally Friendly Proof Of Stake Cryptocurrency. Made In NZ.
Coin Specifications Name: Zealium Ticker: NZL
Algorithm: POS
Total Coins: 80,000,000
Total Premine: 1,000,000 [1.25%]
Block Rewards:
Block 0001 -1001 [1 Million Pre Mine, POW Ended Here].
block 1002-500000 - MN 10 / STAKE 4 / GOV 1
block 500001-1000000 - MN 7,5 / STAKE 3 / GOV FUND 0,75
block 1000001-1500000 - MN 5 / STAKE 2 / GOV FUND 0,5
block 1500001-Infinity - MN 2,5 / STAKE 1 / GOV FUND 0,25
MN Collateral 4,000 NZL
Staking Maturity: 6 Hrs
Block Time: 60 sec
Road Map Q1 2018: Create Zealium DONE Complete Whitepaper- DONE Create Block Explorer DONE Complete Roadmap On going Launch Discord Forum- DONE Launch Twitter- DONE Launch Facebook- DONE Create Website- DONE
Q2 2018: Launch Zealium Launch ICO DONE Exchange Listing DONE Celebrate with Airdrop/s DONE List Coin On Dice-Age.com DONE List On Masternodes Online DONE Begin Community Involvment STARTED Add To Dev Team DONE On going Donate A Charity Masternode Integrate With Local Platform Traders DONE On going Integrate With Local Metal Recycling Company DONE Update Roadmap - From Potential Community Input Start Charity Masternodes DONE 1 of 2
Q3 2018: 1st Official Progress Report Continue Approaching local NZ Trading Companies More Exchange Listing DONE List On Delta & Blockfolio DONE Begin POS Web Wallet Development DONE Charity Masternode Voting/Selection
Q4 2018: Hire Public Speaker Promote Crytpocurrency and POS technology adaption Zealium Real World Use Case Competition (bounty) Android Wallet Development DONE upgrade coming Make Promo Videos (bounty) Contact Charity Masternode Winners
Q1 2019: Release Charity Masternodes And Earnings To Winners Update On Online POS Wallet Progress Add Zealium To Current New Zealand ATM Machines Purchase 1 Bitcoin/Zealium ATM Machine
Q2 2019: Install Bitcoin/Zealium ATM Machine Begin Development Of Crypto Currencey Auction Site
03 2019: To Be Announced
Any Questions Please Ask. Thank you for your time, your trust, your Input. Finest Of Futures,
The Zealium Team
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Atlas a liar, Duffield a scammer, Coinjoin broken, Darkcoin not anonymous?

I keep reading about this again and again and again and again. Right now after I linked the deepdotweb article, some guy (Nekomata, he loves another coin which claims pure anonymity.) on bitcointalk totally lost his mind and started calling Atlas a liar, Duffield a scammer and Darkcoin totally broken. If you guys came across such accusations, here are some arguments based on facts that could help you to turn the discussion to your favour.
Is Duffield a scammer? No! Darkcoin is one of the few coins with devs which do not hide behind new forum accounts or pseudonyms. He also keeps developing innovation which is of high value for all cryptos, including bitcoin. darkcoin.io/meetteam.html
Did Duffield create that instamine on purpose to rip us off? No! It's proven (and can be looked up at the blockchain anytime) that the instamine was fast and fairly distributed and not collected by the devs or other insiders. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=778616
Why is it closed source then? Will Duffield hack my computer? No! Darksend is closed source during the development phase to avoid publishing vulnerable code. Nobody is forced to use the closed RC-clients as there is a fully working open source version on github available. In addition, the source code will be release after careful security and code review on Sept/29/29014. github.com/darkcoinproject/darkcoin
Is Atlas a liar and Darkcoin pumper? No! Kristov Atlas is a well known privacy and security researcher who was one of the first guys proving coinjoin vulnerable. Saying he does not know what he does mainly shows people have no idea what they type. coinjoinsudoku.com/advisory
CoinJoin, as used in Darkcoin, does NOT bring full Anonymity!!1 No! The linked 3 pages PDF (outdated by 4 months of development by the way) is a joke. It concludes from "let's try", "very likely", "very likely", "very likely", to "strong evidence" and "it has been shown". This paper was at the time of writing (May/31/2014) not proving anything and is today not relevant anymore as the analysed code was removed from the darkcoin core client on Aug/13/2014 with RC4. For serious weaknesses in Darksend it's worth to look at the research by Atlas. darkcointalk.org/threads/reply-to-kristovs-paper.2325
But masternodes are centralized, FAIL!!!!11ß No! Masternodes are nodes connected via peer-to-peer-protocol and everyone is able to create his own masternode. That's pure decentralization by definition. A centralized node would be a single point of failure and could be taken down by an ISP, government, etc. That's not the case here though. wikipedia.org/wiki/Peer-to-peer
If you come across anything else, please let me know and we get the facts straight. With the upcoming source code release we should start cleaning up the fears, certainties and doubts.
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Just a little about Darkcoin.

Hey y'all, welcome to /drkcoin!
To check out the main page for a list of wallet downloads, source code, and pools check out darkcoin.io
First off, we have a TIPBOT!
FOLLOW us on Twitter. Official twitter
0.00000% Pre-mined
Super secure hashing algorithm: 11 rounds of scientific hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo)
Block reward is controlled by Moore's law: (11111 / (((Difficulty+51)/6) ^ 2))
CPU & GPU friendly mining(Asic mining isn't impossible but; developing such an ASIC would be prohibitively expensive, thanks to the X11 algorithm's 11 rounds of hashing)
Block generation: 2.5 minutes
Difficulty Retargets based on Kimoto's Gravity Well
84 Million Coins Max
Block reward halving every 2 years
Here's one known working faucet
Dark coin is much easier on your rig as it runs much cooler than most coins so feel free to hop on board. :) any questions about mining can and will be answered either right here in /drkcoin or in the Official darkcoin forum
DARKSEND-An anonymous wallet called DarkSend and it hides the address FROM THE WALLET. The blockchain will not contain your wallet address but a throw-away address that is untraceable.
Darkcoin is very new but we have an extremely talented developer who is working hard at making this a great completely anonymous coin and in the barely 1 month of existance there have been a massive influx of users.
I truly believe that darkcoin is the only new coin with as much potential as bitcoin or litecoin.
Darkcoin is currently on a few different exchanges already that I know of.
EDIT: Thanks goodcore for pointing out I missed cryptsy and for proof reading.
So, come join us over at /drkcoin if you have anymore questions.
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What is DarkCoin? A summery for newcomers

The only coin that has a future, and I'm not just saying that to be annoying, is DarkCoin. Started January 18th it is a new alt coin, however, it has a highly talented developer. Here are some of the features of this new coin:
11 hashing algorithms to make it ASIC resistant, it's still a viable CPU miner, I mine with both CPU and GPU. It also runs the GPU MUCH cooler, 30% cooler leaving your room cooler and not wearing out your GPU or stressing the system so badly (and quieter fans!)
But that's not the good part. Evan Duffield, our developer, has created an anonymous wallet. Not with a mixing service or TOR no, this is called DarkSend and it hides the address FROM THE WALLET. The blockchain will not contain your wallet address but a throw-away address that is untraceable. Even the coins are difficult to follow, using an implementation of coinjoin. It's a simple yet effective solution. Simplicity = much harder to crack. As Einstein said, the solution should be as simple as possible but no simpler"
Darksend is working NOW, in beta. it is closed source until the developer has everything worked out, so no faulty code is grabbed and used by other alt coins. The only issues I see with it now are that sometimes, the transaction gets kicked back (no coins lost though), and to set your wallet up requires you to issue a command in the console, which is clunky. I'm sure the user interface for Darksend will be smoothed out, it's just still in Beta.
Our highly talented and dedicated developer has other plans for the coin that he has only hinted at, and I don't doubt he will come through on that as he has been very responsive to all issues that have come up since launch, implementing KGW right as our first mining whale plopped down on us, and this has since kept the whales away or at least at bay.
Coin rewards for mining are based on 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)2) = Reward
The graph looks like this: http://www.steemjammer.com/images/graph.png
there is a hard limit of 84 million coins, but this limit will take proximately 70-80 years to reach depending on how popular the coin is to mine. Once difficulty reaches approximately 5000, the coin rewards will bottom out at 5 coins per block and stay there until the 84 million coin wall is hit.
This coin is well thought out, well planned, has an excellent team of developers lead by Evan Duffield, a young man with Software and system development experience in the Banking industries. You can't get better than this!
P.S. I just wrote this for one of my pool that I mine bitcoin in where they're thinking of adding a coin. I figured it would be usesful to post in a more public place :)
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Airdropping masternodes — fair distribution & healthy economy of MTNC

One such worthwile project is Masternodecoin (MTNC), of which the first airdrop took place at the turn of August and September. Masternodecoin is a cryptocurrency based on DASH with 2MB block size, 60 blocks confirmation, and Proof of Stake (PoW SHA256d algorithm was only used to premine coins). Those lucky ones who supported this project from the beginning and participated in the first airdrop, got the amount needed to set up a masternode for free, but anyone who owns at least 50,000 coins can run a masternode. Masternodecoin rewards “connectivity age” instead of “coin age” thus eliminating the abuse from exchanges and users that do not actively contribute to the network. By having a static reward system, the rewards for participation are proportional to the work of each active node. Currently there are about 90 masternodes and the number is constantly increasing. These MTNC nodes allow instant transfers between addresses in a decentralized way, so even if several of them stop working, transactions are still validated without any problems. Masternodecoin also allows you to send funds using the DarkSend feature, which is fully anonymous, mixing coin transaction. Mixing removes any traces that would allow to discover the address or IP of sender. Imagine that you can transfer any amount of money to other side of the world in seconds, completely anonymously! With DarkSend, this is possible.
MTNC on Coinmarketcap.com The total number of created coins is almost 104,000,000, with about half amount in circulation (locked in masternodes or on wallets and exchanges). MTNC is listed on two well-known crypto exchanges — Cryptopia and NovaExchange. Current price ranges between 1800–2200 satoshi per one MTNC, which allows to set up a masternode for about $ 10,000 (assuming present bitcoin price at around $ 10,000) and ROI may vary between 200%-300%. Considering the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies with masternodes for steady passive income, this is not an excessive price, especially since the MTNC has a lot of potential for growth thanks to the currency development plans we can see on the roadmap below.
Masternodecoin roadmap The roadmap looks very appealing, thanks to the interesting features that dev plans to implement — search engine with private search or peer-to-peer chat with all messages after read, are just some of them. In addition, a very good idea for the whole currency ecosystem are the regular burnings of coins. By the end of November next year, half of the total supply of coins will be destroyed (50,000,000 MTNC). Thanks to this, as well as six rounds of airdrops, the distribution of coins is very fair, and anyone who sets up their masternode now should be happy with the future profits and growth of the MTNC value. With a huge amount of new blockchain projects and hundreds or even thousands of cryptcurrencies, it’s really hard to find such a remarkable project like Masternodecoin, with engaged dav and quickly growing community. If you are interested in Masternodecoin, you are most welcome to join the third round of airdrop, which is happening right now on the Bitcointalk forum. You can also join the discussion on the slack channel. Some useful links:
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Wow 500 users! Heres a little get started help.

Hey y'all, welcome to /drkcoin!
To check out the main page for a list of wallet downloads, source code, and pools check out darkcoin.io
First off, we have a TIPBOT!
FOLLOW us on Twitter. Official twitter
0.00000% Pre-mined
Super secure hashing algorithm: 11 rounds of scientific hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo)
Block reward is controlled by Moore's law: (11111 / (((Difficulty+51)/6) ^ 2))
CPU & GPU friendly mining (Asic mining isn't impossible but; developing such an ASIC would be prohibitively expensive, thanks to the X11 algorithm's 11 rounds of hashing)
Block generation: 2.5 minutes
Difficulty Retargets based on Kimoto's Gravity Well
84 Million Coins Max
Block reward halving every 2 years
Here's one known working faucet
Dark coin is much easier on your rig as it runs much cooler than most coins so feel free to hop on board. :) any questions about mining can and will be answered either right here in /drkcoin or in the Official darkcoin forum
DARKSEND-An anonymous wallet called DarkSend and it hides the address FROM THE WALLET. The blockchain will not contain your wallet address but a throw-away address that is untraceable.
Darkcoin is very new but we have an extremely talented developer who is working hard at making this a great completely anonymous coin and in the barely 1 month of existance there have been a massive influx of users.(100 new subscribers in the last 4 days alone)
I truly believe that darkcoin is the only new coin with as much potential as bitcoin or litecoin.
Darkcoin is currently on a few different exchanges already that I know of.
Edit: Thanks goodcore for proof reading and suggesting I add cryptsy
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Not Just Hood -the case for anonymity

WiseGrub posted a very terse question about the idea of implementing anonymity into Dogecoin. The reaction, was mixed, but largely (or more visibly, at least) negative. I've put a lot of thought into the idea myself for a while. Here are some points to consider:
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Darksend+ review update - feedback requested.

tl;dr version: I wrote a paper about Darksend+, and would like to wrap up the crowd-funded review effort in a week or so with a light code review. What do you think?
Hey Darkcoiners,
I want to update you about the progress of my crowdfunded efforts, and solicit your feedback.
First, I wish to thank you. I really appreciate not only the many individuals who donated to crowdfund my Darksend+ review, but also those who facilitated the effort. Evan was diligent about answering my questions, and sending over new versions of the code as he updated it. Many others sent testnet coins to use, and volunteered computing resources for testnet masternodes and Darksend+ peers just to facilitate my research. As a researcher, this is exactly the kind of helpfulness that you want to see.
I posted a link soliciting donations 1 month ago, and have been focusing almost solely on the review since. We certainly experienced some delays in the process -- bugs in Darksend+ that required several updates to iron out, and frequently changing code. One day the Darkcoin testnet faucet went down, with the operator unfortunately stuck in the hospital and unable to reset it. The first part of the month I familiarized myself with the Darkcoin codebase, but after some of these challenges came up, one after another, I changed gears. C++ code is complex, and all the more when you are unable to compare it to runtime behavior.
While pinging Evan with questions about Darksend+ and reviewing the codebase, I realized that there wasn’t any great documentation out there about Darksend+’s specific design decisions. This is a general challenge in the altcoin space -- there are few people who really understand the technology, and they’re usually the developers who are too busy writing code to really explain the technology in detail to the public. While waiting for some of the bugs to be ironed out, I decided to dedicate my time to documenting the design of Darksend+ and identifying various strengths and weaknesses. I also really wanted to produce something that could be understood by your average programmer, and not something stuffy only accessible to crypto-currency savants. The product of that effort is my paper, published here. So far feedback from the Darkcoin community and even other circles has been very positive.
I think this paper provides not only a thorough approach to understanding the challenges of Darksend+, but also a kind of roadmap for improvements in the future. Based on Evan’s response to the publishing of the paper, I am confident that Evan has carefully reviewed the findings, and is working dilegently to produce the best improvements to the project he possibly can. I can't say how much of these findings may be new to Evan and how much he has already considered. Regardless, the community at large will have an even better opportunity to query the development team with informed questions, and to educate newcomers about the crypto-currency. Making Darksend+’s design clear to all may even facilitate privacy improvements in other currencies, such as CoinJoin implementations in Bitcoin. I think this was a really productive use of the time gifted to me through people’s donations.
Let us now speak of the code review: A tricky matter of the code is that it is still in a state of frequent flux. Even an extremely thorough review of the code may be invalidated a week later, with new Release Candidate versions coming out on a frequent basis. Keep in mind that Darkcoin is less than a year old, which is pretty young in comparison to something like Bitcoin, and implies a rapid development cycle.
As far as my funding goes, I was set to spend even more time than I already have based on the initial quantity donated. However, I made a rookie mistake of keeping those funds in DRK form when I do need them to pay bills, and the DRK price has taken some significant hits since then, from around $6/DRK to below $3/DRK. (Bitcoin hasn’t been much better off, either.) In retrospect, I ought to have slowly liquidated half or greater of the funds right away -- my apologies, but this scenario simply hadn’t come up in my prior experience. In case you are wondering, I really have been keeping my expenditures as low as possible during this time to milk people's donations -- no vacations or expensive dinners. :-)
Given the limited funding levels I have to work with right now, and the limitations surrounding a thorough review of the code, I propose that I complete this review process with an abbreviated code review. I’ll focus on major opportunities for vulnerabilities -- no major vulnerabilities have been identified so far, by the way -- and wrap things up in a week or so. That said, I realized that this review process was initially pitched as a “code review,” so I want to first check in with the donators who have crowd-funded the effort. How do people feel about this plan of attack? Do people feel like they have received their money’s worth out of this review process?
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Pitching #Operation_Innodoge

I'll try and keep this short.
When you observe the entire cryptocurrency space, one thing that can be seen is that innovation is the key to success. Let's go through a few of the more successful coins :
Bitcoin - Big daddy of cryptocurrency. 90% of all innovations come from bitcoins. And they just don't wanna stop innovating. Look at posts like this or this.
Litecoin - First altcoin. However, not very innovative after that and hence suffering from stagnation as well.
Darkcoin - Darksend
Nxt - Not Bitcoin or altcoin. Totally new code.
There are many more candidates but these are the more successful ones.
And when we think, what has dogecoin done which is innovative? Sure, we have the best community. However, the community can only last so long with the stagnation that comes along. Just a month ago, at any given point of time, there used to be over 1000 people online. Now, there are hardly 300.
I truly believe we need to innovate to stay in the game. And I don't mean changing algorithms or something similar. Innovations based on the current doge code. And burdening the core devs with that would be unfair especially since we have such a big community.
I would suggest starting #Operation_Innodoge.
We create bounties and award them to the best ideas. And big ideas. Not just small ones such as I'll open a shop.
Would love to know what you guys think. Thanks!
TL;DR : Innovate like a mudhfakaa.
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Feature request: Stealth addresses should be default for sending/receiving and mined coins

Stealth addresses together with DarkSend would make the blockchain unreadable. Every payment on the blockchain would show up as a new public address, even mined coins would go to a new address each time even though it's all going to the same private key holder.
The only downside is that to update your balance you would have to input your password so that the blockchain could be scanned for public address+nonce that match your private key, but it's a minor issue.
http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg03613.html
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Published October 15, 2020 Updated October 15, 2020 Lester Garrett Bitcoin News. If you’re thinking of buying some serious money then you should take a look at the idea of buying some good and selling it for profit when you have bought the other side of the coin. You can make a lot of money from this type of business, and this is a good way to earn extra money if you have more money than ... That was up until August 22, 2020, when Empire Market went offline and many individuals cast blame at a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Two days ago, news.Bitcoin.com reported on how a majority of people now assume that Empire Market officially exit scammed. It has also been alleged that the Empire moderators got away with $30 million in digital assets like monero and bitcoin (). Bitcoin : More widely accepted, easier ... While many crypto users view the news as extremely bullish, some point out several areas of concern bitcoin investors should be aware of. 'Every Major ... NewsBTC is a news service that covers bitcoin news, technical analysis & forecasts for bitcoin and other altcoins. Here at NewsBTC, we are dedicated to enlightening people all around the world about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We cover news related to bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin mining and price forecasts for various virtual currencies. DarkSend facilitates network anonymity. One of the major components of darkcoin is DarkSend, a peer-to-peer framework that bundles small transactions into larger anonymous ones. DarkSend is based on the CoinJoin concept created by bitcoin developer Gregory Maxwell, which acts as a transaction bundler. In the case of darkcoin, this merger makes it far more difficult for someone to ascertain the ...

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