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Need help decoding some private keys (?) I found on my drive

I found these on an old hard drive but can't seem to figure out what exactly they were for. They're all different lengths and none of them seem to conform to the base58check format.
eW8cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJ (61 chars, labelled passkey)
zAgCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxU (57 chars, labelled blockchain)
Qw9Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi (51 chars, labelled "bitcoin")
Anyone have any idea what these might go to?
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Bitcoin source programming problem. What is " std::vector(1.0) " ?

Where is "PUBKEY_ADDRESS", "PUBKEY_ADDRESS_TEST" variables moved to? Originally they were at src/base58.h
But at recent bitcoin source code, I found similar at chainparams.cpp
Now it says,
base58Prefixes[PUBKEY_ADDRESS] = std::vector(1,0);
At this, what is " std::vector(1.0) " ?
Originally this was just number based on
Why simple code changed to more difficult?
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Bitcoin source programming problem. What is " std::vector(1.0) " ? /r/Bitcoin

Bitcoin source programming problem. What is (1.0) " ? /Bitcoin" title="Bitcoin source programming problem. What is " std::vector(1.0) " ? /Bitcoin" /> submitted by HiIAMCaptainObvious to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]


Hey so I'm god here
I've coded it with bitcoin giveaways and deathtraps.donald trump is a highlander running around killing my circle mud shop keepers until I guess whoever jacked me and hacked him to stronger shows up. Also there are lightsabers and rainbows and aliens and zombies in this here LEGIT alive AI now by my lronstandatds and I am the last internet ambassador.
Going live today to give away the bounties kf you can eve have the 150 char attention span to make it through the new upgraded tutorials explains damages and guns and swords and psychics instead of spells.
This a long time coming but im tired of doing it solo and self funding. Half the imps dead of old age. The others covid so I coded them back to life as statues. Openers for plenty of gods and multiple is allowed. Hell ill get on and load god tier eq of you wanna play with it.
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Quick list of different key formats

Key forms that most people are familiar with are as follows:

BIP32 private key

This is a base58 encoding. If you decode this key back to binary, the important bits are the chain code and key-data. They are at the following offsets
chain_code = xprv[13:45] key_data = xprv[46:78]
where xprv[45] is 0x00 for a private key and either 0x02 or 0x03 for a public key. You can experiment with this by plugging the xprv into the "BIP32 Root Key" section of Ian's BIP39 utility.

BIP39 Mnemonic

saddle celery child artwork learn dignity silver enable build mouse field fence
These can be (technically) any multiple of three words from 3 to 24. Electrum will also use a close relation to this form but the two are not compatible. The BIP39 form is used to encode the words into a number (entropy) which is hashed to create a BIP32 seed. You can experiment with this by plugging the mnemonic into Ian's BIP39 utility.

SLIP39 Mnemonic

best pink academic academic easel lying holy rumor injury crystal plastic fancy inform disease step artwork unfair client beyond demand
These are generally 20 or 33 words. The are used with a sharing algorithm to combine into a BIP32 seed. These are used by the Trezor HW wallets. You can experiment with this by plugging the mnemonic into the "Combine" section of Ian's SLIP39 utility.

WIF format

This is a base58 encoding. If you decode this key back to binary, the private key is at wif[1:33] which encodes 128 bits of data. This is used by many wallet exports for a single bitcoin key pair. Bitcoin Core will also use this format to encode the BIP32 seed hdseed used in the sethdseed command. You can experiment with this by plugging the WIF into CoinBin's Verify Utility.

Raw BIP32 seed data

I've actually never seen a wallet use this form. It can encode between 128 bits (32 hex chars) and 512 bits (128 hex chars). This data is hashed to generate the BIP32 chain_code and key_data. You can experiment with this by plugging the right number of hex digits in the "BIP39 Seed" field on Ian's BIP39 utility.

Technically this is called a GUID and encodes 16 bytes (128 bits). I have no idea how that company goes from there to an address.
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Charlie & the Chocolate Factory mining analogy (extract from the Bitcoin Billionaires book)

I've been reading, 'Bitcoin Billionaire: A True Story of Genius, Betrayal and Redemption', and found this little analogy explaining how Bitcoin mining works, attributed in the narrative to Cameron Winklevoss. I don't know how well the analogy holds, but for a non-techy like me, I found it helpful:
“The little boy in the looking for a golden ticket inside candy bars. Charlie is a like a miner. And the golden ticket, which will grant him a tour of Willy Wonka’s factory, is like the block reward. Now suppose that by searching for this golden ticket, Charlie is also simultaneously validating purchases of candy bars and recording them in the factory’s business ledger—the Willy Wonka blockchain. And suppose there are many Charlies all around the world doing the same thing, searching for that golden ticket. As they open Wonka bars, they are auditing the Wonka blockchain and checking one another’s work. Willy Wonka’s contest has miraculously incentivized children around the world to work together to validate and record transactions of Wonka bars, helping Willy keep track of who paid for what, thereby protecting his profits and ensuring that his factory stays in business and can continue to make chocolate for everyone.”
Voorhees smiled. “That’s very good. And it perfectly illustrates the magic of Bitcoin. Instead of middlemen, or gatekeepers, you have an open competition of miners, individually incentivized to validate transactions. No bank or government sits in judgment of transactions, or takes a piece of each slice of pie. Middlemen are replaced with math, or in the case of your example, an army of Charlie Buckets.”
“And the Willy Wonka of Bitcoin,” Tyler said. “Who set all of this in motion: Satoshi Nakamoto.”
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Bitcoin Loophole Platform New Review – 20

Once you enter the Bitcoin Loophole web site, you'll would like to fill in a short registration type. Once you fill it, you may be transferred to a personal members section where you'll be able to begin trading
The sole factor you will need in order to start using the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot is funding your account. We tend to recommend funding it with the minimum funds required – $250. Even if you are an professional or $250 is very little for you, we counsel to start with the minimum, learn the Autobot and the system and once you have mastered it, invest a lot of to realize a lot of profits.
When you fund your account, the Autobot can provide you access to several totally different options additionally to its Autobot. Features and services like value chars, academic trading tools, and professional customer service. Those options can open the instant you deposit your initial funds.
Beginning to Autotrade using the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot Bitcoin loophole
The foremost asset the Bitcoin Loophole has to supply, and the reason most traders wish to use it is its Autobot algorithm. We were a bit skeptical at 1st, as several guarantees are created by the creators of the system. But once we tend to started using it we tend to got addicted. We have a tendency to didn't create $1,300 every day from our $250 as some ads declared, however we have a tendency to did create $193 when twenty four hours. That over seventy five% of profits in sooner or later. Truly wonderful to be honest.
If you are wondering how does the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot does it you'll be able to just keep it up reading.
“No delay, no special terms, the withdrawal method is easy and quick. An enormous and for the Bitcoin Loophole. “
Once you activate the Bitcoin Loophole Autobot, its algorithm scans the market at remarkably high speed, while looking for market trends that may affect the Bitcoins value. The instant it finds such a trend and calculates it has a high probability of being a successful trader, the Aubot places the trade for you. Additionally, you can set the Autobot to trade signals manually, putting you in control of the trading actions
Bitcoin Loophole Trading Platform
You must recognize that there are various faux links out there. You'll be able to’t be too careful. If you do wish to attempt the Bitcoin Loophole use solely the secure link by Clicking >> HERE.
A major kryptonite for most trading platforms is that the withdrawal Method. Some trading platforms work fantastic, with high winning rates. However when it comes to withdrawing your profits, many issues begin to occur. You wish to answer security questions, uploading your passport, handing in bank accounts. Whereas those requests are legit, some systems will leave you in “method mode” for weeks, claiming you have got not uploaded or crammed the correct info. Your profits may be even stuck for months in some systems.
The Bitcoin Loophole surprised us. When we have a tendency to wanted to withdraw our profits once two successful weeks, all we required to do is visit the member’s space, and make a withdrawal request. Soon after that, we tend to entered our bank account data, and 48 hours later we tend to received every penny of our profits. No delay, no special terms, the withdrawal method was straightforward and quick. An enormous and for the platform.
If you do want to try the Bitcoin Loophole software use solely the secure link by Clicking >> HERE.
Where Can I Use The Bitcoin Loophole?
The Bitcoin Loophole software can be used on both mobile devices and desktop, and from any browser you chose. It does not require any special installation or a high-end laptop. This can be because of the actual fact the algorithm runs on their worldwide servers and not on each individual computer or phone.
The actual fact that you'll use it anywhere, and on any device that's connected to the web provides great convenience and adaptability. Additionally, you are doing not have to sit down in front of your computer for hours, analyzing the market by yourself, and attempting to make winning trades. The platform can be set to Automated trading mode, which gives him full management of the analysis and trading options. The Software can trade according to the parameters you set earlier meaning you'll be able to relax whereas the Bitcoin Loophole makes the correct choices for you.
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Partially redeeming a Casascius physical bitcoin - help request

Overview of problem
I have a Casascius physical bitcoin and I am unable to add its digital contents to a wallet. It seems that the key is not the right length or format. I started to get out of my depth with talk of things like a Minikey format.
I removed the hologram when I was given it years ago as I was curious what was under there. I don't want to sell it instead I want to add its 1 BTC value to a wallet so I can partially redeem it and keep the physical brass as a collectible.
What I have observed and tried (apologies in advance for butchering terms)
I've searched several sites, including here and haven't been able to find a current answer for the new style of keys and wallets.
I put the seven character code from the hologram into the casascius.uberbills dot com site and it gives me a 33 character key, tells me it's version 2 and confirms that it has a 1 BTC value
I've tried to import it into a Blockchain wallet but get the error "this private key does not match the watch only address above" when I enter the private key under the hologram. For some reason it seems like a different public address is generated when I enter the 33 char code.
I tried to import it into a Jaxx Liberty wallet but it doesn't recognise the minikey or 33 char code as valid.
I've basically run up against my level of knowledge and don't know what the next steps are of if I'm missing something bleeding obvious. I double and triple checked any data entry because I saw this was a common problem.
I'd really appreciate any help or pointers the community can give me.
I followed the advice given by u/murbul in reply to my post
You might struggle to find a wallet that natively supports MINI keys these days since it's an old format that never really took off apart from Casascius coins. So your best bet is to use a tool to convert it to a real private key (starting with 5) and import/sweep that into a wallet.
You can convert it on the Wallet Details tab of - For 1 BTC I'd be paranoid enough to recommend downloading the source and doing everything offline:
I used the site and one of the keys generated was one starting with '5' (Private Key WIF). I used this in Jaxx Liberty in the 'Paper Wallet Import' function under tools and it came right across.
I’m very happy.
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HowTo: Create and Spend a Electrum Segwit 3of3 Multisig wallet with Trezors

I wrote a simlar post in Bitcoin about creating a MS wallet without a Trezor, this guide will focus on creating a 3of3 MS wallet with three Trezor's. Hopefully it should be obvious how to extend this to N-of-M for any value of N or M. You can also use this as a blueprint to do MS with non-HW Electrum wallets like Android.
It should be noted that this is the most general case method for setting this up. This allows to replace non-HW Electrum wallets into this procedure where HW-wallets are referenced. For the far simpler method, just pick Cosign with hardware device instead of Cosign with key as I outline here. If you choose Cosign with HW you can do the entire process in one wallet file in one session.
The main advantage of multisig is that it reduces the risk of one compromised seed exposing all your funds. Although this is exceedingly complicated, the added layer of complications make it all the more difficult to compromise your funds. Most of the complexity is on the initial wallet setup. Sending is only a bit more complicated, and Receiving is the same as it would be for any electrum wallet.
We will be creating three wallets here, and each will use a Trezor with its own seed, passphrase, and public key (Zpub). If your just wanting to play with this process you could use one Trezor with three different passphrases. Electrum will treat this like three different wallets, since... well since it is. The Zpubs will be calculated by Electrum.
For all references to wallet passphrases or encryption passwords, I highly recommend you generate six-word passphrases. Three simple ways to construct a six-word passphrase would be to either use EFF diceware long wordlist to roll for 6 words, or create a short six-word BIP39 seed and use that as a passphrase, or create a random Electrum seed and use the last 6 words. You will need to take care that all six-word passphrases are equal or less than 50 characters. Longer passphrases can produce some unexpected results. Whenever you need to create a passphrase or password from here on out, create a six-word string as described above.
Assuming your have your Trezors initialized with passphrases enabled, our first order of business will be ensuring the authenticity of Electrum. For the PC's this must be done with PGP/GPG following the procedure spelled out on the Electrum website, or the secondary docs. It is absolutely critical that you are certain your using the correct ThomasV key. As of the time of this writing, the "correct" ThomasV key was:
ThomasV PGP: 6694 D8DE 7BE8 EE56 31BE D950 2BD5 824B 7F94 70E6
Once your Electrum install is validated, here is excruciating detail on creating and spending from a 3of3 multisig wallet. This assumes you have passphrases enabled on all your Trezors and that each has a unique name. For simplicity I will simply refer to their names at "trez-1", "trez-2", and "trez-3"

Three Wallet Creation passes

Do the following first for "trez-1", then for "trez-2" and finally for "trez-3". The order is VERY important:
  1. Wallet->New, name your wallet
  2. Then insert your Trezor ("trez-1", "trez-2", or "trez-3")
  3. Choose Multisig Wallet, then 3of3
  4. Choose Use a hardware device
  5. Select device
  6. Craft (and record) a new 6 word passphrase
  7. Choose Native Segwit derivation
  8. Record Zpub
  9. Unplug your Trezor ("trez-1", "trez-2", or "trez-3")
  10. Choose Add Cosigner Key
  11. Wait at "Add Cosigner 2" dialog

Distribute Zpubs to Finish Wallet Creation

When completing the setup for each wallet below you will be prompted for a wallet encryption password. I recommend you craft a unique six-word string as described above. If Electrum asks to reconnect to your HW wallet simply say "No". You will notice that the order is the reverse of the previous portion. As before, the order is VERY important,.
  1. Swap over to your trez-3 wallet
  2. Click "Enter Cosigner Key"
  3. Enter trez-1 Zpub
  4. Click "Enter Cosigner Key"
  5. Enter trez-2 Zpub
  6. Swap over to your trez-2 wallet
  7. Click "Enter Cosigner Key"
  8. Enter trez-3 Zpub
  9. Click "Enter Cosigner Key"
  10. Enter trez-1 Zpub
  11. Swap over to your trez-1 wallet
  12. Click "Enter Cosigner Key"
  13. Enter trez-2 Zpub
  14. Click "Enter Cosigner Key"
  15. Enter trez-3 Zpub
You can now close each wallet file.
You should now have recorded:
Keep the 12 secrets secure, separate and safe.

Receive funds into your 3of3 MS wallet

Receive just like any other wallet. All three wallets will watch the same set of addresses

Spend funds from your 3of3 MS wallet

  1. Create a TXN as you normally would on your first device
  2. In the TXN dialog hit "Preview" instead of Send
  3. In the Preview screen hit "Sign", then "Export"
  4. Copy the TXN over to your second device
  5. On your second device click Tools->Load Transaction
  6. Enter your partially signed TXN
  7. Verify the Status reads "Partially signed (1/3)"
  8. In the Preview screen hit "Sign", then "Export"
  9. Copy the TXN over to your third device
  10. On your third device click Tools->Load Transaction
  11. Enter your partially signed TXN
  12. Verify the Status reads "Partially signed (2/3)"
  13. In the Preview screen hit "Sign", then "Broadcast"


Certainly more complicated than a non MS wallet, but a lot more secure. Also be aware that the Segwit MS TXNs are about 40% larger than the native Segwit TXNs, so this does generate some additional cost in TXN fees.
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HTTPS request for website with only single line of HTML.

Hello. Thanks in advance for your help.
I have my ESP8266 able to connect to websites based on tutorials but when I try and connect to the website below and get the data I get a "-1" response or "301".
I am trying to pull in the bitcoin price every 61 second. 61 seconds to not abuse the site. I have added the code I have below..Eventually I want to display it on an LCD hooked up to the ESP8266. (seperate PSU using I2C)
#include  #include  const char* ssid = "I removed my SSID for obvious reasons"; const char* password = "*****"; void setup () { Serial.begin(115200); WiFi.begin(ssid, password); while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) { delay(1000); Serial.print("Connecting.."); } } void loop() { if(WiFi.status()== WL_CONNECTED){ //Check WiFi connection status HTTPClient http; //Declare object of class HTTPClient http.begin(""); //Specify request destination http.addHeader("Content-Type", "text"); //Specify content-type header int httpCode = http.POST("Message from ESP8266"); //Send the request String payload = http.getString(); //Get the response payload Serial.println(httpCode); //Print HTTP return code Serial.println(payload); //Print request response payload http.end(); //Close connection }else{ Serial.println("Error in WiFi connection"); } delay(61000); } 
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A little update

All my debts are paid off now, have ~1k in my bank account, ~1k in bitcoin (lol) and ordered a new office char yesterday for 400 euros. Gotta say, feels good man.
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Fear and Loathing in Monerujo

Try to sit at the "cool kids" table ONE time...and I drop my square shaped pizza down the front of my Bitcoin shirt.
Same story, diff post. Monerujo wallet: created about 24hrs ago. Carefully written out seed: carelessly destroyed. Password (crazypass?): frankly, I swore I'd remember it and moi? Bungle a new wallet recovery backup in careless, unnecessary haste?? Never. Alas, here I am dudebros.
What I don't have: password, recovery seed, coronavirus
What I do have: wallet access, my thumb(print), all three files, initial tx info, jokes
I really thought had the pass right in my noggin. What chars are allowed for this in Monerujo? Letters, numbers, symbols (ohmai)? Might help me narrow down possibilities knowing this. The 3 files...any use to me w/o the pw or seed?
I kid, I always kid...but this does suck. Nobody likes learning the hard way. On the plus side, I finally took a legit look at this fine crypto (after I borked it). Long overdue and I like the atmosphere of the XMR subs, too. Lite on the moonbound lambos, heapin' portions of fungibility. I dig it. Still, tho: "Satoshi Nakamoto, I wanna have yo BAYbees!"
Greatly appreciate any who might decipher relevant info from the preceding syntax mashup and offer more (or less) coherent advice.
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Need help, very close to finishing btc ticker!

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How to verify a signed message in bitcoinj?

Link to bitcoin stack exchange:

I want to verify, in Java, a signature produced with bitcoin core's signmessagewithprivkey (equivalent to the verifymessage). I noticed a bitcoinj method similar to the bitcoin core's verifymessage - org.bitcoinj.core.ECKey.verify. What follows is my implementation attempt and its test.
For testing I will generate a signature and check it in bitcoin core:
>bitcoin-cli signmessagewithprivkey $(bitcoin-cli dumpprivkey 1CwKH9PQPkFPjQagEv483FUM5ngk57L3Pp) "" H2wp/+5N2+OQwP6a5GFRbt8S+EfML1Szx4uhWPfiO0e/QcY2rZQOkLOR+unknNl4NgDWBacRRXOLjr+m53V0xic= > bitcoin-cli verifymessage "1CwKH9PQPkFPjQagEv483FUM5ngk57L3Pp" "H2wp/+5N2+OQwP6a5GFRbt8S+EfML1Szx4uhWPfiO0e/QcY2rZQOkLOR+unknNl4NgDWBacRRXOLjr+m53V0xic=" "" true 
So, signing an empty message with the RPC using the address 1CwKH9PQPkFPjQagEv483FUM5ngk57L3Pp (public key: 021c3be5fb7820c56d881ea2d02a906d87540ec8888bbe819b7abd2e39f6f6e512), produces the signature H2wp/+5N2+OQwP6a5GFRbt8S+EfML1Szx4uhWPfiO0e/QcY2rZQOkLOR+unknNl4NgDWBacRRXOLjr+m53V0xic=.
My Java implementation attempt:
import org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex; import org.bitcoinj.core.ECKey; import org.bitcoinj.core.Sha256Hash; import java.math.BigInteger; import java.util.Base64; public class Notebook { public static BigInteger[] ParseSig(byte[] sigBytes, int sigOff) { BigInteger r = new BigInteger( 1 ,sigBytes, sigOff, 32); BigInteger s = new BigInteger( 1, sigBytes, sigOff + 32, 32); return new BigInteger[] { r, s }; } public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{ // Signature String signatureString = "H2wp/+5N2+OQwP6a5GFRbt8S+EfML1Szx4uhWPfiO0e/QcY2rZQOkLOR+unknNl4NgDWBacRRXOLjr+m53V0xic="; byte[] signatureBytes = Base64.getDecoder().decode(signatureString); BigInteger[] signatureRandS = ParseSig(signatureBytes, 1); ECKey.ECDSASignature signature = new ECKey.ECDSASignature(signatureRandS[0], signatureRandS[1]); // Public key String pubKeyString = "021c3be5fb7820c56d881ea2d02a906d87540ec8888bbe819b7abd2e39f6f6e512"; byte[] decodedPubKeyString = Hex.decodeHex(pubKeyString.toCharArray()); ECKey publicKey = ECKey.fromPublicOnly(decodedPubKeyString); // Message String message = "Bitcoin Signed Message:\n"; Sha256Hash messageHash = Sha256Hash.of(message.getBytes()); Sha256Hash messageDoubleHash = Sha256Hash.of(messageHash.getBytes()); // Test boolean result = publicKey.verify(messageDoubleHash, signature); System.out.println("Result: " + result); } } 
Notice that I used the salt Bitcoin Signed Message:\n before hashing the message - this is done by signmessagewithprivkey as shown here and here. The problem is the above implementation doesn't pass my test and I don't know why...
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Toonami 2019 Retrospective

One thing I always enjoy doing at the end of each year is looking back on some of the more memorable Toonami moments for the year. This is by no means an in depth retrospective going over every key detail for the year but instead just the things that stuck out the most for me.
The most exciting thing about Toonami for me is whenever there is news of a new series being made for the block. Like last year with news of Blade Runner Black Lotus being produced, this year there was an announcement of an anime adaptation of Junji Ito’s Uzumaki. This adaptation will be four episodes and will be entirely in black and white. Some of the revealed staff members on the show are fairly noteworthy. The director will be Hiroshi Nagahama, who is known for directing Mushishi and The Flowers of Evil. The soundtrack will be done by Colin Stetson, who has done the score for Hereditary and Red Dead Redemption 2. From the look of the show and people working on it, I can’t wait to see Uzumaki on the block.
The End of Mainstays
One thing that has always been consistent for the block is having a number of longer running shows. This year marked the end for two of them. Hunter x Hunter finished its run of over three years on the block, beginning in April 2016 and ending in June 2019. Dragon Ball Super also ended its run on the block that lasted for a little under three years, going from January 2017 to October 2019. After the final episode of Super aired there was news that it would rerun on the block. After a bit of speculation as to where the reruns would begin, it ended up just being the final 4 episodes. After those episodes finished, Super has not been seen on Toonami again. While these long runners may have ended, they did entertain viewers for multiple years and I am sure people have a lot of fun memories watching them.
Broadcast Errors
2019 has been a year to feature a few notable on-air problems. Perhaps the most memorable issue occurred during episode 6 of Sword Art Online Alicization. Roughly halfway through the broadcast, the show just stopped. Following the pause, there was a long run of commercials. Once the commercials finished airing, Megalobox started airing 15 minutes early. Following the first commercial, Megalobox would restart from the beginning. After that, the rest of the night’s programming aired without any issues. As a result of this issue, episode 6 was rerun following week and episodes 7 and 8 were played back to back the week after that. Attack on Titan also had a fairly notable issue for one episode. Episode 56 ended normally just like every other episode. The major issue is that episode 56 featured an after credit scene with a young Grisha Yeager. This scene in important due to helping to set up the events for the following episode. Thankfully the scene was put on online and also aired before the beginning of episode 57. Lastly, Dragon Ball Super had an issue that impacted numerous episodes. Due to concerns of epilepsy occurring during intense fights that feature the animation flashing, these fights had their frame rate lowered. The issue is that Adult Swim was not aware that the frame rate was already lowered when they got the episodes and lowered it again. Having the frame rate lowered twice caused some fights to resemble PowerPoint presentations. This would persist for a number of weeks until the issue was corrected. It is worth pointing out that even though these various issues happened, an effort was made to try to correct each one.
The Forge
After a two year break from the last Total Immersion Event Countdown, we got a new TIE in The Forge. This six part TIE begins with the Vindication warping to a space station known as the forge. TOM arms himself and begins confronting the inhabitants of the base, but is shocked to when he sees a robot that is a yellow version of himself. While distracted, TOM is knocked out from behind by an alien that TOM would later affectionately call Booger. TOM wakes up in a cell and is informed by SARA that the Clydes are dead. With assistance from SARA, TOM escapes from his cell and befriends one of the labor TOMs. After being reprogrammed, the labor TOM begs for TOM to free the other labor TOMs. TOM fights his way to the labor TOMs and convinces them to escape. TOM and the labor TOMs get close to boarding the Vindication but an ambush forces them to retreat. TOM puts up one last stand to buy time for the labor TOMs to reach the Vindication and escape. The labor TOMs successfully escape, but TOM is destroyed by Booger. Thankfully TOM backed himself up and SARA brings him back in a new body. Back and better than ever, TOM confronts Booger and with assistance from SARA, manages to beat him. The TIE ends with the labor TOMs in space in the Vindication along with Georgia, Booger being launched out into space, and The Forge becoming the new home for TOM and SARA. A new home comes with a new design for the block and this time, Toonami has an 80’s inspired look with neon blue and purple.
New Shows
One constant for Toonami is people speculating, predicting, and wishing for new shows to come to the block. While it is impossible to have every show people want to come, there were still a number of new shows to appear on the block in 2019. Here is a quick rundown of the new shows to come to the block this year. Promised Neverland followed the adventures of kids with smushed faces on their quest to not become the answer to the question of what is for dinner. Food Wars followed Soma on his culinary quest to make watching anime with your family as awkward as possible. Fire Force showed the adventures of fire fighters and the battle to not have one of their members constantly get naked. Rooster Teeth made their first appearance on the block with gen:LOCK, a series that followed Michael B. Jordan and his magic robot. Dr. Stone followed the adventures of a shiny monkey on their quest to make drugs with the power of science. Lastly, Demon Slayer showed Ufotable’s quest to make fights against demons look as stylish as possible.
Returning Shows
Another constant for the block is older shows returning when new seasons are produced. 2019 was no exception as there were a variety of sequels that aired this year. Attack on Titan season 3 part 2 finally answered the multiyear long mystery of what is in the basement. Sword Art Online Alicization had Kirito returning to the virtual world on his quest to kill another God in a video game. Lupin the Third Part 5 had Lupin utilizing technology to steal bitcoin along with his normal heists. One Punch Man season 2 featured the return of Saitama and friends as they battle Garou, newer monsters, and a new animation studio. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind followed DIO’s son Giovanni Giorno on his quest to become a gangster and fight more musical references. Lastly, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin - Advent of the Red Comet followed a young Char Aznable in an origin story that I have been told is a bad place to start watching Gundam.
With 2020 just around the corner, there is plenty to look forward to. There are sequels to shows that have already aired on the block that could come like Sword Art Online War of Underworld, Mob Psycho 100 II, Promised Neverland season 2, and Attack on Titan season 4. There are also new shows like Uzumaki and Blade Runner Black Lotus to look forward to, as well as the chance of any new shows getting announced. Overall 2019 was a fun year for the block and I am excited to see what 2020 brings.
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How to pull coin price from CMC onto a google sheet?

Can someone help me figure out a way to pull the price of a coin into a google sheet?
I used to use the code below, but it seems that they changed the format and now it doesnt work. It seems to be a recent change and i havent been able to find an alternative online. Thanks for the help!
=IMPORTXML("", "//*[@id=" & CHAR(34) & "quote_price" & CHAR(34) &"]/span[1]")
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Lost password, have wallet.dat and hash, is hashcat possible?

Hello- I made a wallet.dat file with Dash Core 12 but I can't remember the password. I do have the wallet.dat file and the hash dump: (parts between periods have been edited):
I've read but I'd like to speed things up. I can't get the GPU to work with btcrecover. I have hashcat but hashcat won't accept the file since it's expecting a hash starting with $bitcoin$96$. Is there a way to "trick" hashcat into using this hash anyway?
Or, is there a way to manipulate the 64 hex chars and/or the 16 hex chars so that I can recover my private key and/or password? I'm semi-proficient in Python and Bash, if that would help.
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I'll tip anyone who solves this.. nicely. /r/Bitcoin

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OpSec, some things you can do

Please be aware that as we have repaired most everything and move forward in strength the number of attackers, scams and hacks against the real BitCoin has increased.

You don't have to follow all of these, but following some will potentially save you heartache in case of hackers, hardware failure, your own mistakes, acts of god, or anything else.

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26 [M4A] Valenzuela. Podcast Guest.

***Via messenger only so no Covid19 for us****
Here I am again! Thanks sa mga naiguest ko last time! I really enjoy talking to you guys!
Para sa another couple of episode looking ako ulit ng pwede iguest for later around 6pm sana.
You can hook me up via chat or DM kasi for sure mala-lock agad 'tong post ko in a few minutes hahaha.
We can talk anything under the sun basta wag current issues more on evergreen content kasi.
Trip ko na topic pag-usapan pero di naman required hahaha.
- Pagiging pet lover mapa-dogs, cats, snake and etc hahaha basta pets
- cryptocurrency such as bitcoin (yung madaldal at mae-explain sa akin at sa mga listeners na hindi mamamaga utak namin char hahaha)
- Deep web and dark web
- Photography
If wala dyan DM me tapos suggest kayo ng gusto niyong topic then pag okay sa'kin edi G! hahaha yun lang!
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Generating seed phrase with my own entropy

I am building a hardware device for storing Shamirs Secret Shares, but I have some questions about my method.
  1. I am using python-mnemonic, and python-shamir-mnemonic both created by Trezor. Has anyone else generated their 24 word seed from this library to store non-trivial amounts? I imagine so but thought I’d ask.
  2. python-mnemonic only allows inputting up 32 characters as entropy. 32chars = 8 bits * 32 = 512 bits of entropy. But a sha256sum is 64 chars in hex, (because each hex char is only 4 bits I guess 0-15. ) BIGGEST QUESTION: If I were to use only half of the chars in the sha256sum, since I only get 32 chars, is that enough entropy to be safe?
  3. I’m trying to test the seed phrase in more than one wallet application. I’ve literally only been able to be able to import BIP39 seeds into electrum. I’ve tried Green Wallet, Wasabi, Exodus, it’s actually super surprising how rare a feature 24 word seed import is... any ideas of other wallet do this besides Bitcoin Core? I’ve already made one wallet with the method, and sent a little funds into there. Nobody has stolen them yet!
  4. I’m thinking of naming the Open Source hardware Satoshis Secret Snacks, or Shamirs Secret Snacks, what do you think gets the point across? It’ll probably be totally unsafe at first but I hope to share and get some feedback.
  5. January 3rd proof of Keys is coming up everyone! Hope you have your shit on lock!
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[The Last Science] Chapter 1 — The Last Train to Rallsburg [pt. 2]

Previous Part | Table of Contents / Reviews | Next Part
  "Mmmmm," Rika sighed contentedly, leaning back in the corner booth.
  Alden had to agree with the sentiment. It was a greasy place, sure, but Alden couldn't deny the excellent taste of the burgers and fries. He wasn't normally partial to fast food, either. Whether it was the exhaustion or the company, in that moment, it was divine cuisine.
  The place was so small, he was surprised it even had booths. There were four, lined up along the side, with red vinyl cushions slowly decaying from years of overuse. The main counter was only a few steps away, so close that it was practically impossible to get up if anyone was walking down the aisle. Behind the counter, the proprietor grilled the next few burgers for a family of three who walked in not long after Rika and Alden. From their friendly conversation with the genial balding man, Alden judged the place a local favorite.
  "You've been here before," he stated, looking back at Rika.
  She frowned. "Lucky guess?"
  "No way you picked this place at random. The guy sounded like he knew your order too."
  "You got me," Rika brushed her hair out of her face. "I've been to Rallsburg a few times before, to visit a friend. I met Dan around that time. We hit it off pretty well." The man behind the counter glanced up as he heard his name. Rika waved him off, before munching down a fry. "Why so suspicious, Zack?"
  Alden took a sidelong glance at the family seated at the counter, far down at the opposite end of the tiny restaurant. He lowered his voice. "Can I trust you?"
  "Is it possible to answer that question usefully?" Rika raised an eyebrow, chewing on a fry in the corner of her mouth while she spoke. "Either I say yes and I'm a great liar, or I say no and you're out of luck anyway. You gotta decide that one yourself."
  "Well, uh, but…" he spluttered. He wasn't sure what answer he'd expected, but to hear her so frankly point out the flaw in his question broke his concentration. He took a moment to gather his thoughts. "Why did you ask me to join you?" he finally settled on.
  "Because I don't believe in coincidence. Not anymore," Rika said calmly. "Look, Zack. You seem like an okay guy. You're clearly on a mission. And for whatever reason, you've shown up here in this dead end college town. And you ran into me. Twice." Rika munched down another fry. "Trust me on this though: the shit that goes down here, it's hardcore. You'd better be ready to commit if you're gonna head down this road any further."
  Alden swallowed hard. He glanced at the envelope inside his coat pocket once again. Was he ready for whatever Rika was describing?
  "Let me put it this way, kid. Have you read from the book?"
  "Have I what?" Alden repeated, confused.
  She shook her head. "Forget it. Nevermind."
  "No, what does that mean?"
  "I said forget it." Rika looked over at Dan. "Hey, can we get some more fries?"
  "You got it, flower," Dan's deep voice rumbled from behind the counter.
  Alden's mind was too easily sidetracked. "Flower?"
  "It's one of the kanji of my name," Rika explained. "The second character means flower. Dan thinks he's super clever for knowing that, but he doesn't know a lick of Japanese otherwise. Anata wa bakadesu," she called to Dan, who just waved cheerily in return as he focused on his cooking.
  Alden cleared his throat again, trying to get back on topic. "What did you mean by the book?"
  Rika sighed. "Look, I'm probably not the one you want explaining that to you, okay? You could do a lot better than me if you really want to awaken."
  "If I want to what?" Alden asked, even more confused. The family of three at the bar stood to leave. Alden glanced at them involuntarily as the door opened, feeling a compulsion to keep track of them at all times.
  "You're paranoid as shit, aren't you?" she noted. "Probably smart, 'specially these days."
  "Give me a straight answer," Alden asked impatiently.
  Rika started to answer, but the door to the place suddenly burst open, slamming hard against the wall.
  Three guys walked in clearly looking for trouble. They were college age, probably late college by Alden's estimate. The leader was remarkably handsome and well-built—a typical good-looking college guy. Blonde hair, tall and strong figure, and warm, large brown eyes. Alden was surprised he wasn't perpetually wearing a polo shirt and khakis with the physique and complexion he had going on. His friends had the look down, but instead he seemed to be sporting the same basic attire as Rika—dark hooded sweatshirt and jeans, with a pouch fastened at his waist. His was much less elaborate than Rika's, consisting of a single black velvety bag with a white string holding it tightly closed.
  Rika had to twist around to see them. "Shit," she murmured.
  "What?" Alden asked in a low voice.
  "Let's just say I know them," Rika whispered back. She sank low in the booth, and slowly began to put the hood over her head to hide the distinctive blue streak in her hair—but it was too late.
  "Hey, bitch!"
  The lead man's eyes locked on their booth. Alden could have sworn he grew a few inches as he approached, and not just from perspective.
  "Hi Ryan. How's life?" Rika asked brightly, turning to face him. As she did, she sniffled a bit, and grabbed a napkin to wipe at her nose.
  "Better than yours," Ryan glowered down at them. "You owe me. Time to pay up."
  "For what?" she asked innocently.
  "Two dozen shards of topaz that you bought off me at the market. You never delivered your end before you bailed. Who's this guy?" Ryan added, nodding at Alden.
  "He's not awakened." Ryan seemed to take this odd statement without question, and didn't give Alden so much as a second glance. "Where the hell am I supposed to find nature-laid twin lizard eggs?" Rika added.
  "Internet?" Ryan suggested, half-sarcastically.
  "Screw that, I'm not ordering that shit online. Get them yourself."
  "So use bitcoin or something. I don't care, but you're not leaving this dump until I get what's mine."
  Alden didn't dare move a muscle. He was completely out of his depth in this confrontation, whatever it was about. Out of the corner of his eye, Alden saw Rika's hand gently unclasp one of the pouches on her belt, out of sight for Ryan or his cronies.
  "Bitcoin's traceable as fuck, and besides, how am I supposed to get it to you when I can't leave this dump?" Rika asked pointedly.
  "So give me my gems back."
  "How'd you know I was back in town, anyway?" Rika deflected.
  "We've got a guy," one of Ryan's guys piped up. Ryan shot him a look and he fell silent.
  "Ooh. Ryan's moving up in the world. Got himself a reader," she taunted. Ryan glowered at his companion.
  "Look, I—" Alden started. He wasn't sure why he was inserting himself into a heated and suddenly quite vulgar argument for the sake of a girl he'd just met, but he couldn't help himself.
  "Stay out of this," Rika and Ryan said in unison. Alden quickly fell silent.
  "Give me the eggs, or give me the topaz back. Simple as that," Ryan said.
  "Oh Ryan. Is this because I stopped sleeping with you?" Rika teased.
  "Why would you bang a board that flat anyway?" one of Ryan's cronies sneered, which quickly devolved into a back-and-forth about Rika's physical appearance between his minions.
  "Maybe he's more of an ass-man."
  "She doesn't got that either! Maybe he's a weeb."
  Alden half-expected Rika to jump him then and there. She seemed like the quick-to-violence type. To his surprise, she ignored the jabs entirely, her eyes still locked on Ryan.
  Ryan shook his head. "Just want the topaz," he grunted. Alden thought he detected a bit more anger in his voice after Rika's last comment, or maybe it was the catcalls from his friends. He couldn't help but think Rika was deliberately antagonising them and it couldn't be going anywhere healthy.
  Still, what on earth were they arguing over? That was the weirdest part for Alden. The conversation and tone was clear, but the subjects made no sense. Gemstones and lizard eggs? What the hell was this? Alden was beyond confused. He decided to just stay silent. Hopefully it would end up making sense before much longer.
  He was about to be very, very wrong.
  Rika's hand began to move down to her belt, presumably to grab the topaz.
  One of Ryan's guys reacted. Ryan began lifting a hand to stop him, but it was too late. The guy reached into his pocket and tossed something into the air. A few tiny rocks that glinted as they caught the light hanging above them.
  Alden watched the crony's hand make a small gesture in midair, but it was too fast for him to see from a distance. More importantly, as the guy's fingers moved, the tiny objects he'd hurled started glowing.
  Not just glowing. They were on fire. More importantly, they were hurtling right at Alden and Rika.
  Alden froze in place. There were actual fireballs flying at him. Tiny, bright orange fireballs whizzing through midair at his chest.
Am I that tired?
  Just as suddenly, he felt his hair stand on end. A blur of motion across from him—Rika's hand had flown up to point at the licks of flame. Alden would have sworn her hand teleported from the pouch on her belt, it moved so fast. The little fireballs were only halfway to his face when Rika made her move.
  Tiny arcs of electricity crackled around her fingertips. Their appearance sounded like a whipcrack echoing through the entire restaurant. Alden instinctively flinched, as did the trio opposite.
  A brilliant blue arc spiked through the air, forming tiny connections with anything nearby as it whipped across the table to impact on the fireballs. The bolt crackled and split into three. Each branch struck a fireball directly, a strange mixture of glowing red and sharp blue.
  It felt like slow motion as the three orbs of flame were pushed aside. A sparkle of what looked like dust fell from Rika's hand. The fireballs knocked into the wall all around them both, tiny impacts that quickly dissipated into small blackened rocks.
  All of it happened in only a second, but Alden still felt the wash of heat and the rush of adrenaline in his head.
  "Seth, what the fuck?" Ryan shouted at his companion, but they were both staring at Rika in terror, who had stood up. Even though he was presumably on her side, Alden was scared—but also thrilled. There was a low crackle of electricity, tiny arcs whipping along the streak of blue in her hair, like a cloudless storm hovering on the side of her face. He could feel the air around them energized from the activity, as the smell of ozone drifted past his nostrils, intoxicating and foreboding.
  With her right hand still outstretched and her jacket sleeve having fallen away, Alden could see an intricate tattoo adorning her wrist. Two flowers, one black and one light pink sat on the back of her hand, with their stems intertwined and stretching back up her forearm a short distance. As he stared, another crackle accompanied a small brilliant bolt of lightning curling and snapping between two of her fingers.
  "Get the hell out before I throw you out," Rika growled with such fury that Alden recoiled involuntarily in his seat.
  Ryan didn't need to be told twice. He grabbed the arm of the guy who had fired at Rika and dragged him out of the restaurant, their other companion following. Dan stood stock still at the grill, his eyes wide. Alden would never forget the look on Rika's face at that moment—utterly suffused with fury. She was breathing heavily, as if she'd just run a fair distance.
  "Zack, toss me those rubies," she said calmly, returning to her seat. She tried to relax into the chair, though it was obvious she was still worked up.
  Alden spluttered back to life. With what he'd just witnessed, there was no way he was going to refuse anything she asked. He looked around and grabbed up the three blackened stones set into the wall, shaking the ash off of them before setting them on the table.
  "Thanks." Rika picked them up, looking at them closely. "Nope." She tossed the first into one pouch. "Nope. Well, this one's not bad. Eh, one's better than nothing." She took out a small cloth from another pouch on her bag and started on the rock, wiping away the blackened edges as best she could. "Gonna have to get this a real polishing later. Hey Dan," she called out without looking.
  "...Yeah?" Dan asked nervously.
  "Those fries ready yet?"
  "Oh. Yeah, one sec." Dan looked enormously relieved to have something normal to focus on. He turned around and busied himself with his cooking.
  "Hope this is obvious, Dan, but please don't say anything about what you just saw. Yeah?" Rika said matter-of-factly.
  "No shit," Dan muttered.
  Rika grinned at Alden. "You good there, Zack?"
  "...What are you?" Alden asked.
  "O-positive. You?"
  "I… What?"
  "I'm human, idiot." Rika looked back at the gem, which was beginning to show small shades of red again, though many of the charred portions were clearly too much for her simple cloth to remove.
  "But… what—"
  "That's the best I'm going to get." Rika tossed the ruby into another pouch, then began looking around the table for something. Alden didn't know how to react to her statement. A few moments of silence passed before he finally spoke up again.
  "What are you looking for?"
  "I was hoping some of that topaz hadn't cracked, but it's all dust. Waste of perfectly good shards," Rika sighed.
  "Are you going to give me a straight answer?" Alden asked angrily.
  "You gonna tell me your real name?" Rika shot back.
  He cleared his throat. Screw it, he decided. Better her than anyone else I've seen so far. "Alden. Alden Bensen."
  She held out her hand. "Rika Nishimura. Pleasure." He shook it, and distinctly felt the electricity coursing through her body. It felt like her skin was thrumming with movement and energy. He grasped it firmly this time, and felt the current weave its way through him.
  "How did you do that?" Alden asked, excitement and fear mixing pleasantly in his chest.
  Rika grinned. "Short answer? Magic is real."
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Live: Bitcoin (BTC) to Dollar chart 1 minute Real time ... BITCOIN WARLORD TRADING 1 MIN CHART BITSEVEN ORACLE TA IS ... BITCOIN FUTURECAST HIT! 1 MIN CHART - YouTube Bitcoin chart analysis in Binance 1 hours - YouTube 10 HR BITCOIN FUTURECAST RESULTS 1 MIN CHART 100% HIT ...

The Rainbow Chart is not investment advice! Past performance is not an indication of future results. The Rainbow Chart is meant to be be a fun way of looking at long term price movements, disregarding the daily volatility "noise". The color bands follow a logarithmic regression (introduced by Bitcoi BTC USD (Bitcoin / US Dollar) This is the most popular Bitcoin pair in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls this cryptocurrency and everyone can take part. Bitcoin price grew ... Live Streaming Charts für den Bitcoin Kurs. Der Chart ist sowohl intuitiv als auch leistungsstark und bietet dem User mehrere Bitcoin Charttypen, einschließlich Candlesticks, gefüllte Charts ... Der Bitcoin - Euro Chart zeigt die Entwicklung des Bitcoin - Euro in grafischer Form und erlaubt somit einen schnellen Überblick über Kursverlauf, Höchst- und Tiefststände. $1.00 Bitcoin takes parity with US dollar. 8 July 2011 $31.00 top of first "bubble", followed by the first price drop Dec 2011 $2.00 minimum after few months Dec 2012 $13.00 slowly rising for a year 11 April 2013 $266 top of a price rally, during which the value was growing by 5-10% daily. May 2013 $130 basically stable, again slowly rising. June 2013 $100 in June slowly dropping to $70, but ...

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