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Some sites where you can earn from free bitcoins. [No mining involved]

If you don't have bitcoin wallet yet this site can give you one.
With the recent explosion of interest in Bitcoins it seems like a good time to post some sites where you can earn free bitcoins.
Every hour the amount of bitcoins given out changes. You check until you are satisfied with the amount given out that hour and pick it. You can only take 1 every 24 hours so you can either take whatever is up or wait for a higher amount. It will take a while to cash out and stats showing how many coins they have, given out, and you have waiting is listed at bottom.
Link is nearly identical so putting here too.
This site allows you to earn a tiny bit of free bitcoins every hour by just putting in the captcha.
If you are in the gambling mood there is a High/Low game you can play.
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This is your typical get paid for clicks, views, watching videos, offers, ect. This site pays in USD or bitcoins but is newer which could be good or bad. It is either new and you can make tons with referrals or won't actually pay at all.
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Got to all the sites at the bottom, but in your wallet address, and this will add small amounts to coinbox which will pay you once you reach the threshold. These sites vary in how long you must wait before using them again for free bitcoins.
Link to site
This is a PTC site so not sure how many people on here would be interested in it but worth mentioning.
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Hiow to Transfer Bitcoin To Skrill Account

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