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Effectiveness of fork dilution attacks (a cursory examination by 24hr volume)

Since someone brought up the argument against Bitcoin Cash that "Satoshi didn't envisage hundreds of Bitcoin forks", I felt compelled to look at the market data to get a feel for the economic significance of the other forks.
Just looking at 24 hour volume, searching for "Bitcoin" (I know this is very approximate and may include some false hits) - here is the data for those coins, sorted in descending order by share of volume.
Coin name // 24-hr-volume-in-USD // Percentage-of-total-24-hr-volume-of-the-"Bitcoin"-set
It's immediately apparent that BTC + BCH together make up more than 99,75% of the total volume, and while BTC had ~14 times the volume of BCH in the last 24hrs, BCH had ~41 times the volume of the next-biggest fork (BTG).
My point?
Despite still being valued in tens of dollars in some cases, the other forks together have < 0,25% of the volume. They are effectively irrelevant unless you are a speculator.
NOTE: I've only looked at the last 24hr data on CMC, with a very loose query. Judging by this other post, there must be a lot of variance in at least BTC vs. BCH volume, with some days where BCH volume is significantly larger in proportion than the figure I got above.
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