Chinese internet giant Baidu starts accepting bitcoin ...

China Baidu pause Bitcoin? Now I have a great news to share with you, My friends!

You all know that jiasule, which is a very little branch of Baidu, paused Bitcoin a few days ago, Yes?
Now I tell you,, which was bought by Baidu and have about HALF traffic of, now added a link of bitcoin at its homepage and built a special section as !
My friends, do you know the price you should pay if you want to put your website on the homepage of more than 10,000 USD per day!
This time, the price of bitcoin is going to MOON!
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Baidu Launches Blockchain Engine for dApp Developers – BTCMANA... #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #fintech News - Crypto Dynamic Info - Whales's

Posted at: February 16, 2019 at 05:39AM
Baidu Launches Blockchain Engine for dApp Developers – BTCMANA... #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #fintech News
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TRON/Baidu Rumored Partnership to Involve Cloud Computing #cryptocurrency #blockchain #bitcoin NEWS… - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: October 17, 2018 at 04:58AM
TRON/Baidu Rumored Partnership to Involve Cloud Computing #cryptocurrency #blockchain #bitcoin NEWS…
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Those chinese sure are supportive of bitcoin!
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11-23 18:13 - 'Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Starts Web Service 'Baidu Jinkuang' To Mine Bitcoins' ( by /u/Cryptoknowledge removed from /r/Bitcoin within 443-453min

Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Starts Web Service 'Baidu Jinkuang' To Mine Bitcoins
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Author: Cryptoknowledge
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With the recent news from China, does that now mean its illegal for Baidu to accept bitcoins?

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[Translation request] Short Baidu news release about bitcoin

Context: Baidu's firewall service decided to stop accepting bitcoin today, and I'm trying to determine why. The Google translation seems unreliable. Could some please provide a detailed translation? In particular, I'd like to know if the statement specifically refers to government regulations as a reason for the decision, or if the only stated reason is price volatility.
Many thanks!
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BREAKING NEWS: Baidu bans Bitcoin

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Just after the big CCB announcement yesterday, Baidu the Chinese search engine giant launched a new dedicated site introducing Bitcoin/Litecoin

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Breaking: Mystery of Bitcoin’s 2016 new high analyzed from Baidu search trends

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Baidu Launches new Service With Potential Bitcoin Mining Implications

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Due to the new Chinese regulation, Baidu no longer accepts Bitcoin.

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Breaking: Mystery of Bitcoin’s 2016 new high analyzed from Baidu search trends

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Breaking: Mystery of Bitcoin’s 2016 new high analyzed from Baidu search trends

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Breaking: Mystery of Bitcoin’s 2016 new high analyzed from Baidu search trends

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Breaking: Mystery of Bitcoins 2016 new high analyzed from Baidu search trends

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Breaking: Mystery of Bitcoin’s 2016 new high analyzed from Baidu search trends

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WaykiChain (WICC) Monthly Report (September 2020)

WaykiChain (WICC) Monthly Report (September 2020)
Technology & Products
Public Chain Development
· WASM AMPL contract debugging (100%)
· Research on WASM zero-knowledge proof anonymous transfer (50%)
· WASM Sushi contract coding (100%)
· WASM RPC iOS asynchronous library commissioning (100%)
· Verification of the signature push public key algorithm and testing its codability (C++, go) through RPC (100%)
· The new lock-up airdrop contract function: lock-up users can claim the unlocked assets by entering RegID (100%)
· Porting ASWAP contract to public chain 3.0, adding platform fee processing (100%)
· Optimization of Yield Farming contract reward distribution (100%)
· Optimization of Yield Farming contract penalty distribution mechanism (100%)
· Yield Farming contract testing (100%)
· Deployment and initial configuration of WICC and WGRT yield farming contracts and Wayki-X contract completed (100%)
· Ownership of issuance and transfer rights of the bottom-level token ROG transferred to Wayki-X contract (100%)
· The initial generation of ROG completed. 10.08M ROG entered the WICC pool, 2.52M ROG entered the WGRT pool (100%)
· The first 189,000 ROG was minted in Wayki-X contract for rewards by inflation (12.6M × 1.5%) (100%)
· Transfer of 70,000 ROG to AEX for Ecosystem Yield Farming completed (100%)
· WASM developer documentation: added detailed WASM table (Simplified Chinese) (100%)
· WASM developer documentation: added call of multiple contracts and multisignature transactions in WASM contract (Simplified Chinese) (100%)
Application Development
· Yield Farming back end API (100%)
· Yield Farming front end page optimization (100%)
· Yield Farming front end localization (100%)
· Yield Farming pre-release initial API docking (100%)
· Yield Farming application testing (100%)
· Yield Farming application release (100%)
· xUSD & ROG added to Instant in WaykiTimes Android (100%)
· Memory leak issue fixed in Instant in WaykiTimes (100%)
· Data loading error when swiping in Discover fixed in WaykiTimes (100%)
· Data display optimized in Getting Started in WaykiTimes
· UI debugging of several pages in WaykiTimes (100%)
· WaykiTimes 3.0.4 released (100%)
· WaykiTimes Help Center released (100%)
· WaykiTimes Getting Started released (100%)
· WaykiTimes remember password function released (100%)
· WaykiTimes iOS App Store version tested (100%)
· Google crash analysis and testing added to WaykiTimes Android (100%)
· Solved the data loading issue when swiping in Wayki-X Synths (100%)
· Wayki-X price feed delay fixed (100%)
· Amount issue in the plug-in wallet fixed (100%)
· Display error of release contract type of universal transactions fixed on the blockchain explorer (100%)
· WASM contract display specifications for the blockchain explorer completed (100%)
· Development of the Coinbase integration project (wicc-rosetta-api) (85%)
Plan for October
Public Chain Development
· Research on WASM zero-knowledge proof anonymous transfer
· Correction of ASWAP contract proof of liquidity token generation rules
· ASWAP contract testing
· Docking of ASWAP contract with third parties
· Continuous updating of coind RPC interface documentation
Application Development
· Trade — transaction details HTML5 page to native page transfer in WaykiTimes
· Development of the Coinbase integration project (wicc-rosetta-api)
International Market
· On September 4, Russian volunteers opened the second WaykiChain Russian group in Telegram:
· On September 6, WaykiChain opened the official community in Discord:
· On September 6, WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen was invited to the Blockchain + Innovative Service and Industrial Application Conference and the China Chamber of International Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee Establishment Conference as a member of the expert group.
· On September 11, the famous US blockchain TV program Exploring the Block tweeted about WaykiChain, showing it is optimistic about the future development of the integrated DeFi ecology of WaykiChain.
· On September 11, the famous business platform Yahoo Finance released WaykiChain project information and announced that WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao gives an interview to NASDAQ MarketSite’s Jane King on September 12.
· At 7:00 PM EDT on September 12, world’s largest financial channel Bloomberg TV reported that WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao was interviewed by Jane King of NASDAQ MarketSite. The interview aired on Fox Business Network at 10:30 PM EDT on September 14.
· On September 12, cryptocurrency Twitter account Crypto Catalog tweeted about WaykiChain, showing it is optimistic about the future development of the integrated DeFi ecology of WaykiChain.
· On September 13, DeFi List added WaykiChain governance token WGRT.
· On September 13, WaykiChain reached market cooperation with the Indian blockchain influencer Gmadvice who started to serve as WaykiChain community manager in India.
· On September 16, WaykiChain released “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC/WGRT Dual-pool for ROG Genesis Issuance” on Twitter. Up to September 21, the news hit 2,400+ retweets.
· On September 17, the cryptocurrency influencer DeFi List retweeted “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC/WGRT Dual-pool for ROG Genesis Issuance”.
· On September 18, WaykiChain reached strategic market cooperation with the Korean crypto influencer Pantera who will help WaykiChain establish a broad and strong consensus in Korea.
· On September 19, “WaykiChain Dual-pool ROG Yield Farming Korean Group” community established.
· On September 20, the influencer Crypto Wendy retweeted “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC/WGRT Dual-pool for ROG Genesis Issuance”.
· On September 21, 130+ Korean media outlets published “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC & WGRT Dual-pool for ROG Genesis Issuance”.
· On September 23, WaykiChain co-founder and CEO Gordon Gao was invited to an AMA session with ICO Pantera Group, Korea’s top Telegram group (stats by u/combot), where he shared his insights into DeFi with 4,000+ Korean users and introduced WaykiChain’s ROG Genesis Yield Farming.
· On September 24, WaykiChain tweeted “ROG Genesis Yield Farming FAQ” and “Leave your question/problem toward WaykiTimes/Wayki-X/ROG Genesis Yield Farming in the Google forms below to share 800 WICC Giveaway!”, the number of engagements is 1,500+.
· On September 24, WaykiChain global partner Vincent Lionheart was invited to an AMA session to D’va Community.
· On September 24, The Business Telegraph, Bitcoin Garden, and other media published “WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC & WGRT Dual-pool”.
· On September 24, WaykiChain tweeted the ROG Genesis Yield Farming Countdown. The news hit 1,000+ retweets.
· On September 25, ROG Genesis Yield Farming news was the day’s hit in Korea with 5,000+ views on Korean cryptocurrency forums.
National Market
· On September 1, CoinTiger listed WaykiChain governance token WGRT and opened the WGRT/USDT pair. WGRT net buy & hold competition started and the CoinTiger community joined a series of WGRT-themed challenges.
· On September 1, WaykiChain governance token WGRT successfully mapped to Ethereum and ERC-20 WGRT was created. The world’s largest DEX Uniswap officially supported it and listed the WGRT/USDT pair.
· On September 2, WaykiChain Strategic Analyst Jing Tao gave the speech “WGRT Dragon, Fly, Tiger, and Leap: Community Governance Upstart” to the MXC community and distributed 3 gold bars to the event participants.
· On September 7, WaykiChain Strategy Analyst Jing Tao attended [This Is Coin Coffee] live DeFi contest co-sponsored by Coinka,, and WEDEX founder & CEO, Loopring co-founder Chen Xiaoliang and ChainNews Research Director Pan Zhixiong joined the event.
· On September 9, selected WaykiChain governance token WGRT for the Listing Vote. Each voter had a chance to share an airdrop of 420,875.43 WGRT. WGRT passed the voting with 53,293,775 votes and was successfully listed on
· On September 10, WGRT/USDT trading pair and WGRT withdrawals opened on
· On September 10, WaykiChain released WaykiChain Governance Token WGRT Information and Addresses. The team announced that before July 1, 2021, WGRT circulating supply will be strictly controlled at 10% of the total supply, or 2.1 billion.
· On September 9 to 11, WaykiChain was invited to IoT World China & 5G China along with 400+ exhibitors including Huawei, Baidu, and Tencent. WaykiChain demonstrated the integrated public chain DeFi ecosystem that will help China’s digital construction.
· On September 11, WaykiChain Strategy Analyst Jing Tao was invited to the Bepal community and shared the speech “WaykiChain Governance Token WGRT: Accumulation and Breakout”. WaykiChain airdropped 3,000 WGRT and cash red envelopes to the Bepal community members.
· On September 12, WaykiChain Technology & Development Manager Yuanhang Xiao and Strategy Analyst Jing Tao introduced [New WaykiChain DeFi Product: Decentralized Synthetic Asset Issuance Protocol Wayki-X] in the official WaykiChain yizhibo account. During the live broadcast, WaykiChain distributed pure gold bars and branded gifts to lucky users.
· On September 13, WaykiChain co-founder & CEO Gordon Gao and Overseas Director Qiyuan Mei shared the speech “WaykiChain Opens the Era of Integrated DeFi Public Chains” in the live broadcast room. CPO Jiuer was the broadcast host. The guests explained WaykiChain’s DeFi strategy and revealed the launch of Yield Farming.
· On September 15, WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao and BTC38 co-founder Tianwei Huang held the live stream titled “Eight Questions to Explain DeFi Trends and Opportunities” in yizhibo. The hosts analyzed the status and trends of DeFi, discussed DeFi deployment by public chains and exchanges, and new opportunities in synthetic asset trading. WaykiChain distributed pure gold bars and branded gifts to lucky viewers of the stream.
· On September 16, WaykiChain Strategy Analyst Jing Tao shared the speech titled “WaykiChain’s Integrated DeFi Ecosystem Layout” as the guest of
· On September 18, Bying community invited WaykiChain Strategy Analyst Jing Tao to share the speech “New DeFi Opportunity: Phoenix Yield Farming”. WaykiChain held a WICC airdrop for Bying community members.
· On September 18, WaykiChain published the article “No Pre-mining, ICO, or Reserve! WaykiChain Launches Dual-pool Phoenix Yield Farming”.
· On September 19, WaykiChain published the article “Chapter 1. The Financial Innovation of Blockchain Reformation. The Origin, Logic, and Value of WaykiChain ROG” introducing the background of ROG, the operation mechanism of the decentralized synthetic asset system Wayki-X, and the value foundation of ROG in detail.
· On September 23, “No Pre-mining, ICO, or Reserve! WaykiChain ROG Genesis Farming and Early Release Guide” was released across Chinese media.
· On September 24, WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao, CTO Richard Chen, and CPO Xi Zhang held a joint live stream on yizhibo explaining the future planning of WaykiChain decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol Wayki-X, ROG, and WaykiChain DeFi in terms of business model, technology, and products. WaykiChain distributed 1 pure gold bar and 6 branded gifts to the lucky stream viewers.
· On September 24, and WaykiChain launched the WGRT Investment Competition. The prizes are a BMW G 310 R motorcycle, a 13” MacBook Pro, a 10.2” iPad, 17 pure gold bars and 99,000 WGRT.
· On September 25, various Chinese media released “Wayki-X 101: WaykiChain Decentralized Synthetic Asset Protocol” introducing the functions and mechanism of the decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol Wayki-X and the value of its token ROG in detail.
· On September 25, WaykiChain launched the “Looking for the Genesis Prophet” community event. The winners received 10 branded gifts.
· On September 25, WaykiChain ROG Genesis Yield Farming launched. WICC and WGRT pool quotas (5 million and 25 million, respectively) were full within just one hour.
· On September 25, WaykiChain reached ecosystem partnership with AEX. AEX became the first platform to join ROG Ecosystem Yield Farming.
· On September 25, WaykiChain partnered with Bying wallet. ROG Genesis Yield Farming is available in Bying wallet.
· On September 26, ROG, the main token of WaykiChain’s decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol Wayki-X, was listed on AEX. ROG/USDT trading pair is available.
· On September 26, WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao gave lectures “DeFi Financial Principles and Commercial Applications” and “DeFi Industry Panoramic Scan” at The First Offline Practical Training Camp of Hash Power University, Shanghai Station. Participants included Ontology founder Jun Li, Chainlink Labs — China Head Philip Fei, Digital Renaissance Foundation Managing Director Cao Yin, and Waterdrip Capital founding partner Zheng Yushan.
· On September 28, WaykiChain co-founder and CEO Gordon Gao was a guest at Hash Power Knowledge Base Private Meeting, Shenzhen Station where he shared the speech titled “Feasible Ways of DeFi Application Popularization”. Other guests included Ontology founder Jun Li, DeBank founder and CEO Tang Hongbo, and Huobi Research Chief Technical Researcher Tianyuan Ma.
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RiB Newsletter #16 – Secure Enclaves à la Crab

For the last few months we’ve been following new zero-knowledge proof projects in Rust. This month, with Secret Network upgrading their mainnet with secret contracts, it seems like a good opportunity to explore Rust blockchains that are using a completely different privacy-preserving technology: secure enclaves.
Secure enclaves are processes whose environment is protected from inspection by other processes, even the kernel, by special hardware. This protection particularly involves the encryption of a process’s memory. Software that wants to compute in secret can put those computations inside a secure enclave and, if everything works as expected, neither a local user, nor the hosting provider, can snoop on the computations being performed. The most notable implementation of secure enclaves is Intel’s SGX (Secure Guard Extensions).
Secure enclaves are an attractive way to perform private computation primarily because they don’t impose any limitations on what can be computed — code that runs inside SGX is more-or-less just regular x86 code, just running inside a special environment. But depending on SGX for privacy does have some special risks: software that runs in an SGX enclave must be signed (if transitively) by Intel’s own cryptographic keys, which means that Intel must approve of any software running in SGX, that Intel can revoke permission to use SGX, and that there is a risk of the signing keys being compromised; and it’s not obvious that secure enclaves are actually secure, there have already been a number of attacks against SGX. Regardless, as of now, hardware enclaves provide security features that aren’t feasible any other way.
There are two prominent Rust blockchains relying on SGX:
Outside of the blockchain world there are some other Rust projects using SGX, the most notable being:
Whether it’s secure enclaves or zk-SNARKs, Rust blockchains are walking the bleeding edge of privacy tech.
In unrelated RiB news, we recently received two donations,
Thanks so much to our anonymous donors. We don’t often receive donations, so this was a nice surprise! We intend to put all monetary contributions to use funding events or new contributors, and we’ll let you know what we do with the funds when we spend them.

Project Spotlight

Each month we like to shine a light on a notable Rust blockchain project. This month that project is…
Aleo is a zero-knowledge blockchain, with its own zero-knowledge programming language, Leo.
We don’t have a lot to say about it, but we think it looks cool. We hope they blog more.

Interesting Things


Blog Posts



Read more:
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Some of my personal investment habits. Totally Arbitrary. Maybe Stupid.

Been investing myself for a little over three years. Have been posting replies in investing for a while and figure it may be time for me to share some of my own investment habits. Again, not scientific, not pro, totally arbitrary, maybe full of stupidity, as I am NOT a financial/econ/investment/business professional.
-I believe investment starts with budgeting. I made a monthly budget and calculated how much money I have left after usual expenditure and putting away emergency savings. Then I invest 60%-70% of my remaining money; the rest I put into high-yield savings account or let it sit for several months and open a CD somdwhere.
-I just have a.....paranoid obsession with diversification. After three years of playing with the market I now own a portfolio of more than 15 stocks, a couple REITS, 15+ ETFs (including one gold ETF) and four mutual funds. Many of these I have only say 0.5-1K of money invested in. I am just convinced that going into diversification helps disperse and mitigate risk. My gold ETF has made up for some of the losses in the current market downturn, but with everything turned to shit I am not better off than anybody else. I also use ETFs to gain exposure to foreign markets I cannot directly buy into. The same obsession applies to bank accounts: I have accounts in several banks to spread my savings.
-When I first started buying stocks, I used to find the portfolio of a specific ETF in a specific sector that I have a positive view on, find their top 5-10 holdings of stocks, check their dividend info, and buy the one with highest dividend yield. Kinda like letting the "smarter" people do the picking for me while not having to entrust my money with them. (And later I found that the portfolio changes frequently :p)
-I consider myself a dividend investor and I prefer stocks with high dividend yield. But I also want to reap profit from time to time. I made myself a rule: if a stock's unrealized upward gain equals 15-20 years of average dividend and I do not plan to hold it long term, I sell it, keep the gains, and then reinvest roughly the same amount of original principals into another stock. This makes me sell a stock or two and then buy one or two every quarter. Kinda stupid thinking backward, but hey I do want to get some fast cash out of my stocks from time to time. I was able to cash out some of my gains at the top of S&P500 last year with this strategy; still I am hit hard by the current turmoil.
-I buy both physical gold bars/coins and gold ETF. Say what you like or don't like about gold, but people are so accustomed to fleeing into gold amid turmoil, it still is a safe haven asset in the foreseeable future I believe.
-I don't buy any, ANY stock from Chinese companies listed in the US. I don't even hold an ETF of Chinese stocks and market---I can't control if some of my ETFs/Funds have exposure to Chinese companies, but I just don't buy anything focused on China. One reason is that my family is in China and they already invest inChinese market, but there is also another lesson learned by myself. Having worked part time at a financial website for a year and having translated many documents and interviews of Chinese companies, I just know how much shit these companies put out just to get listed in the US. This is absolutely not rational and I know it. This also makes me miss huge gains of Alibaba, Baidu etc but I am very firm at staying away from Chinese companies. The same principle I think should apply to Hong Kong stock exchange. There are just so many shitty Chinese companies listed there.
-Yes I do buy actively managed mutual funds. Obsession with diversification is one reason. But I do believe that actively managed funds have a slightly better chance of hedging against risks than passive or index funds/ETFs (not that I don't buy them). Currently, my conservative strategy mutual fund is doing better than my moderate strategy one, recording a positive.
-I realize that mentality is an important and tricky thing. A lot of investors are not very unsettled by losing money but will regret enormously not being able to reap profit that they believe they "should have" gained. I try very hard to escape from this type of mentality. I only seek to beat the inflation with my dividend. I've recorded a steady 3%-4% dividend yield from my portfolio in the past few years (not counting gains from selling stocks) and I am happy with it.
-I don't have any virtual currency holdings. If only I had the guts to buy some Bitcoin a few years back (compare with the last statement to see irony LOL).
-Resources that I frequently rely on:
Bloomberg: subscribed for monthly subscription. News source. subscribed for premium to track my dividend stock ratings and yield.
Investopedia: frequent go-to website for knowledge and terms. did not subscribe but I frequently check this website for ETF recommendations and info (limited in free edition). Seems to come from the same team that operates
Happy investing and best of luck to everyone! Hope we will get through these difficult times and come out stronger.

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Four issues that everyone needs to pay attention to when entering the currency circle

Four issues that everyone needs to pay attention to when entering the currency circle
Too many novice players entering the currency circle are often attracted by some magic wealth-making tales. However, reality will tell you that investment is a science, and there are no shortcuts. The same is true for seemingly magical currency circles.
So everyone must be aware of these four issues before entering the currency circle:
Is the contract risk really higher than the spot?
What indicators should be paid attention to in the currency market?
What are the basic usage specifications of contract tools?
What should be the first indicator of concern in contract trading?

Why has Bitcoin fallen into a downturn recently?

The A-share gains in the past two days have been gratifying, and many currency friends have begun to consider returning. However, the right side that shows the downturn of Bitcoin has caused a lot of confusion. Why has Bitcoin into a short market in the past two weeks? 58COIN experts pointed out two main reasons.
One is the concentrated selling of miners. From June 23 to the early morning of June 24, the miners sold more than 5000 BTC. Then at 3 pm on June 24, Bitcoin began to fall sharply, so that in June It fell below the $9,000 mark on the 25th.
Second, Bitcoin is still highly correlated with traditional markets such as S&P 500, and the collapse of traditional financial assets might also have caused it to fall into a short market, which is similar to the logic behind the 312 Bitcoin crash.
Should you proceed to stick to the spot?
Bitcoin is stuck in the short market. JiuCai is facing a very real problem that most crypto-lovers are still persistent in spot trading, although most also know the role of the contract in the downtrend which allows to make money, but naturally we all think that the contract means high risk, means less safety than the spot. But this is a typical cognitive misunderstanding.

In fact, the contract is the same tool as the spot, and the contract is not necessarily riskier than the spot.

The contract is similar to the futures of the traditional financial market. It can be bearish and bullish, and it is leveraged in nature, without delay, and is traded in real time. In particular, perpetual contracts are a new risk hedging and hedging financial instrument compared to futures in traditional financial markets. In the case of holding positions of the same value, when the opening points are the same, under the same market situation, the profit and loss of the two tend to be the same, but because the contract has additional leverage, the principal occupied is less than Spot, so in comparison, the risk of the contract may not be higher than that of the spot, and the capital utilization rate and return rate of the contract can be obviously better than the spot . In addition, even in a bear market, contracts can be profitable, and the operational space is actually much richer than the spot market.

Of course, some people have their positions liquidated frequently, which is quite scary. This tells us that no matter how good the tool is, it still needs to follow the basic rules of use. 58COIN experts give these few tips on contract trading:
  1. Reduce the risk factor

Strictly control positions and leverage, choose only one option either high leverage or numerous positions, numerous positions + high leverage together will undoubtedly run towards the crematorium;

  1. Open positions with logic

Opening orders is driven by opportunity logic rather than emotions. Mastering this logic requires investors to strengthen their scope and knowledge, to look at many indicators, and establish a full-dimensional indicator system.

In short, for all players, "less positions, lower leverage and close when you see fit" will never go out of style.

Establishing a full-dimensional indicator system
As the teacher of 58COIN said, you must speak logic when you open an order. In fact, this applies to any kind of investment market. So in the digital asset contract market, how to understand the logic of opening?

Different from the stock market, the digital currency market has insufficient liquidity and high price fluctuations. 58COIN experts believe that digital asset investors need to build a full-dimension decision-making system if they want to be comfortable with it. In addition to some basic technical indicators, investors should also observe some data indicators, network indicators and market sentiment indicators, and refer to authoritative trading reports.

Some indicators are listed as follows:
• Data indicators & composite indicators: new addresses, active addresses, number of transactions, transaction volume, total addresses, Metcalfe index, Odlyzko index;
• Transaction report: CFTC COT report;
• Network indicators: 360 index, Baidu index, Weibo index, Google index;
• Market sentiment: panic index, greed index.

After establishing your own indicator system, you must balance your mentality, always maintain a suspicious mentality, fear the market, evolve yourself, and insist on continuous learning.

It’s important to focus on maintaining margin ratio
Maybe you didn't make a contract, but you should have heard the saying "close out" many times. Yes, the first task of making a contract is to prevent liquidation. What are the key indicators of liquidation? On the surface, the liquidation price or risk level has not reached the critical value, but it is actually the available margin (the remaining principal under the isolated margin). Can the lower limit of the maintenance margin be met, and what indicators can be used to measure this limit ? Maintain margin rate.

It sounds unfamiliar at first, but you can understand that insolvency will lead to liquidation. If the maintenance margin rate is high, the platform will force to close in order to protect you from losing too much and. If the maintenance margin rate is low, the platform will remain friendly, allowing you to reconsider your actions in order to avoid losing too much. Therefore, players must first choose platforms that maintain a low margin rate when playing contracts, which means their contract design is more friendly. If you really don 't have time to make a choice, you can first try the industry's more recognized "king of contracts" 58COIN, which is currently the industry's fixed minimum value of 0.5%, and there is no holding fee.

There is no shortcut to investment, contract is a learning, any successful investor is evolved thanks to constant improvement and learning.
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AMA Recap: Heatherm Huang, Co-Founder of Measurable Data Token, discusses how Alternative Data rise midst of Covid Wave

AMA Recap: Heatherm Huang, Co-Founder of Measurable Data Token, discusses how Alternative Data rise midst of Covid Wave
Guest Bio
Heatherm Huang
Huang is the Co-Founder of Measurable Data Token (MDT), a decentralized data exchange ecosystem connecting users, data providers, and data buyers and denominates the value of data.
As a Serial Entrepreneur, Huang got himself involved in the Research & Development of the world’s first ever talk-and-hold voice chat system, TalkBox, then the number one mobile chat application in China and across Southeast Asia in 2010. The hype around Talkbox had Tencent offering to acquire the mobile chat application that was turned down. Tencent then released a new version of Wechat, that holds the same talk-and-hold voice chat system that Talkbox has, now familiar to all,and it was at that time that Wechat broke the telecommunications industry. Talkbox and its competitors faded in the industry soon after.
Huang’s Talkbox venture was adapted in Chinese drama, Entrepreneurial Age, with renowned celebrities, Xuan Huang and Angelababy being the main characters.
Kiana Shek
Kiana formerly worked as Deputy General Manager of Business at Baidu. Along with her strong financial education background, Kiana holds rich experience in Big Data, AI, finance & international business development. She joined DigiFinex as Co-Founder at the end of 2017, and is committed to build a secure, convenient and transparent environment for high-quality blockchain asset transactions for users globally. She is also an active speaker at different industry conferences around the globe.

Kiana Shek (Left) & Heatherm Huang (Right)
Kiana: Hi Heatherm, it's our honor to have you here with us today. Could you please give us an introduction of MDT?
Heatherm: Hi Kiana, my pleasure to be here today. Definitely. The MDT is a blockchain-based distributed computing platform with smart contracts securely stored in the Ethereum blockchain. It denominates the value of data in this new economy. It connects users, data providers, and data buyers and denominates the value of data. The MDT launched two products:
  1. MyMDT Data Wallet, a decentralized application (Dapp) based on Ethereum that allows users to get rewarded for sharing anonymous data points and is a user-oriented portal in the MDT ecosystem.
  2. Measurable AI, a business-oriented alternative data analysis platform that turns anonymous data into sophisticated consumer insights.
Kiana: That's such an interesting concept. I am curious to know, and I'm sure so does everyone, how did MDT come about?
Heatherm: The mission behind MDT is to solve our own problems. Back in 2016, our team started venturing into data under the guidance under the guidance of Gmail creator, Paul Buchheit. Paul mentioned that the most valuable thing about Gmail is not the service itself, but the data. Gmail data enables Google to create personalized and intelligent products for its users, and helps Google build better artificial intelligence. Our product, Measurable AI, is also built to understand the market by gathering electronic receipts from billions of online consumers, thereby increasing consumer data value. The more familiar we are with the big data industry, the better we can understand its problems. In data, privacy and traceability have always been contradictory issues. Although Google uses user data to provide better services to users, it is still resisted by users to date.
As data providers, we often try to prove that our data sources are real, and all data points come from real users of our own platforms. However, to prove this, the privacy and anonymity of real users will be compromised to some extent. On the other hand, data buyers also find it a challenge to ensure that the data products they will get are effective. In data, blockchain can solve this problem. After many years of exploration in the field of consumer products and big data, our team realized that we have to compensate consumers who have contributed valuable data.
We finally launched MDT at the end of 2017. We believe that the monetization of user data will be ubiquitous in the future, and we hope to use the results we have established to start this ecosystem.
Kiana: Thank you so much for explaining in such detail. I want to know who your target markets are and how you strategize in marketing your products across different regions of the world?
Heatherm: Southeast Asia, China, Brazil, and India will be our main target markets. They all have huge potential to expand and sustain the development of Measurable AI. At present, the main promotion channel of MyMDT data wallet is still the mainstream of users based on MailTime. Our upcoming independent app that focuses on the concept of "data cashback" will also become a major promotion channel, and its audience covers not only the cryptocurrency user group, but also the mainstream user group. Promotion services in different regions will be tailored to local market conditions. For example, the most common transaction data in the European and American markets is still credit card data, but in some emerging markets such as China, it is mobile payment data, and the consumer behavior and habits of users are also different. In different countries and regions, we will also adopt different promotion forms and modify our products to suit varying needs.
Kiana: Got it. Back to today's topic, what is MDT's alternative data that users should be concerned about? How is it related to MDT?
Heatherm: Alternative data refers to unconventional, unexpected, and unidentified potential data. Unlike traditional data sources such as public financial reports, alternative data is not well known. This is where its value lies. Measurable AI is a blockchain-driven alternative data provider at the present day.
Kiana: I believe users have a new understanding of alternative data now. Is MDT an option for both data providers and crypto asset investors? How will MDT benefit investors?
Heatherm: Alternative data providers are responsible for collecting, cleaning, analyzing and understanding data collected from non-traditional sources. For example, providers can assess the community's response to crypto assets to predict their future value and price movements. Although they are valuable, they do not fully reflect the company's operating conditions.
In today's data-driven era, investors need more than endless numbers on spreadsheets. They need insightful data to make informed decisions in the market. Certain financial markets, such as encrypted assets, do not revolve around traditional financial data sources. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin cannot be effectively analyzed through financial statements because their prices are determined by factors other than common data sources. Alternative data fills this gap. As the name suggests, alternative data refers to information obtained from non-traditional sources (such as social media and consumer trends), which helps investors have a deeper understanding of investment tools.
Kiana: The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rampant, has Measurable Data been affected in development? What measures have you taken to counter the challenge for the safety of the team? What contribution has MDT made to society against COVID-19?
Heatherm: Due to the pandemic, the MDT team worked at home for 3 months until May when the team returned to office. However, the great impact COVID-19 has on the global economy, the demand for alternative data has increased for hedge fund clients. In the past few months, we have served more than 10 hedge funds and seller research institutions, providing them with first-hand consumer insights for many listed companies to analyze the pandemic's impact on the revenue of these companies and the speed of recovery. A few weeks ago, I accepted an interview with Bloomberg. I mentioned that the recent pandemic and the Luckin Coffee scandal has greatly boosted the demand for alternative data because hedge funds hope to use alternative data to monitor the pandemic's impact on major companies and its recovery rate. This is the value of alternative data.
Kiana: What do Alternative Data providers do? Is MDT an Alternative Data provider and Cryptoasset investor at the same time? How does the data benefit the investor?
Heatherm: Alternative data providers are the ones responsible for collecting, cleaning, analyzing, and making sense of data collected from non-traditional sources. For example, a provider may assess how the community is reacting to a crypto asset to predict its value and price movements in the future. Though valuable, they don't give the full picture of how a company is doing.
In today's data-driven landscape, investors require more than endless numbers on spreadsheets. They need insightful data that is actionable enough for them to make informed decisions in the market.
Certain markets like crypto assets also don't revolve around traditional financial data sources. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin cannot be analyzed efficiently with financial statements since their prices are determined by factors outside of commonly used data sources.
Alternative data fill this gap. As the name suggests, alternative data is information derived from non-traditional sources — like social media and consumer trends — that help investors obtain more in-depth insights on investment vehicles.
Kiana: Wow, Alternative Data providers play such a crucial role in the economy. How does MDT ensure that data security and privacy are well protected under regulations like GDPR?
Heatherm: In an increasingly digitized world, huge quantities of "alternative data" are being generated every day which can complement or substitute for traditional financial data (such as information on loan payments, defaults and bankruptcies) and open the door to financial services for previously unserved or underserved customers.
Data protection and privacy require a new way of thinking and preparation as regulatory or institutional frameworks to protect individuals and firms either do not exist or are rapidly outpaced by technological advances.
Kiana: Makes sense. The world will only get more digitized each day. Who do you consider your competitors and why do you think you are better than them?
Heatherm: Projects that share similar ideas of compensating users for sharing rewards are DataWallet, and GXChain.
DataWallet recently pivoted to a data compliance service platform for startups. GXChian also rewards users for sharing data, however, their focus is on users' personal information for credit checking and user profiling.
MDT is focused on anonymous and aggregated consumer transactional data for industry insights' purpose, and we endeavour to never involve any personal data.
Although we both reward users for sharing data points, we share different business models and positioning on what type of data to get involved in and how users can monetize over their data.
We believe the scenarios MDT creates now is more likely to be adopted by the public.
  1. It involves only aggregated and anonymous data points for a transparent purpose
  2. It is easier for users to get started without privacy issues (on blockchain, but accessed through user-friendly dapps
  3. It benefits the data buyers financially and socially for joining an initiative of a company compensating users for data.
We had a fruitful AMA session with Heatherm Huang, and learnt on how MDT as a decentralized data exchange ecosystem enables for honest, efficient, and transparent trading in the crypto financial market. To watch the AMA Live, click: AMA | Measurable Data Token: Unveil Covid-19 Impacts with Alternative Data
Please stay tuned to our next episode of AMA Live.

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