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My very true story (take 2)

I have been harassed and my harassers made public to me for just a week now. I'm going to get into why I think they started. This story is a little creepy, and it delves into some conspiracy theory, but honestly I thought gangstalking itself was a conspiracy until a week ago.
I'd always wanted answers, I've been a youtube and conspiracy junky for awhile and would put on a podcast or jfk documentary to listen to after work to go to slerp. Let's be honest jet fuel can't melt steel beams right? One conspiracy would never jive with the other though. I believe we didn't go to the moon, but all of a sudden "secret alien bases" "flat earth" would come in my searches when looking up moon hoax. When the government just faked that to fleece the public. Allegedly..
Anyway about 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon the conspiracy that tied them all together. I'm not going to divulge what it is. I was given a name and I searched tirelessly and recklessly for this person. I found this gentleman over and over. He's already rich, but he's making even more millions manipulating the bitcoin market through his many youtube channels. He leaves many breadcrumbs. Drums being a big one. Almost all the channels were made at youtubes onset, but the characters sprung up around 2012. I believe I was being watched through phone at this time. I was led to a phrase I will not speak of on a night I was finding terrifying information on the alternative right movement. This guy plays a part in the IBS community. I was given a terrifying video with the phrase **** ******, and when I searched it I recieved information on how those words were used in the early 1900s in various laws stripping us of all our civil rights.
I threw my phone. I did a factory reset the next day (it still works) and all videos were given to me with what I call the mask off app. Loveable Mr bean has nazis saluting, and yelling at him. Makeup tutorials have a random black guy popping up. McDonald commercials make fun of me. My girlfriend was listening to kpop and the thumbnail for band she was listening to would show in my feed with the artists faces scrubbed out and subtitled "dance monkeys"
This scared both me and my girlfriend. I had to keep digging. Even though a game kept showing up called digger with the tagine "the more you have to dig the more IQ points you will lose" it's actually a little comedic. The mask had been taken off. I had access to all the information I wanted!
I searched and searched! Not realizing I was undergoing hypnosis to kill myself. I realized this cult was watching me through my phone and would send me a picture of anything as soon as i thought of it. Members were calling me Zerubbabel and that me and my girlfriend were to be a sacrifice for their pagan beliefs. When I came across a crayon colored picture of my parents with my son I snapped out of it. Me and my girlfriend lay in bed scared. She is still scared. That very night cop cars kept driving by over and over going in separate directions, and lights were getting brighter and dimmer. This goes on a week later and I know it's gangstalking. I still have the ability to see the truth online as I can see everything mask off that honestly makes things worse.
I'm scared.
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Changetip BitTipper of the week vote

It's the weekend :) Who has been the star tipper this week ? Vote for the person you would like to see win the title "BitTipper of the week" and the $5 prize, kindly donated by victoriavaneyk and the guys at /changetip Will add up the votes in around 24 hours and make a new post naming the winner :)
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Asperger (me) tragic story (long) about BPD girl I met on the Internet, it ended up very badly, I liked her very much but couldn't understand her feelings or express my emotions in a proper.way

Day 1
I meet a local Taiwanese woman on a language exchange app. I live together with an older woman I met in 2017. She wants to come at the house. She says that she comes from Taichung and will arrive around 3 p.m., with her luggage. I refuse her and ask if a hotel is alright. She suddenly says that she has a boyfriend. I don't understand, she wants to stay at my place, but not hotel? I get kicked out of the house (the older woman thinks that I will have sex with her) and we meet. She wants to go to the house, but I push her to the hotel. Once arrived... She asks for my laptop. She wants to study English pronunciation. She also says that she has depression, and when she goes to see her boyfriend she feels unsafe. I shake her hand. She asks me if I have a car. She laughs at me and after two hours leaves the place. I'm like: but I booked a room for two... She: but I have a boyfriend... and I need to return to the dormitory...
Day 2
She sends me a message, asks me if I can come. I ignore her and she magically appears in at the hotel, from her city it's 30 min by motorcycle. We take a picture together. After that I got a message from the older woman to return. She also wants to go. I refuse and we stay at the coffee shop instead. I pay for her. It's funny, we make a lot of sexual jokes on the computer. We go to the doctor to get her medicine and she starts to cry. She says that her boyfriend says ''you have food, people in Africa don't have so why are you depressed. ''. I shake her hand and say "I will forever be with you. I know your pain.'' She shows me that she swallows 8 !! medicines. Afterwards she brings me to a pier and says ''I want to be with you but I don't know, my feelings change. Sometimes I don't want to return to the dormitory. "' and ''I feel like you only want me because I'm not yours yet.'' I also suffer from depression and Insomnia, but when she messages me, I feel very good. Upon returning home she sends me messages, I say I like her and she says asks to delete it. Quite manipulative.
Day 3
Early day she says good morning, and asks me if I can come. I say no, and she says bye. Suddenly she appears at the coffee shop and she calls me. I feel that she won't last long. She has video call with her boyfriend and attacks me. "'I waited 30 mins!!!'' I said but you came unexpected and I didn't shower yet. She buys clothes and we go to another cafe and I treat her again. We sit many hours and feel happy next to her. I wrote a resume for her. My eyes hurt very much. She says ''I don't mind if you have sex a girl me if you spend a lot of time and money on that girl'', and ''my previous boyfriend broke up with me after I let a man who came to my house kiss me''. We go to the barbershop and she cuts her hair. She leaves me at the station and sends me many messages. She says why don't you cut your hair, I say I don't like short hair, then she says so you don't like me, I say I always think about you, then she says don't do that.
Day 4
I say to her that she reminds me of another girl that has BPD, and I also liked her very much. She is angry and I unsend the message, then she says why unsend. I send heart icon but she says that she wants to preserve relationship and asks to me stop ''kiss'' ''heart'' emoticon.
Day 5
She goes to Northern Taiwan to meet her boyfriend and have a job interview. I want to message me but I want to know if she thinks about me when she's with her boyfriend. I wait... and received a message. I feel good.
I didn't meet her so I had insomnia, I sent her love horoscope between Aries and Leo. She says don't send it because she is with her boyfriend.
Day 6
She spent one night at her boyfriends house but says she will return early morning because she wants to see me. Why not spend the entire weekend with your boyfriend, you love him, right? She says to me that a friendship lasts longer than bf / gf.
After arriving, she acts stupid so that I come to help her on the computer. However I don't go meet her. I don't know what I am to her. A friend? A lover? Just being used? I refuse to go and actually want to end the relationship. I do love her and want to meet her, but I don't want her to use this weakness.
She sends me a lot of messages, asking me to help her with correcting English documents.
Then she suggests to meet the next day. She said that I can be honest and that she will still be my friend?.
Day 7
She wants me to come to her city. Actually it was a lie... She said that wants to go to my house because she doesn't want to cry in public. That was also a lie. She was at the coffee shop the entire time, testing me... Her Chinese is also messed up (perhaps she is seeing me as an idiot). I treat her again and spend the entire afternoon to correct her English. She shows me her iphone chat history and I see her asking a man for money and housing... She talks fondly about me, however. I manage to hug her and kiss her on the right cheek. Her eyes sparkled. Afterwards her friend Fufu comes in and they are trying to trick me into paying their food, because they were quarrelling about paying food.
Day 8
She asks me if I slept well. She said that she going to treat me on a cup of bubble tea but she has no money as student. Now I'm starting to think maybe she is my friend? But later she sends me many messages, asking me again to correct her English. I feel that she wants to meet, but just doesn't want to say it because then she has to come from far away. I also want to see her daily, but I don't want to appear weak and clingy. She is sad that we didn't meet. On days I don't meet her I cannot sleep. I miss her.
Day 9
She sends me a good morning message. Then various heart icons, and says that she wants to come early because it's hot outside. Once arrived at the coffee shop, I give her chocolates as present. She had forgotten to bring her wallet. I treat her to breakfast, she doesn't let me hug her, but I kiss her cheek and she comes closer and we touch each other gently. Outside she is super happy. We go to the department store and treat her on Sushi. She treats me on bubble tea. Her friend (same as previous day) comes... She doesn't like it when I'm together with her. The woman brings me to the station and I say I love you. Afterwards she sends me some messages.
Day 10
I stay in a hotel. I talk about similarities between her and another woman with had BPD I also loved. I tell her that we should end this relationship because I know she will be my enemy one day. She will meet another boy on the app and I'm sure her borderline personality disorder will control her and erase me. She wants me to come, she says that she is tired and wants to meet but that the hotel I stay at is very far. We decide to rest.
Day 11
She comes to the hotel. She wanted to know how much the hotel costs. She watched some movie on my laptop. She skipped to the sex scenes (no nudity, suggestive). I thought that maybe she wanted sex. I tried, but she rejected me Maybe she was on her period, because she asked me for tissues. After 45 minutes we went outside. She paid food for me, and asked how much the hotel costs. I lied and she said ''I know that it costs...''. I bought a screen protector for her iphone. Because I said if I leave Taiwan I want to let you know that I'm always by your side protecting you. We went to the mall, treated her on bubble tea and chicken. She said that she wanted to go to Japan to live together with me. She gave me a hug and we separated. "When you are happy, I'm happy too'', she said.
Day 12 〜 13 Warning!
She sends me a message that she dreamt the screen protector to be broken again. I notice her being online a lot on the app we met. she also stops messaging me. I sense distance. In the first 2 weeks she was never online. Maybe she doesn't like the fact that I live in cheap hotels (gold digger), maybe she expected me to violate her (sex) but I didn't. Or her mental illness devaluating me, and idealizing someone else. I meet someone else and she suddenly starts questioning me a lot. Suddenly, she begs me to not stop chatting. I felt very good talking to her all night. Very happy, I couldn't sleep.
Day 14
She is online all day. She doesn't try to meet me again. When I create distance she says that she wants to meet tomorrow. She says that she is just bored being on bed all day, and I'm a friend to her.
Day 15
She doesn't want to meet me, she is looking for a new partner. When I try to leave her she chases me and deceives me. Again, all day on the app, and I don't like it. I post a negative review and she attacks me. She says that she will kill herself. "'Don't push me away! Let's be friends! We all need love! "' she says. Suddenly she wants to meet, and I want to meet to, but then she won't feel that my anger is genuine. She offers me sex, but is afraid I will see her as a bitch. I think she doesn't want me to leave her. She becomes desperate. She wants to thank me one last time and meet in person. I tell her that I'm stupid for not attacking her that day when she came to the hotel. She tries to call me, I reject. She is scared I abandon her. "Don't push me!'', finally she says that she likes me and will come to see me tomorrow. I actually wanted to see her today because I miss her. Insomnia.
Day 16
I tell her that I forgive her and love her. She makes a stupid joke. We meet near the house and she brings me to the department store. She says that I'm a special person in her heart. She also makes sexual jokes. I pay for her macdonalds and she tells how she wants to go to another island to find a job. I'm a little bit sad because I don't want to leave her. She says that I can visit her anytime. Later, she brings me to the doctor because she is out of medicine. Outside she says that she will miss me and see me off when I leave Taiwan. Once inside, I notice her talking badly about me and hide the chat. I leave (act like I'm angry) and she begs me to return. The doctor gives her less medicine. Apparently, being with me has a positive influence on her wellbeing. Afterwards we go to the pier, she is very happy, sometimes holds my arm. She returns to her dormitory early. Later on a message that she forgot medicine in my pocket, I didn't see any.
Day 17
Strange day. She didn't get the job she wanted. I lost my investment and my account in the app where I met her. This time I went to her city for the first time and I she treated me on tea. I helped her with looking for a position as au pair. She said that her friend doesn't want her to meet me, but I am in her heart so she will always be at my side when I need her. At the end of the day, She was invited to another job interview, I got my account and investment back.
Day 18
Nothing much. Talk about Bitcoin and pachinko. I say that I will meet a friend tomorrow, and she doesn't want me to meet that person.
Day 19 〜 the final day.
She says I should meet my friend and have sex with her. I refuse. She asks me to come, but I'm tired so she comes instead. We meet and she says negative things about me. Like, that I will poison her one day. She is jealous about my relationship with the old woman I'm staying with. The old woman is my friend but she lets me stay at her house for free, gives me food every day, etc. I tell her that her boyfriend doesn't love her, I feel like that. Because when she's in trouble he won't save her. I treat her two times, on food first then later on some drinks. At the end of the day I try to play with her hair and she refuses. We talk about her boyfriend as she slowly drinks the juice, she doesn't want me to go home.
This story made us break up: She met her boyfriend when she missed the bus to Taichung, and stayed at his house for two days. At day 2 he kissed her and she recognized him as boyfriend. He never confessed to her. I felt angry. I meet her 9 times, I confess many times on LINE, yet she won't let me hug or kiss her anymore? I call him her sex friend and she is hurt. She brings me home and sends me message. Afraid I'd not like the story and block her.
Day 20 ~ 25
Morning, message from her. She asks feedback about her boyfriend. Her boyfriend never confessed to her and she had a kiss with him after sleeping two nights at his house. She goes to Nothern Taiwan one time a month to sleep with him. In my opinion, she is a bad girl. I scolded her a lot. I called her a sl*t, gold digger, deceiver, fraud. I told her to die together with her ugly sex friend. I also send pictures of us at the hotel to her friends, and she said that I'm funny because her boyfriend was not on instagram. She turned insane. She said that she only liked me as friend, and asks her ''boyfriend'' if she is his boyfriend, and shows me a screenshot of him saying yes.
Day 23 she blocks then unblocks me.
Day 24 she does that again, permanent block.
Day 26 I try to reach her by mail, phone, maybe there is a misunderstanding. My friend also reaches her but no avail. Her BPD devaluated me.
Finally, I notice her watching my Instagram, so I go to her University. She has seen it. However, no response. I deleted the Instagram account, and farewell. Now I'm very lonely. She healed my mind, I felt so happy... I wanted to see her every day... The weather is good...
So what do you people feel about this story... Any kind of comment is welcome.
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(New guys only) Remember you need to get a flair first.

If you don't have a flair please click here and get one before you try to post, otherwise the bot automatically deletes your comment
We have gotten about 20 new guys in the last 2 days. Now you guys are in a hard spot. You want to run some giveaways and have fun passing on bits but you may not have any or many to give away! I'm here to help.
Not to many rules eh?
This one's over, only 15 people came for bits
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I'm bored. I'm procrastinating. What's the market for custom tinder profiles?

Moderately attractive male of average height seeking short-term thrills and long-term disappointment. Credit score in the mid-500's. Just looking for a sweet lady to buy me stuff and keep me safe. If you're over 5'4 or looking for a "hookup," keep swiping doll!
I'm an early bitcoin adopter. I've been burned by one too many gold diggers. I'll give you a taste of the good life but you gotta put in your fair share of work. "Work" is limited only by your imagination (I have videos for inspiration). If you feel the need to ruin every moment of silence with mindless babble, don't waste my time. Don't ask what my sign is, use your brain, it's 2018 you dolt (I'm an Aries btw).
Finally getting over my ex of 7 years! (My therapist keeps throwing around the "codependent" word - whatever I'd fire her but its court ordered lol) Anyway I've matched up with a lot of nice bots and I'm ready for the real deal! I'm 27, white, but I identify as black. Yeah that leads to lots of dysphoria but the meds help a lot. Plus, I just got laid off at my public service job so lots of time for dates and fun stuff! Swipe right pls :)
Yeah, I'll write anything to avoid doing my actual work. Do ever write dumb stuff when you should be writing real stuff?
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Disk Digger Pro Apk || DiskDigger Importance || Recover Lost Files

In the Present scenario, Technology is growing too fast and we all are experiencing that our smartphone, PC, and Laptops carrying various files with the help of SD cards and internal memory. We will think that our files are in very secure places but if any file deleted unexpectedly then what you will do?. Don't worry, I already told you that tech is growing as fast as it can. Here I'm going to discuss the best data recovery services aka (DiskDigger) which are a perfect example of it. Let's go down to get more details of DiskDigger( Deep file recovery from any drive).
DiskDigger is a tool which can recover deleted files like photos, documents, music, video and much more.
DiskDigger Features:
DiskDigger can recover lost files from most types of media that your computer can read: hard disks, USB flash drives, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks. (Note: Make sure that you have to connect your device with a USB port to recover lost data from Android and IOS devices ). And one more important thing is you have to download the diskdigger app on your android phone to recover lost files. Suppose if your Android device uses a microSD card for saving the data, please remove the card and connect it directly to your PC using a card reader, so that you can scan it directly using DiskDigger for Windows.)
DiskDigger has two processes which you have to choose every time while scanning a disk. These methods are named as “dig deep” and “dig deeper“.
Dig Deep:
Dig Deeper:
Advanced Features
To find more information go through remaining articles in our site like hard drive data recovery, SD card data Recovery, Android Data Recovery, USB flash drive data recovery, Linux Data Recovery etc.
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POOL OF STAKE: The new era for Digital Mining

Proof of stake has been the best in class of agreement calculations for original blockchains. Proof of Stake is the new light on the square and 2018/2019 will be the years in which PoS will be completely embraced by significant players in the blockchain field. At the point when PoS turns into the new highest quality level of blockchain, Pool of Stake will be prepared to wind up the greatest manufacturing pool for PoS. The center estimation of digital forms of money lies in completely trustless, permissionless conventions and decentralization. PoW isn't naturally supportable and displays essential issues that trade off decentralization. Original cryptographic forms of money, e.g. Bitcoin, make new coins by means of mining, that is, by utilizing computational capacity to understand scientific riddles in light of blockchain rules. Because of huge development rate of the system after some time, Bitcoin's PoW calculation is confronting crucial issues. With the present square size, Bitcoin has a most extreme exchange limit of 7 exchanges for each second, with crest exchange expenses of around $50 and a yearly vitality utilization of 42 TWh (an indistinguishable sum from New Zealand). These realities show that the original advanced cryptographic money arrange Bitcoin has central points of confinement for versatility and issues with proficiency that reason it to that stray from its center logic. While the Bitcoin people group was battling and getting to be isolated over Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, in 2012 different parts of the network stepped into the future by creating another agreement calculation: Proof of Stake (PoS). In 2018/2019 Ethereum will change from PoW to PoS. PoS is the fate of blockchain and PSK is now here to unite PoS coin holders and make the best benefit conceivable in Mining 2.0.
Pool of Stake (PSK) is a first of its kind, decentralized pool for Proof of Stake, the eventual fate of blockchain. Qtum, BOScoin, Tezos and different PoS coin holders can join in the Pool of Stake and begin Mining 2.0, producing day by day manufacturing rewards by essentially staking their PoS coins. PSK is a completely decentralized, self-controlled and totally trustless pool. This is made conceivable by ground-breaking utilization of Smart Contracts and all around circulated hubs. PSK makes Mining 2.0 more secure and more beneficial for singular PoS coin holders. The fundamental objective of PSK is to expand benefits for little diggers who join in the Pool of Stake.For this reason, an ERC-20 PSK utility token and an IOU token are utilized, guaranteeing that PSK individuals are dependably in full control of their staked coins. The PSK stage will give an examination instrument by means of a brilliant i.o. database that will enable PSK individuals to track, control and improve their interests in a completely trustless manner. In the POS white paper, they clarify the usage of PSK and its administrations. They expand the administration vision which will be produced in the coming a very long time to guarantee that the PSK people group stays reasonable and lithe. They at that point show definite data significant for the forthcoming ICO beginning 2 May 2018. They have finish up the white paper with an audit of their present achievements and an outline of anticipated points of reference.
Moving into the Future - From PoW to PoS! Pool of Stake (PSK) is a first of its kind, decentralized pool for Proof of Stake, the fate of blockchain. Qtum, BOScoin, Tezos and different PoS coin holders can join in the Pool of Stake and begin Mining 2.0, producing day by day fashioning rewards by just staking their PoS coins
POOL OF STAKE RATING (Risk): NOT RATED / 5 / 5 / 10 / 10
icostock 3.9 / 5
On the off chance that you are looking for an encouraging ICO for speculation reason then you can take an interest in the PSK ICO. The task is exceptionally all around arranged from the specialized and business side, with extremely broad and straightforward whitepapers and roadmap.I find that the venture is extremely potential and worth contributing. I will partake in this task to add to the improvement of the stage, I trust that the venture will keep on growing, wish the undertaking a pleasant achievement !
More Information Visit The POOL OF STAKE Link:
Short video on POS
Written by Ericks1:;u=1872932
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RAWG PR&Marketing lead Mike Ger AMA compilation

Hey, guys, happy to see you all here, my name is Michail Ger, I’m leading all marketing and PR activities at RAWG.
Are you a gamer yourself? What’s the most favourite and guiltiest pleasure of a videogame?
Oh, straight to the important one! Oh yes, indeed. First game I played was Digger at PC 286. At it was a “beginning of a beautiful friendship”. True love is two big Blizzard IPs - Warcraft and Diablo, I played all of them. I think, in total I spent a few years in Azeroth and Sanctuary. Now I’m totally in Total War series, great feeling of plunging into different historical eras. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the Warhammer universe, so Attila was killed many times and now I’m planning to conquer Britain with normans.
To your knowledge, what is the best marketing approach to pitching the new ICO?
First, there is lots of events. It’s a great chance to make a first impression with the community, advisers and journalists. Second, if you are not only a cryptoproject, that’s a great chance for you since you can be part of your industry event with stories how your project could add to the other industry’s development. This will help you to break cold walls between you and industry journalists. Third is community - your project must be everywhere where there is a good crypto community - telegram, reddit, bitcoin talk. Next is listings and ratings, if you have strong project and ready to work with them, these sites could be a great way to obtain new audience. Other approaches are pretty same as on any other projects - contact journalists, talk to them and pray that they will post articles about you.
How did you come around to this project?
Misha Lyalin, CEO at Zeptolab who is now one of our advisors, introduced me to RAWG’s founder Gadji Makhtiev who was looking for a PR guy. Previously I was the lead PR at Zeptolab and worked with King of Thieves, Cut the Rope: Magic and C.A.T.S titles.
Are there any differences to marketing in cryptoworld than in the usual fields?
Have no idea about usual fields, really. Between IT or gaming and crypto there is a huge gap. First, let’s talk about problems - unfortunately “big run” of scam ICOs previous year made a lot of journalists think that all crypto startups are scam. It’s not true, but for standard “yet another startup” problem in communication with media now we face “yet another ICO scam” problem. But RAWG is a truly brilliant project from my point of view, we have lots of things to demonstrate - a working well core product, pure economics of RAWG token and a great idea of transparency. Furthermore, there is the crypto-community, great and active, always ready to provide useful feedback and be nearly a part of the team in good projects. And it’s a great story for any new approach in crypto.
Any big influencers that you would like to see under RAWG banner?
Guys, really in my dream all big influencers will stand under our banner, especially influencers who make game reviews. Now we are starting new program for gaming youtubers and twitch creators, we offer them to have a log page on RAWG, and will provide them info about preferences of their followers. For influencers who are focused on Cryptoworld we are offering special bonuses in our tokens to review project. Soon we will have a first one, will keep you updated.
Are there any attempts in partnering with gaming journalism like PC gamer, and so on? Or beside the gaming side, partnering with dApp projects?
About gaming magazines, it's difficult to reach them since they are considering us as a rival media, which we are not. But we are slowly and surely reducing their lack of trust as we're a game discovery platform and not a news outlet. As for dApp projects, we'd be glad to work with any that would benefit both of the projects. Haven't received or found any yet like that.
What social network has the biggest reach for cryptorelated projects?
Telegram and Reddit. I am glad to see that we have a strong presence in TG and we’re developing it further by going to influencers on the platform. Hoping to see way more folks up in here in upcoming months. As for Reddit, this is our next step in expanding the RAWG name to every corner of the planet. We have been a bit slack on Reddit with RAWG but we’re going to change that. Also, Twitter is a great instrument to reach new audience, but doesn't offer much to building a community.
Seen RAWG on the listings, any more that we should know about?
We continue to work with them, for now we have great ratings on most of the popular ratings, but we will be trying harder to get those ratings much higher. Stay tuned.
Which events were most successful in promoting RAWG? That went according to plan? Which ones were not?
Latest ones were pretty great: first was a Global Blockchain Expo in London. Here is link for video of Dasha’s pitch there Also there was a great trip for pitch sessions in Hong Kong & Tokyo, with some juicy news to announce a little bit later. Right now Dasha is pitching a very interesting story about how we are developing our token economics model in Tallinn, on the Tokenomics event. Unfortunately according to some bureaucracy and paperwork issues we were not able to reach the conference from BlockchainGamer in San Francisco, where we planned to chat with Oscar Clark from Unity about our presale model.
RAWG’s name has been mentioned in the articles from prominent resources, care to share more or plans to be featured?
As usual the most loved publication is the first one! Here is link for the great interview about our project and ideas: Also it is a true pleasure when experts, even from not so massively known media, go very deep in the project and post their research results like here: And a very warm feeling when the homeland mass media is ready to support your project with publications too (warning, Lithuanian language): Plus across thousands of kilometres RAWG’s name is printed for the Korean community. I’ll send a link to the website article, but just imagine this printed in the actual magazine (I wonder if we can get a physical copy of it):
Now we are working to enlarge our media coverage, for sure there will be many more articles than we have now. Also there are more publications to read on our own website:)
As Sergey asked Dasha about the business card, I want to ask you about yours: what is your “official” position?
Oh, actually, there is no "official" position for now. But I am trying to choose between “shamanizm”, my usual gaming nickname and “This is fine! Dog” meme.
We’ve heard other team members’ dream goals for this project, what is yours?
It’s pretty simple and straightforward. To become the main place to discover video games on the Web. So that collections, reviews would be pitching themselves to users and they will be shared all over the web.
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My son is 5. We just launched his first bitcoin business.

I've been talking and blogging about bitcoin since early last year and so my son knows all about it. For his 5th birthday, we bought him a Raspberry Pi and started building games in Scratch. He's loving it! We've created 7 games so far and just this weekend I put up his first website:
He's really excited about getting his first bitcoin! The plan is to release new games we create for parents hoping to teach their kids how to program. If they find the games fun and useful, hopefully they will throw Devon some satoshis. We have 7 games built already including a Race Car Game with Bombs, Pong, Brick Breaker, Missile Attack, Helicopter Firefighter, Bone Digger and Space Invaders! If you know anyone interested in Raspberry Pis, Scratch, or teaching young kids to code, please share the site with them.

Thank you!

Edit: Wow, thank you! Devon and I just recorded a thank you video:
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Agence France-Presse (AFP) releases an informative and positive video about Bitcoin. Transcript inside.

Link to the video:
I think this should be the new "What is Bitcoin" video for French speakers!
Transcript, to the best of my understanding:
Bitcoin is an universal electronic currency created in 2009. Using a bank account and an Internet connection, I can create an account at a Bitcoin operator, “et voilà”.
For example, I buy a games console whose price is calculated according to the exchange rate of the electronic currency. The transaction occurs in Bitcoins, but the vendor and I will be respectively credited and charged in our own currencies. What is the point? It is less costly than using a credit card or a payment site such as Paypal.
The transaction will be validated within about ten minutes by a miner who will approve the operation. Alike to a gold digger, the miner finds a solution for validating my operation by tracing it from its origin. Miners are people or companies that dedicate a part of their computing power to this activity, and they are rewarded in Bitcoins. This is how the network self-regulates in order to guarantee the safety and integrity of transactions.
The advantage of this virtual currency is that since it is outside of the banking system, it depends on nobody or any central bank. It builds its growth on being a payment currency, and little by little an investment store of value.
There are ways to make anonymous transactions with Bitcoin and buy illicit products but various experts claim that this is marginal. The closure of the American website “Silk Road” only had minimal impact on the Bitcoin price.
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Newsdumps issues 18

News dumps issues 18##

Date: 17/03/2017
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Welcome to newsdumps issue 18
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Movie of the week: Kong Skull island
a 2017 American monster film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and written by Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein and Derek Connolly, from a story by John Gatins.

Obscure news section


technology section


Gaming Section


local London news#


Obscure news section

 Blogger Says Dad in Hilarious Viral BBC Video With Kids Interrupting Is ‘Patriarchy in Nutshell’
 ‘Sexist’ Tech Moguls Under Fire For Attending Exclusive ‘Babes and Balls’ Party
 Wake Up, Twitter: Your Filtering Algorithm Is Killing Conversations
 Harvard library circulating 'fake news' list, which, of course, includes just about every conservative news site!
 Carleton University faces backlash after scale removed from gym
 Meet Silicon Valley's Secretive Alt-Right Followers [Includes gamedropping]
 Wake Up, Twitter: Your Filtering Algorithm Is Killing Conversations
 Calls for Boycott After Grocery Chief Calls White Males ‘An Endangered Species’
 NY Court Will Decide This Week if Chimps Have The Same Rights as People
 UChicago student leaders slam their president for his commitment to free speech
 White male professors under fire, cited as obstacle to diversity and inclusion
 Ohio State student leaders want ‘safe spaces’ campus-wide
Fappening 2.0? Nude Pics of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried Spreading Fast

technology section

 Alphabet adds patent claim to Uber intellectual property theft lawsuit
 eBay is doubling down on its advertising business, just like Amazon
 EU reassured on U.S. privacy directive: source
 Nintendo Switch has reportedly been hacked using old browser exploit
 Messaging app Viber is adding self-destructing chats for its 800 million users
 Bitcoin drops 15% after the SEC rejects the Winklevoss ETF
 With $4M in funding, VentureApp wants to be WhatsApp for your professional network
 That time Facebook went too far
 YouTube launches Uptime, an experimental app for watching videos with friends
 Snap’s revenue growth looks like it will come from more ads, not more users

Gaming section

 International Hearthstone Players Revolt Over Card Pack Price Hike
 Project Scorpio Page Goes Live at Microsoft Store
 The Nintendo PlayStation is the coolest console never released

local London news

 Metropolitan Police to challenge High Court compensation order to two victims of black cab rapist John Worboys
 Panic as crowd of 20 people trapped in suspended lift at St Pancras International station
 Tottenham vs Millwall: Shocking moment thug floors Spurs fan with single punch after FA Cup match
 Hackney police officer sacked for failing to declare penalty points
 Pervert who arranged to meet ‘girl’ after sex chats but was caught in online sting found guilty of grooming
 Man admits rape of 81-year-old bus passenger in Balham
 Bexley police chase stolen JCB digger from Erith to Dartford
 University of West London students cook up a storm with Raymond Blanc
 Enfield murder: Trio sentenced for 'intimidating' witness on Twitter
 Night Tube drivers vote for strike action in job applications row
 Wanted: Man on run after sexually assaulting girl, 12, on Enfield bus
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