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WARNING: Never Use iCE3x Exchange!

Good day.
I used the exchange platform iCE3x to exchange BTC for Monero, and this happened.

I deposited .0135152 BTC and exchanged all of it for XMR.
As it stands, .0135152 BTC is valued at approximately $158.
And 1 XMR is valued at approximately $90 (or $80).
So I should easily have gotten at least 1 Monero (XMR) for my .0135152 BTC, right?

But after exchanging, I only have 0.61097875 XMR in my accounts!

Remember, 1 XMR is about $80 minimum, but out of my $158 (this number is accurate) in BTC, I did not even get a single XMR.

I know exchange rates can vary, but this is plain unfair.
As a matter of fact -- I had to use a different exchange platform to convert my BTC into XMR (because the S.M.S. verification to withdraw wasn't working), and I really did get just about the accurately projected 1.66038982 XMR for my 0.0135152 BTC.

So as it stands, I deposited about $158 in Bitcoin, but exchanged for XMR, and didn't even get $80 in XMR back.

They didn't do jack to help me but try to lecture me about fluctuations.

T.L., D.R. -- Never use iCE3x. Never let anyone use iCE3x. They are a real scam. I'm gonna take my severely low XMR from there and never talk to them again. You have been warned.
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Established in London in 2013, the leading cryptocurrency exchange offers Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash and other trading options, provides 24/7 customer support, high level of security, and stable deposits and withdrawals. Crypto and blockchain tokens. Today's prices for the top 100 blockchain tokens including stablecoins like Tether, listed by market capitalization. Bitcoin Halving 2020 – What will Your Bitcoin Be Worth Next Year Nov 25, 2019-What's happening during the Bitcoin Halving 2020? The bitcoin halving 2020 is around the corner and is likely to hit headlines again soon. This event is scheduled to happen about every 4 years, more specifically, every 210 000 blocks. The halving will cause the reward for mining bitcoin to be reduced by 50%. The ... iCE3X (iceCUBED exchange) is a South African based trading platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrency with the Rand or Naira.. In this article, we review iCE3X and provide a guide on how to use the platform. This review includes the origin of iCE3X, a platform overview, exchange fees, verification requirements, and frequently asked questions. ICE3X is a South African bitcoin exchange that has quietly expanded across Africa over the past few years. Find out everything you need to know about ICE3X today in our review. What Is ICE3X? ICE3X is a bitcoin exchange based in South Africa. The exchange offers particularly strong liquidity in the BTC/ZAR pair, but also BTC/GBP and BTC/NGN trading, both of which have good volume.

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