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Tales from the Crypt: #184: Clark Moody (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Where can I learn the basics about trading bitcoin (or currencies in general)?

When I go onto websites such as bitcoinity, Clark Moody, and others, I understand only two things: current price, and how to read candlestick charts. Beyond that, where can I learn the fundamentals of the trading volume charts, various theories of trend-fitting, and examples of trading using things like limit order, market order, and leverage options. Thanks to this great community for all their help?
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SLP155 Clark Moody – Bitcoin Dashboard & the 1000 Year Bull Run

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Simplistic bitcoin dashboard by Clark Moody

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Clark Moody Bitcoin Charts, Tools & More

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Clark Moody Bitcoin Charts, Tools & More

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A BIP proposal for conveniently referring to confirmed transactions | Clark Moody | Jul 14 2017 /r/bitcoin_devlist

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Clark Moody Bitcoin Charts - malware warning??

I just got a malware alert from Opera when I visited
What's going on?
OK, thanks. No biggie. Just weirdness. Disregard my jumpiness.
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I've been watching Clark Moody and Bitcoinity and the update only when I refresh the page. What's going on? Is MtGox updating more?

Also, I haven't noticed the 0.01 bots on Clark Moody as much. Still got walls blocking trades though.
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Can someone help me understand how the difficulty number relates to the block hash?

Hey guys I'm trying to get a better understanding of how the difficulty number itself relates to the block hash.
I'm under the impression that as difficulty rises the block hash must be a smaller number than a certain threshold. Is this right?
So if I look at the dashboard at
Clark Moody
Under difficulty the number is 20x1012. So does this mean the hash has to be any number below this number? That as difficulty goes up the number space for a valid hash goes down? Am I anywhere close? Help!
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Great Bitcoin Dashboards - I’m a huge fan of Clark Moody’s bitcoin dashboard. It has more information than you can shake a stick at! 😃
Does anybody know of any other great bitcoin dashboards? Cheers.
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Best site for bitcoin chart/technical analysis?

I use TradingView for my charts with the stock market, its amazing. You can draw, use tools, custom oscillators, etc.
Would love something like this for bitcoin. The best bit coin chart I can currently find on the web is
Anyone know of anything else out there? Would like to give some good TA.
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If you've seen the new Forbes video from the sushi meet up, then you've seen our team and our new app. Introducing ZeroBlock, an app for realtime market data and news aggregation (including r/bitcoin!).

Hello bitcoin! We are the ZeroBlock team. Bitcoin is going mainstream, and its time for a serious bitcoin app. Our new app was finally approved a few hours ago - it's the slickest bitcoin app to hit the public.
The first iteration includes real time Mt. Gox price and Blockchain data. Further, the app aggregates bitcoin articles from 5 different sources (including bitcoin posts).
If you are like us, then you'll be opening this app every 10 seconds to watch the market and look for new Bitcoin publications. We would be honored to have bitcoin's feedback as well.
Our future plans are extremely ambitious. Within the next 7-14 days we will push an update that includes the following:
For all you Android users out there, don't worry, we are working on app for you as well. Website in development. Other surprises in development. Tell us what you want. We will be at the Bitcoin conference in San Jose if you'd like to meet up with us.
An IAMA from the team coming soon! Keep an eye out.
See co-founder Dan Held interviewed in the Forbes video (I'm sure you've already watched it) here: Forbes bitcoin meetup in San Francisco
Download our app here: ZeroBlock on the iTunes store
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Community events & happenings Friday Sept 15 - Sunday Sept 17

Event distances from downtown

Friday, Sep 15

Saturday, September 16

Sunday, September 17

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What tools are people using?

I've been looking around to find a decent client program, but haven't had any real luck yet. I tried one, but the thing just didn't work, and I most certainly wasn't about to stick my password in...
Of course I'm aware of Clark Moody, Bitcoinity, and Bitcoin Charts, but I'd like to find some kind of a non-browser client.
I don't care about trading, but would like to get charting and some analysis tools.
I could write one myself... But I really don't want to if there's already something out there that works well.
Any recommendations from anyone?
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List of Live Bitcoin Market Data Sources

I follow the price of BTC on a daily basis normally using 30 & 15 minute candles on live charts. Recently there seems to be a few new sources providing live (or nearly) market charts on bitcoin. I have made a list of all the ones that I know about, but wanted to know if there are any more out there? Please post any that I have not mentioned.
EDIT: Added sources from comments
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DDOS and the future of bitcoin: We are bitcoin stand strong!

It is amazing to me that one or two botnet operators such as the skynet botnet scared everyone into selling by causing mtgox to lag. What exactly happened was when mt gox was lagged people did not see their sell/buy orders initiate and freaked out, posted about their panic on red dit and bitcointalk and it became a widespread panic which caused mt gox to lag even more from thousands of traders logging in. We saw thousands of transfers on listentobitcoin and people freaked out even more and decided to sell sell sell. People ended up selling regardless of huge losses in fear that mt gox was being hacked or the end of bitcoin was happening. It was the greatest attack on bitcoins weakest link, the exchanges. Mt gox, Bitfloor, btc-e, bitcoinity and Clark Moody were all dossed and flooded with thousands upon thousands of speculators which caused them all to lag in addition to the ddos attack. It was the simplest yet most advanced attack.
What stands strong though is the bitcoin protocol itself, it was not effected, the weakest links are the exchanges and the traders who were totally gamed and fooled into selling precious bitcoins that would be worth over $300 today if not for the psychological warfare that happened. Mt gox did everything it could, so did bitfloor, and the other exchanges.
The ddos triggered a domino effect that could only be stopped by the earliest of adopters of bitcoin. We stood strong did not sell, understood the fear and persevered through the storm, we are the ones who believe in freedom, believe in controlling our own assets and removing the grip the banks and the government had on us. No script kiddie with a botnet with a few gigabits of data will stop us, nor will the governments of the world.
We will stand strong, adapt, and adopt the best security practices this world has ever seen. I am proud of Mt Gox and the people who stand strong keeping our bitcoins secure and stable. By Mt Gox using prolexic and new anti-ddos technologies as well as others creating distributed exchanges nothing will stop us. By owning bitcoin you own a share of everyone's freedom, don't give that up for anything!
We are bitcoin, stand strong!
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ZeroBlock launches Version 2.0 - updates include: Clark Moody charts, personal holding calculator, price push notifications, and many more sources, including!

Hello bitcoin!
If you haven't already heard of us, we are an iOS app that provides real-time Bitcoin market data and aggregated news feed. As promised, we've just rolled out some new exciting features!
Download our app here: ZeroBlock on the iTunes store
New Features:
Future Updates:
And please be patient with us, we haven't forgotten about Android!
See Co-Founder Dan Held interviewed in the Forbes Sushi meetup video: Forbes bitcoin meetup in San Francisco
Donate: 1LHSr3ZnYeD6PpM7rfGNCLhBmU3o2x3oCN
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A BIP proposal for conveniently referring to confirmed transactions | Clark Moody | Jul 14 2017

Clark Moody on Jul 14 2017:
(copying from GitHub per jonasschnelli's request)
I can understand the desire to keep all reference strings to the nice
14-character version by keeping the data payload to 40 bits, but it
seems to place artificial limitations on the format (year 2048 & 8191
transactions). I also understand that this might be addressed with
Version 1 encoding. But current blocks are not that far from having
8191 transactions.
You could go with a variable-length encoding similar to Bitcoin's
variable ints and gain the benefit of having a format that will work
for very large blocks and the very far future.
Also, the Bech32 reference libraries allow encoding from byte arrays
into the base-5 arrays native to Bech32. It seems like bit-packing to
these 40 bits might be overkill. As an alternative you could have one
bit-packed byte to start:

First two bits are the protocol version, supporting values 0-3

V = ((protocol version) & 0x03) << 6

Next two bits are magic for the blockchain

0x00 = Bitcoin

0x01 = Testnet3

0x02 = Byte1 is another coin's magic code (gives 256 options)

0x03 = Byte1-2 is treated as the coin magic code (gives 65280 more options)

M = (magic & 0x03) << 4

Next two bits are the byte length of the block reference

B = ((byte length of block reference) & 0x03) << 2

Final two bits are the byte length of the transaction index

T = ((byte length of transaction index) & 0x03)

Assemble into the first byte

Byte0 = V | M | B | T
This gives you up to 3 bytes for each block and transaction reference,
which is 16.7 M blocks, or year 2336, and 16.7 M transaction slots.
Data part: [Byte0][optional magic bytes 1-2][block reference bytes][tx
reference bytes]
So the shortest data part would have 3 bytes in it, with the reference
version 0 genesis coinbase transaction having data part 0x050000.
I know this is a departure from your vision, but it would be much more
flexible for the long term.
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Question from relatively new user.

I go on clark moody and see a lot of buys and sells with a single cent off. ie listing for 114.99,114.999,115. What is the rationale behind this? As title suggests this is a question from a new bitcoin user and I'm not too sure how this impacts the market or why people do it.
edit:question answered tips given. Thanks bitcoin community
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Is there a problem with Mt. Gox right now?

For the last few hours, the charts at and appear to show a huge slowdown in trading. It seems that trades are only coming in a rate of once every few minutes. The ClarkMoody view doesn't even show any trades at all, where as Bitcoinity shows very sporadic trades. This seems highly unlikely, and my Mt. Gox account is working normally, so does anyone have any idea what's going on? I should note that it's currently about 9:55EST on 3/20/2013
Image cap from bitcoinity:
Image cap from ClarkMoody:
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ZeroBlock launches the first real time market data and cross-platform news aggregator for Bitcoin

Many of you have already know us from our iOS app. We've recently undergone some extensive upgrades to the zeroblock network. We are now officially the first cross-platform news aggregator network. iIf your page is having trouble loading, please refresh. Your browser is connecting directly to Mt.Gox's websocket, which sometimes doesn't load properly. We are working on fixing this issue asap.
iOS: Overview (Thanks to MonCorpus)
Android: 2 Android developers were just brought onto the team, will take ~1-2 months
We've been working with Andrew Le, our new in house web developer the last month to create our web platform. You can check out his portfolio at Our web platform has many of the features you enjoy with the iOS platform, however we are continually working on upgrade the site to be a perfect compliment. ZeroBlock will be the only network with the capability of reaching every Bitcoin user instantly, no matter what device they are on.
We've added some new features to the mobile app:
These features are in addition to what the mobile app already offers:
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SLP171 planB & Saifedean - Bitcoin S2FX, S2F and Evolution From Collectible to Financial Asset Bitcoin Report Volume 73 (Cryptographic Disruption - Part 1) Bitcoin Report Volume 81 (Bye Bye Banksters) SLP160 BTCxZelko – Protect Your Bitcoin Privacy With Ronin Dojo Bitcoin Report Volume 72 (Pointless Regression)

Track the global bitcoin markets in real-time. Clark Moody Bitcoin Harland Clarke Holdings Corp. -- Moody's affirms Harland Clarke CFR at Caa1, downgrades Senior Secured Debt to Caa1; Outlook revised to Stable Moodys Feb. 4, 2020, 12:54 PM Clark Moody is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and aerospace engineer. Clark Moody. photo by Bryan Smith. My name is Clark Moody, and this is my website. First of all, I love Jesus, and I want you to know him. He has changed my life forever, and His love has the power to change you. Currently, I'm at Cryptowatch building high-performance desktop charting and trading software in the Rust programming ... Clark Moody, Bitcoin OG and entrepreneur joins me to talk about his dashboard, which is a fantastic resource for learning about bitcoin and monitoring bitcoin statistics. This is a great episode to learn about useful concepts in Bitcoin and Lightning. We talk about: Clark’s history in bitcoinWhy he started the dashboardBlockchain statsNode statsMining economicsS2FOutput typesFuture… ‎Join Marty and Matt as they sit down with Clark Moody, data don, to discuss: - The early days of bitcoin data - Making a dashboard of bitcoin data - What bitcoin data can tell you - The polarization in America - Secession - How easy money leads to more lawyers and laws - Will Marxism come to…

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SLP171 planB & Saifedean - Bitcoin S2FX, S2F and Evolution From Collectible to Financial Asset

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