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So Reddit just announced their own cryptocurrency. What does this mean for the future of social media?

It's going to be a digital asset that will have monetary value. Apparently Reddit has invested in bringing this out late next year. It's called Reddit Notes.Here's the link to their blog.
They already have a dedicated subreddit /redditnotes where you can find more information about it.
What does it mean for the future of social media?
Personally, I think that if it is integrated properly, it could be a very potent form of value exchange that may revolutionize social networking forever. This is because it is a hybrid between currency and stock. It's not really a currency since it's a digital asset, and it's not really stock.
Bitcoin has skyrocketed in value over the last 5 years from a few cents to, at one point, over 1000 dollars per bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies have popped up that have also experienced noticable climbs in value. Digital assets are an interesting subject since their value is largely dictated by collective opinion. And because Reddit is a rapidly growing social network of millions of users, it would be interesting to see how these digital assets behave over the next few years. If you're able to recognize the value of contributions by fellow redditors using a social networks digital asset that is beautifully tied into the existing social network, then it could change the very nature of how people behave online.
There's a ton of thoughts running through my mind how such a thing could change social networking if it does become popular. For example, if we are moving towards a reputation based economy, then our comment histories can be used as reference points to determine our reputation as individuals. So that means less trolls, and more of the exact opposite of them. Eventually, in an age of abundance as foretold by Peter Diamandis, people may be able to make a living just by Redditing all day.
But enough about my thoughts. I'd like to hear yours. What do you guys think about it?
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