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Bitx Executives Andy Pau Makes New Bitcoin Prediction Which Is Already Coming True

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B1bl3 NEWS:Bitcoin:BTCTrip Now Accepts Litecoin and Dogecoin for Travel Bookings,BitX to Expand Further in Emerging Markets with New Funding Deal,Coinbase Acquires Block Explorer Service and more

B1bl3 NEWS:Bitcoin:BTCTrip Now Accepts Litecoin and Dogecoin for Travel Bookings,BitX to Expand Further in Emerging Markets with New Funding Deal,Coinbase Acquires Block Explorer Service and more submitted by b1bl3 to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

BitX Creates 'Sexy' Mobile Apps to Draw New Bitcoin Users

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BitX Creates 'Sexy' Mobile Apps to Draw New Bitcoin Users

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BitX Creates 'Sexy' Mobile Apps to Draw New Bitcoin Users

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BitX Creates 'Sexy' Mobile Apps to Draw New Bitcoin Users

BitX has released mobile apps for iOS and Android, aiming to attract newcomers with an attractive and user-friendly design.
from CoinDesk
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South Africa's PayFast Enables Bitcoin for 30,000 Merchants

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Statistics and Facts About Cryptocurrency

Statistics and Facts About Cryptocurrency
ที่ผ่านมา นักลงทุนใน cryptocurrency อาจสนใจแค่ราคากับข่าวเพียงอย่างเดียว วันนี้เลยอยากจะมาแชร์สถิติและข้อมูลที่น่าสนใจเกี่ยวกับ cryptocurrency ให้ได้อ่านกันครับ จะมีอะไรบ้างนั้น ไปดูกันเลย
  1. มูลค่าตลาด (Market Capitalization)
อ้างอิงตัวเลขจากเว็บ มูลค่าตลาดรวมของเหรียญคริปโตทั้งหมดในปัจจุบันอยู่ที่ประมาณ 204 พันล้านดอลลาร์สหรัฐ (ประมาณ 6.6 ล้านล้านบาท) โดยมีผู้นําเป็น Bitcoin ซึ่งมีมูลค่าตลาดอยู่ที่ 113.3 พันล้านดอลลาร์สหรัฐ และครองตลาดส่วนใหญ่ไปประมาณ 53.3% รองลงมาคือ Ethereum มีมูลค่าตลาดอยู่ที่ 21.2 พันล้านดอลลาร์สหรัฐ หรือคิดเป็นประมาณ 10.5% ส่วนอันดับสามถึงแปด ได้แก่ Ripple (9.1%), Bitcoin Cash (3.9%), EOS (2.5%), Stellar (2.3%), Litecoin(1.5%) และ Tether (1.0%)

2. ผู้ใช้ Bitcoin แบ่งตามเพศและอายุ
จากภาพด้านบน เราจะเห็นว่าจํานวณส่วนใหญ่ของผู้ใช้ Bitcoin เป็นผู้ชาย ซึ่งมีตัวเลขสูงถึง 91.2% ในขณะที่ผู้หญิงมีเพียง 8.8% นอกจากนี้ จํานวณส่วนใหญ่ของผู้มีส่วนร่วมใน Bitcoin จะอยู่ระหว่างอายุ 25–34 หรือคิดเป็น 48.4% รองลงมาคืออายุระหว่าง 35–44 คิดเป็น 25.0% และอายุระหว่าง 18–24 คิดเป็น 13.9%
ข้อมูลจากภาพด้านบนชี้ให้เห็นว่า ประชากรกลุ่ม Millennial (อายุประมาณ 18–37 ปี) มีความสนใจใน cryptocurrency เป็นอย่างมาก ซึ่งสอดคล้องกับผลสำรวจของ บริษัท Circle ที่พบว่า ประชากรกลุ่ม Millennial ส่วนใหญ่ ยอมรับว่าตัวเองเป็นนักลงทุน “ที่สามารถรับความเสี่ยงได้สูงและหวังผลตอบแทนสูงเช่นกัน”

3. ปริมาณการซื้อขาย Bitcoin จากสกุลเงินต่างๆและเว็บเทรดคริปโต
Pie Chart ภาพแรกแสดงให้เห็นถึงปริมาณการซื้อขาย Bitcoin โดยใช้สกุลเงินต่างๆ ซึ่ง อันดับหนึ่งได้แก่เหรียญดิจิทัล USDT (Tether) หรือคิดเป็น 55.4% ของสกุลเงินทั้งหมด อันดับสองได้แก่สกุลเงินวอน KRW คิดเป็น 20.5% อันดับสามถึงห้าได้แก่สกุลเงินดอลล่าร์สหรัฐ USD (13.5%), สกุลเงินเยน JPY (4.6%) และสกุลเงินยูโร EUR (2.9%)
ภาพที่สองแสดงให้เห็นถึงปริมาณการซื้อขายคู่สกุลเงิน BTC/USD จากเว็บเทรดคริปโตต่างๆ ซึ่ง Bitifinex ครองอันดับหนึ่งอยู่ที่ 28.78% รองลงมาคือ Coinbase ที่ 13.55% อันดับที่เหลือได้แก่ iTBit (9.35%), Gemini (7.11%), Bitstamp (6.97%), Neraex (6.92%), Livecoin (4.17%) และ Kraken (3.41%)

4. ปริมาณการซื้อขาย Ethereum จากสกุลเงินต่างๆและเว็บเทรดคริปโต
Pie Chart ภาพแรกแสดงให้เห็นถึงปริมาณการซื้อขาย Ethereum โดยใช้สกุลเงินต่างๆ ซึ่ง อันดับหนึ่งได้แก่เหรียญดิจิทัล USDT (Tether) หรือคิดเป็น 41.46% ของสกุลเงินทั้งหมด อันดับสองได้แก่สกุลเงิน Bitcoin (BTC) คิดเป็น 32.7% อันดับสามถึงห้าได้แก่สกุลเงินดอลล่าร์สหรัฐ USD (12.75%), สกุลเงินวอน KRW (9.46%) และสกุลเงิน QC (3.63%)
ภาพที่สองแสดงให้เห็นถึงปริมาณการซื้อขายคู่สกุลเงิน ETH/BTC จากเว็บเทรดคริปโตต่างๆ ซึ่ง HiTBTC ครองอันดับหนึ่งอยู่ที่ 12.6% รองลงมาคือ BitX ที่ 11.79% อันดับที่เหลือได้แก่ Binance (10.3%), BCEX (9.47%), IDAX (8.31%), OKEX (8.16%), HuobiPro (6.14%) และ Lbank (5.79%)
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11-06 08:32 - 'Centralized secured exchange and trading platform with KYC and Regulation' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/AmosClark removed from /r/Bitcoin within 7-17min

It's time to rethink cryptocurrency exchanges it's time to build the global exchange most cryptocurrency trading happens on centralized exchanges offering traders benefits like increased efficiency large liquidity pools and real time asset price discovery. But most cryptocurrency exchanges built their platforms during boom times and couldn't keep up building hastati means cutting some corners results you can see poor customer service with large delays slow signup verification deposits and withdrawals results you can't see platforms that won't scale poor security customer funds. I think *[KuBitx]1 * using a cutting-edge tech that is set to achieve some of the fastest transaction rates per second the crypto world has ever seen yet it will be super easy to use even for non seasoned traders. They will drive cryptocurrency technologies into emerging markets where it is needed the most we have already attracted the attention and signed a partnership with one of the first crypto fiat banks broadening our horizons to move beyond crypto trading by offering new and unique financial services.
Centralized secured exchange and trading platform with KYC and Regulation
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Author: AmosClark
1: k**
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PSA: Once again Transactions are Rising.

Hey guys just a heads up transactions in the mempool are rising again. As of this writing there were 36,000+ transactions in the mempool and rising.
Given that this is the 3rd time in as many weeks that we've seen transactions rise like this it's doubtful that this is spam. Possible reasons for the increase:
Additional Data:
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02-11 02:32 - '1 Million Satoshi for this week's winner of bitBowling powered by LN' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/vroomDotClub removed from /r/Bitcoin within 45-55min

Ok folks, pls play before commenting and keep in mind this game is vey new and undergoing tweaks.
The learning curve on this game is 2-3 games.
So click [[link]2 and register a playeusername (20 seconds) then load up 1 to 2 dollars worth of CREDITS and look for the bowling icon at the bottom of any page to hit the lanes.
- if you go to profile you can select which TEAMS you play for.
- if you HOST game and bowl by yourself (alone) you get the wager game fee back after completing the game as it is 'winner take all'
- wait for computer to say READY before clicking bowl or P to play
- after positioning your bowler tap screen to give you power indicator and HOOK ball indicators.
- It takes 3 games for your ranking to become your average.

Good luck :)
Please upvote so we can get some competition going and to counteract the trolls that hate me for my constant uncompromising freedom posts. Forgive me for my harshness but when it comes to YOUR liberty I just don't think we should ever compromise.
1 Million Satoshi for this week's winner of bitBowling powered by LN
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Author: vroomDotClub
1: bitx*pres* 2: b*tx.p*e*s]*^1
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Cryptowatch just got trend lines, Fibonacci Retracement, Bollinger Bands, improved Ichimoku, 3 new exchanges, and more!

Cryptowatch got another update tonight. Santa Claus has come to town. Gather round the fire, children.
Drawing tools
This is easily the biggest addition. Everyone has been asking for it, and we finally got to it. We now support six drawing tools, and we are opening to adding more based on demand.
Some screenshots of these new tools in action:
These drawings persist across page refreshes for a single market until you clear them. They also persist between time intervals, so you can zoom in/out of your drawings by changing from a daily to a 12hr chart, for example.
Another cool thing is you can actually modify the shapes after you've drawn them by dragging their points around. And you can selectively remove any shape by right clicking on one of its points. I find this really useful.
Let me know what you think! Really excited about offering this.
Modifiable interface
As you may have noticed in the previous screenshots you can now hide the order book out of sight when you want to just focus on the historic chart. We saw this as a must-have once we added drawing tools, because you often don't care about low-level details like the order book when looking at long-term views.
Hiding the order book is done using a hotkey, "O" for order book. Just hit O to toggle it open and closed.
Combining this with full-screen mode looks really badass.
On the topic of hotkeys, there's now a menu explaining all of the hotkeys available in the app. This is for the power users out there! And again, if there's a hotkey you want, let us know.
Bollinger Bands
A lot of people have asked for Bollinger Bands, so we've added that too. It has two configurable params: std deviation periods, and the std deviation multiplier. Screenshot:
Improved Ichimoku cloud (kumo)
People seem to like the fact that we have Ichimoku, so we took some time to improve it. The inside of the cloud is now dotted, which is less distracting than a solid color, and it changes colors from green to red depending on which Senkou Span is on top. This seems to be the industry standard way to render Ichimoku, and we're happy with the way we've implemented it. Screenshots: before and after.
BitVC futures
We've been working with BitVC to get their BTC and LTC futures markets up. This increases our coverage of the Chinese futures markets.
We've also been working with up-and-coming UK-based exchange Yacuna to get them listed.
The last market we've added is BitX's South African rand market, because we're interested in having better international coverage of Bitcoin exchanges.
That's it for now! Hope this makes Cryptowatch more useful for a lot of you. Please PM or email feedback and bugs. Happy Holidays and happy trading.
email: [email protected]
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Bitcoin Trading Intelligence

Hope all is well guys. Thank you for the feedback on our last Bitcoin Trading Intelligence newsletter. Hope this one addresses some of those points.
Feedback and any other comments are welcome.
If you like this and want more, you can now reserve your spot in our Bitcoin Trading Intelligence platform.
Note on the Flash Crash:
On August 18th the Bitcoin market experienced a flash crash on a number of exchanges, led by Bitfinex. It appears, according to swap data there was a number of large positions which closed in tandem causing a whipsaw effect, accelerated by market panic. Thankfully it does appear this was an isolated issue, and not a fundamental break down of the market. The price touched $160s on Bitfinex, and has since recovered to the $230 region, signaling this may have been entirely a result of an issue with an exchange or exchanges. We’ll know more in the coming days, but at this time we believe this to be the case. We’ve selected Bitstamp for our charts, as it did not have as drastic a reaction which can affect technical analysis.
Fundamental Analysis:
The entire setup of the market is clouded with bearish sentiment amplified the impacts of the BitLicense and the news of the first Bitcoin-XT Block being mined. Here is a review of what has happened fundamentally in the market over the past week and a half. On a global scale, the acceptance of Bitcoin in many countries has been on the rise as weaker economies are evidently turning to cryptocurrencies as their exit option, indicated by the increase in the trading volumes of Latin American Countries. The high inflation rate and unstable economy in countries like Argentina and Brazil have caused a massive surge in the trading volumes of Bitcoins in Latin America increasing more than 120%. This might be a reverberation from the increased number of newly registered users in Greece over the past few weeks which increased by 600%. In Europe, despite Germany’s recent negative press about Greek bailout, Berlin remains one of the major attractions for Venture Capitalists, with Bitcoin Startups and the overall ecosystem continuing to prosper. With more than $2.2 Billion invested in startups in Germany and a considerable percentage of them being Bitcoin startups, the future of cryptocurrency in Germany looks promising.
The surprise “one off depreciation” of the Yuan by the People’s Bank of China early in the week led to price divergences and limited bull runs in USD and CNY exchanges as people invested with Yuan saw the Bitcoin market as a good hedging opportunity. Adding to the already strengthening sentiment of growing Venture Capital investments in bitcoin, Japanese exchange ‘bitFlyer’ was able to raise $4 million for their next round of funding, despite the ripples caused by the arrest of Mark Karpeles, former CEO of Mt Gox earlier this month. Bitcoin got a boost from more traditional finance firm PricewaterhouseCooper’s which promoted the use of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies for its clients. The report stated categorically that Cryptocurrencies open the door for revolutionary technological possibilities and would disrupt the existing financial Industry in a positive way. With things going awry after the BitLicense debacle, the long awaited Gemini Exchange is a ray of hope for the residents of New York with the Winklevoss twins filing the paperwork for operating an exchange in New York in accordance with the new policies.
Edward Snowden’s statements about bitcoin, particularly saying that the technology is inherently flawed citing the ‘51 % mining attack’ as a structural weakness problem created negative sentiment in mainstream press. On the positive side, he added that the basic principles of systems based on decentralized tokenization models might continually provide more value to society. In the midst of the negative mainstream sentiment Bitcoin XT released their completed version of the software on the 15th of August. Unfortunately, many mainstream articles surfaced calling the first Bitcoin-XT block meaning Bitcoin has forked. On one hand it is a vote for the change in protocol, but the network, almost exclusively, continue to run on the core implementation. Predictions say the full switch could happen mid-2016, but the exaggerated news has had a short term impact on the mainstream perception of Bitcoin and potentially the market.
While things were already looking tight because of BitLicense, The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), has issued a new ruling stating startups seeking to tokenize commodities for Blockchain based trading have to be licensed in all the 50 states. On the heels of new regulation, SABR, a New York Based startup has just raised one million dollars to fulfill its goal of providing law enforcement with a view beneath the surface of multiple block chains. SABR aims to detect and prevent bitcoin and other digital currencies being used for illicit purposes. How these developments in regulation and security will help or harm the bitcoin community will be seen in due time.
Technical Analysis:
Long Term:
On a weekly scale, the market has been predominantly sideways with choppy moves from 255-271, until finally completing the bearish arc of the sideways swing by breaking the support zone around 250 and trading at 220 levels. The Bollinger bands in the weekly chart still remain parallel showing that the market is in the expected zone and judging by the regression lines, is setting up for a bull trend after consolidation. On a long term scale, taking a position right now for a long term trade would be premature as the sentiment in the market is not clear. The RSI is approaching the oversold region while the MACD just took a bearish turn without crossing the zero line. The proper indication for setting up long term trades would be reading the setup of the market in terms of 5 SMA and Bollinger bands. As soon as both Bollinger Bands and the 5 SMA become trending in the upward direction after significant consolidation, entering into trades with a long term plan is more justified. Proper entry points for such trades would be around the 217 region with stops below 214. If the market is trending, possible exit points could be 255, 271 and 317.
If the market breaks to the downside, breaking the support zone at 217, weekly lower Bollinger band and previous swing lows are possible targets.
If we look at the daily chart, the break of the zone of support around 250-255 signaled move in the market that has the run the price down to 221. The reversal was very quick with less volume, showing that the 217-220 zone is a good support zone which can be tested soon because of the still trending bearish setup in the daily chart. With the Bollinger bands and SMA’s pointing downwards, the setup is going to remain bearish for some time until a base of consolidation is formed. The descending triangle as shown in the daily chart between the downward trendline and support line at 217 might result in higher volumes being traded in the coming days. In which direction the break out would be or the setup would change will depend on how the market approaches the vertex of the triangle. The MACD is showing a bearish signal in the short term and the RSI crossed 30 into the oversold region but is now coming close to leaving the oversold region. In the medium term, it appears that it is going to be bearish/sideways for some time.
A trade setup shorting at the 5 SMA cross and looking for positions on the retracements was a good opportunity during the sell off.
Short term:
The market crashed by a huge percentage on Tuesday when the trading price of Bitcoin dropping to the 160s on some exchanges, although Bitstamp did not have as severe a reaction. Though it was immediately backed by a green retracement candle, the sentiment is predominantly bearish even in the 240 minute chart with little corrections. The market is expected to trade in this range for some time before either consolidating and going for a reversal or crashing down further. Some of the good trades in this range would be picking longs on the support level until the market closes in on the triangle as shown on the daily chart. Shorting around the lower Bollinger band, and 5 SMA with expectation of a crash down back to the 217 levels could also be profitable, although these trades have to be done with a tight stop loss.
Sentiment Analysis:
The overall sentiment of the market has continued bearish with BitLicense and “Bitcoin Forking” leading the way. However, the sentiment on the banking front is picking up speed with Visa deploying a block chain research team on the 12th August in Bangalore to study the possible applications of the Blockchain. Deutsche Bank has recently backed Blockchain Technology and bitcoins by making some positive statements about how bitcoins hold the key for the future of financial services. Another positive enforcer to the sentiment is has exceeded 4 million users. With companies like BitX and ecoins making payment through bitcoins via debit cards infrastructure possible, further research to adapt bitcoin to the existing financial system and other applications seems more likely. Continued adoption by European merchants and an Indonesian crowd funding platform accepting bitcoins, gives hope that bitcoin is slowly gaining a grip on the traditional financial world. It’s still unsure about how the forking news will affect the price of Bitcoin. Major exchanges like Bitfinex have said the major exchanges will come together in agreement if a major shift happens, as there main concern is supporting as many customers as possible.
Developments in Blockchain:
The Blockchain is may play a key role in the Music Industry. Revelator builds software that allows artists and record labels to manage, track and market their music all from one application. The company sees the blockchain as an opportunity to simplify music rights, which remain complicated and difficult to verify, with a new Intellectual Property (IP) management system that will allow artists to register their works on an immutable ledger. They have partnered with Colu for this project.
On another front, ItBit has revealed details about the Bankchain project, a private consensus based ledger system aimed at providing enterprise financial solutions. With this, the New York based exchange has joined other Blockchain firms which are trying to seek the attention of banks that want to utilize the efficiencies of distributed Blockchain technology with private blockchains.
The past week and a half has majorly been a week of innovation where ‘ecoin’ and ‘BitX’ have launched Hybrid debit cards. These debit cards are aimed to facilitate interchangeable payments in bitcoins or fiat currencies. ecoin plans to merge the bitcoin infrastructure with the existing financial climate, by taking a widely accepted form of payment like debit cards and combining it with Bitcoin to create a new Hybrid Cryptocurrency debit card. BitX is working on technology so users can also spend bitcoin offline without any internet connection. BitX and ZAZOO have announced this partnership that enable BitX users to use VCpay which works as an alternative for plastic cards.
Another interesting development is the BitcoinAlert Project, with the BitcoinAlert app that analyzes the prices historically and alerts about prices to buy or sell bitcoins. But the Technological development that trumped everything else this week would have to be ‘Filament’. Filament has raised $5 million in series A funding led by Bullpen capital, Verizon Ventures and Samsung Ventures. Filament is a decentralized IoT software stack that uses the bitcoin blockchain to enable devices to hold unique identities on a public ledger. By creating a smart device directory, Filament's IoT devices will be able to securely communicate, execute smart contracts and send microtransactions.
Article with the charts can be found here:
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10-07 14:13 - 'What sets apart a good exchange from a scammy one?' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/badalray removed from /r/Bitcoin within 319-329min

Just like all commodities, we need good platforms to trade our crypto assets like Bitcoin and other coins. Sometimes, prices go up within a second and you find yourself stuck when trying to trade your assets due to complications within some exchanges.
As an investor, I evaluate exchanges based on their protocol and what they're accomplishing with their platform.
- Are they user-friendly?
- Can I get help whenever needed?
- Are they secure enough?
- Do they have a solid team?
Here are some of the exchanges I trade at:
Bittrex: It’s one of the safest exchanges in my opinion. But because I am on mobile, the user experience is not so solid. it’is a US-based exchange headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It’s been around since 2013 It was funded by 2 ex Microsoft employees.

Gate io: I used to trade on Gate, but recently, they canned Canadians so, that’s out.Not much is available about the team. What I liked about Gate is that it is secure, mobile friendly and intuitive. The thing is Gate was named by SEC, in the list of crypto exchanges under investigation. Along wth Binance. This raises big alarms.

Binance: I don’t think much is to be said about Binance. In addition to the excellent user experience, mobile friendlines, high liquity, technically sound team, one thing Binance has that I have not seen with other exchanges is their community. If you have been on telegram, you know what I mean. I also like that they are planninhg to go decentralized soon. Rumor has it that plans for beta testing of the DEX is coming in 2019.

KubitX: This one is a new exchange that I have come across, it is an up and coming exchange growing out of Africa. They are serious contanders for the fastest exchange. Their exchange will be able to proces over 12,000,000 trades per second, which should make it the fastest exchange out there,

What sets them part is how they are going about acquiring their user base. They are going on the ground WIth their Global channel ambassador (GCA) program, they have a locally based rep in every country in Africa, and each GCA works with channel ambassadors to bring awareness about blockchain technology even to remote locations. They are going after Africa because it is under served when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Their CAs and GCAs are holding meetings and discussing cryptocurrencies and blockchain in their native tongues. They seem to be really pushing the barrier of what it means to do drive adopton and financial integration. I think it has the opportunity to be a top exchange if they can pull it off.

Sorta like what Binance was to China during the crypto crackdown of 2017.
If you remember, Binance was basically the only exchange that didn't get shut down at the time and this helped them become the giant that they are today.

I see many parallels between Binance and Kubitx in that sense. Africa is looking like it’s going to be the next giant to enter the blockchain space. Kubitx's strategy of working with locally situated representatives to promote blockchain education and user adoption could be key to help them hold a monopoly in the African market.

They did a private sale recently and today they have announced that their beta is ready for testing. They are looking for testers. You can read more about that in the link below, if you want to check them about.


I know this is my opinion only, I would like to know, what about you guys?

What do you look for before deciding if an exchange is not scammy?
What sets apart a good exchange from a scammy one?
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Author: badalray
1: me*iu****m*@kubitx/public-reg*str*ti*n-for-be*a*te*t**g**s-l**e-regiter-now*3b**935b67f* 2: *ediu*.com/@k*bitx/pub*ic-reg*stratio*-fo*-beta-**st*ng-*s**iv**regiter**o*-3b209*5b*7**]^^*
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HODL Your Horses, Here’s What’s in Crypto Next Week: Hard Forks, Airdrops, ICOs, Events

HODL Your Horses, Here’s What’s in Crypto Next Week: Hard Forks, Airdrops, ICOs, Events
  • From Bitcoin Gold’s hard fork to London’s Fintech Week, here are a few events to keep an eye on.
  • There are a few ICOs ending and starting this week, keep track of them.
Want to get more involved in the crypto space and be completely aware of what’s going on?
Here’s a small list of upcoming events you can attend or monitor, including: Bitcoin Gold to Hard Fork, Blockchain Events: Chainers 2018 (Seoul), TechCrunch Sessions 2018 (Zug), TechCrunch Sessions Ethereum Meetup (Zug), London Fintech Week (London).
If you’re looking to increase your crypto wealth or know where all those tokens are coming from, here are a few airdrops occurring this week: CPS-SPACE-INS-LRN, ICOs Ending: WINS-SHR-BITX-EJAC-AMO, ICOs Starting: FNP-BETT-VLUX

Hard Forks

Bitcoin Gold (BTG):

Following a 51% hack in May, the BTG project’s team decided to upgrade its network via a hard fork in order to improve network security. This is expected to occur at block 536200 (Est. Date: 1st July). The upgrade will implement the Equihash-BTG PoW algorithm as a replacement for the existing Equihash algorithm, among other changes.


Syscoin (SYS) Holders — CPS Coin Airdrop — Snapshot Date on July 1, 2018

CoinPayments (CPS) is built on the Syscoin blockchain, and aims to power a decentralised marketplace. 6% of the total CPS coin supply will be distributed to owners of Syscoin wallet addresses on the snapshot’s date.

Siacoin (SC) Holders — Space Cash (SPACE) Airdrop — Snapshot Date on July 1, 2018

Space cash is going to be distributed to Siacoin (SC) holders at a 10:1 ratio by the Hyperspace team. The Hyperspace network aims to be a global cloud storage marketplace powered by SPACE.

INS Ecosystem (INS) Holders — INS Token Airdrop Distribution — July 2, 2018

INS Ecosystem aims to develop a platform to enable direct interaction between FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) manufacturers and consumers. INS tokens will be distributed via an airdrop to all INS holders based on balances had during April 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018.

Loopring (LRC) Holders — Loopring Neo Token (LRN) Airdrop — July 5, 2018

Loopring is a protocol for building decentralized exchanges, and will distribute 60% of the LRN supply to all LRC token holders during this airdrop.


ICOs Ending:

WinStars (WINS) — Ends Tuesday July 3, at 13:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.2000, Funds Raised $ 3.30 M, Funding Target: 500,000 USD, Funding Cap: 5,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 103.50 M (69.00%). WinStars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalogue of gambling resources, built on Ethereum.

ShareRing (SHR) — Ends Wednesday July 4, at 13:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.02000, Funds Raised: — , Funding Target: $10,000,000, Funding Cap: $38,000,000, Coins Offered: 3.47 B (52.00%). ShareRing is a decentralized marketplace that enables users to securely access, connect, and pay for services anywhere in the world. Users can share anything from storage space to tools, clothes, jewellery and food with the SHR token being the primary payment method.

BitScreener (BITX) — Ends Thursday July 5, at 00:59 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.06049, Fund Raised: — , Funding Target: 1,000 ETH, Funding Cap: 15,000 ETH, Coins Offered: 139.50 M (31.00%). BitScreener aims to build a financial data and content marketplace on the blockchain. BitX is used as the primary means of payment for services.

EJA Coin (EJAC) — Ends Thursday July 5, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.1000, Funds Raised: $ 500.00 k, Funding Target: 500,000 USD, Funding Cap: 15,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 150.00 M (60.00%). Eja Coin intends to implement a project that will make it easy for people to invest in Mining.

Amo Coin (AMO) — Ends Saturday July 7, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.002164, Funds Raised: $ 1.74 M, Funding Target: — , Funding Cap: — , Coins Offered: 10.00 B (50.00%). AMO is a project that aims to create and operate the AMO Market, where car data can be shared and exchanged. The AMO coin is set to be used as the primary means of payment within the platform.

ICOs Starting:

FlipNpik (FNP) — Starts Sunday July 1, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.1238, Funding Target: — , Funding Cap: 100,000 ETH, Coins Offered: 350.00 M (35.00%). FlipNpik is a commercial social media platform that is designed to connect shoppers to merchants within their communities.

Bettium (BETT) — Starts Sunday July 1, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.05000, Funding Target: 7,500,000 USD, Funding Cap: 30,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 600.00 M (60.00%). Bettium is a platform enabling users to engage in p2p sports betting against each other. The platform offers users a series of tools, ranging from machine learning services to help from established experts to improve forecasts and strategy.

VLUX (VLUX) — Starts Wednesday July 4, at 01:00 UTC

Start Price: — , Funding Target: 25,000,000 GBP, Funding Cap: 25,000,000 GBP, Coins Offered: 44.31 M (70.00%). VLUX aims to improve access to affordable, low carbon energy by enabling peers to trade energy between one another via the Verv energy trading platform.


Chainers 2018

When: July 1–2, 2018
Where: Seoul, Korea
As part of the Blockchainer Global Global Tour Series, the 11th tour stops in Korea to provide audiences with a series of talks covering Global Blockchain Regulation & Development, Public Chains, Private Chains & Consortium Chains, and Venture Capital and Token Economy to name a few. There are several notable speakers confirmed, including Patrick Dai (Co-founder, QTUM), Jun Li (Founder, Ontology) and Kim Seong Silk (CTO, Huobi Korea) among many others.
The event also includes a Blockchain Projects Pitch Roadshow where teams can showcase their respective projects to investors.

TechCrunch Sessions: Blockchain 2018

When: July 6, 2018
Where: Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2–4, Zug, 6300 Switzerland
TechCrunch is proud to announce their first event dedicated entirely to blockchain, crypto and the future of the internet. The event will feature a series of talks from industry leaders including Vitalik Buterin (Creator, Ethereum), Jutta Steiner (Co-founder, Polkadot), Joe Lubin (Founder, Consensys), Balaji Srinivasan (CTO, Coinbase) and Changpeng Zhao (CEO, Binance).

Ethereum Meetup produced by TechCrunch

When: July 7, 2018
Where: Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2–4, Zug, 6300 Switzerland
TechCrunch will produce the event with support from the Ethereum Foundation and other members of the Ethereum community the day after the TC Sessions: Blockchain event. The meetup will feature Vitalik Buterin (Founder, Ethereum Foundation), Karl Floersch (Developer, Ethereum Foundation), among others. It will cover a range of topics including scaling, protocol improvements, and improvements to consensus mechanisms.

London Fintech Week

When: July 6 -13, 2018 Where: QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, UK
The 5th Annual London Fintech Week starts next week, bringing together a series of key industry speakers across several areas within the Fintech space. The event will include a collection of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, a hackathon, and several networking events throughout the week. Notable attendees include Adam Stradling (co-founder of, Anish Mohammed (advisor at Ripple Labs), and Dominik Schiener (co-founder of IOTA) among many others. For a full list of industry speakers and event partners, please click here.
The week-long event kicks off on Friday July 6 with a Blockchain Hackathon over the weekend, followed by a series of talks starting on Monday July 9th covering Fintech Disruptors, Capital Markets & Wealthtech on Tuesday, and Blockchain & Crypto-Finance on Wednesday. Thursday is a designated day for investors and startups/ICO participants to showcase their projects, followed by a series of blockchain and legal workshops on Friday.
Notably panel discussions during the Blockchain & Crypto-Finance day include:
Women in Blockchain — Discussion on the role of women in blockchain, with a closer look at the impact that women are making across the industry. Includes Helen Disney (CEO Unblocked), Dr Jane Thomason (CEO, Blockchain Quantum Impact) and Michelle Chivunga N (Regional Advisor, British Blockchain Association) among others.
Linklaters Panel: Blockchain and Financial Services — How Blockchain fits in within the current regulatory environment, as well as its impact on enterprises, business and compliance across users’ digital identities, trust and transparency. Discussion between Ajit Tripathi (Partner EMEA, Consensys Enterprise), Harry Eddis (Partner, Global Co-Head of Fintech, Linklaters), and Clair Wells (Director, Legal and Business Affairs EMEA, Circle).
VC/Investor Panel — Discussion on how industry figures and organizations are using blockchain to impact value and growth. Panellists include Ivan Soto-Wright (Founder and Managing Partner,, Andrew Adcock (CMO, Crowd for Angels), and Aditya Nagarsheth (Investor, Red Pill).
Blockchain Becoming Real Beyond Finance & Less Regulated Industries — Adam Strading (Co-founder,, Ashley Fox (MEP for SW England and Gibraltar, The European Parliament) and Tim Huegdon (Co-founder & CIO, InstaSupply) discuss the impact of blockchain and the growing autonomy of machines on society.
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Die rand is kak

So the bitcoin network starts off 2016 much stronger than it entered 2015. With over a billion $ in startup investment capital. It is crazy to realize that it is worth R111,415,577,100 in valuation (amount of coins multiplied by freemarket price) and this is just the beginning. Compare this to standard bank at R188,4B especially if you consider they are down about 40% in the past year where bitcoin is up 533% since 2013, and up 61% in the last 6 months.
1 bitcoin = R7404
Crazy you might say.. no. Go look up what quantitative easing is. Hint: The banks have been creating trillions, devaluing your savings.
Bitcoin's processing power is now at 832,017,286,000,000,000 SHA256 hashes per second. This is what work it requires to mine bitcoin, what makes it secure and why we trust it more than some database in someone's vault that they can go edit if they please. This is real measurable energy consumption. Almost like digging up gold, just more humane.
With 6 months left till the amount of new bitcoins mined halves to 12.5BTC per 10mins. We'll be entering the realm of sub 5% yearly monetary base inflation. This means instead of R788,400,000 worth of bitcoin created per month it will become only R394,200,000 worth per month newly issued. This new cycle will run for 4 years, like the last, before it halves again, and again. Until eventually in 140 years from now we have the last bit of bitcoin at 21million BTC. 21,000,000.000,000,000 should be enough for everyone.
I've used rands so people can understand the scale of this thing a bit better. The exchange rates change over time according to free markets.
Edit: I've added a list of links.. far from complete, but good enough to get started. I recommend south africans to use bitx market to exchange BTC/ZAR. Watch the links under knowledge in this list.
breadwallet iPhone bitcoin Android
more on
bitx ZAR, MYR, NGN, KES, IDR kraken EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, JPY, LTC okcoin CNY, USD vaultoro XAU (gold) There are many more..
Useful services for south african bitcoin holders:
bitrefill Buy 8ta, cellc, mtn or vodacom airtime using bitcoin. Buy things online for delivery, use instant eft then bitcoin on checkout. namecheap Domains for bitcoin.
bitxZAR bitx market for south africans. bitcoinwisdom for seeing live exchange rates across many exchanges. cryptowatch has some other exchanges listed aswell and nice plotting tools. bitcointicker realtime market ticker. coinigy professional crypto trading platform (30 day free, 0.054BTC/mo) viewer, wallet provider and blockchain api blockchain viewer and api bitpay easy bitcoin integration provider
reddit/bitcoin reddit/btc bitcointalk forums forum
Channel ##bitcoin on freenode irc server 
bitcoin core sourcecode on github
bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto (pdf)
Bitcoin, Freedom, and the Future of Finance? by Bhagwan Chowdhry, Professor of Finance at UCLA Anderson, joined us for an IDFC-U discussion in which he explained why he believes Bitcoin is just the beginning.
Wired 2015 Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos
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How would you design the perfect mobile Bitcoin wallet?

Hi everyone - we just launched the new BitX wallet:
iOS: Android:
Our main goal is to make the best mobile Bitcoin wallet in the world and the only way we'll achieve that is by listening to you and all our other customers.
So, what are your suggestions / needs for the perfect mobile Bitcoin wallet?
Broadly in terms of:
  1. Security
  2. UI
  3. Features
  4. Other?
Let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen!
The BitX team
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Please give us your ideas for our next Bitcoin video

We've just released this new video aimed at getting people interested in Bitcoin:
We're really excited about this as the first step to understanding Bitcoin and laying the foundation for widespread adoption.
We're planning to create more videos to educate people and help Bitcoin go mainstream. We would love to hear your ideas for videos and what you think would promote mass adoption of Bitcoin.
To the moon! BitX
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Blockchain Wallet

Sorry for the newbie question but on the new blockchain wallet what is the difference between imported addresses and "My Bitcoin Wallet". I really like blockchain, do you guys have any other recommendations? My local bar accepts BitX so I was thinking of trying that.
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Hot OTC Penny Stocks 08-28-2017

Symbol Company Name Volume Price High Low Open Change
HEMP Hemp Inc 22,418,596 0.0282 0.031 0.028 0.0308 -0.002 /-6.93%
BTCS BTCS Inc 19,832,267 0.1715 0.18 0.159 0.1641 0.014 / 8.68%
SING Singlepoint Inc 18,662,970 0.0765 0.0894 0.0721 0.0758 -0.003 /-3.77%
HMPQ HempAmericana Inc 18,099,972 0.0114 0.0175 0.01 0.0123 -0.001 /-5.00%
BTSC Bitcoin Services Inc 12,072,801 0.095 0.1037 0.092 0.1015 0
RMHB Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc 11,678,962 0.0359 0.051 0.035 0.0505 -0.011 /-24.10%
SOUPQ Soupman Inc 10,941,579 0.015 0.02 0.013 0.02 -0.005 /-23.08%
SUNEQ SunEdison Inc 10,716,591 0.018 0.032 0.015 0.0299 -0.011 /-37.93%
GAHC Global Arena Holding Inc 9,552,136 0.0301 0.0358 0.0289 0.03 0.002 / 5.61%
MMEX MMEX Resources Corp 8,641,177 0.0141 0.0154 0.014 0.0149 0
VDRM ViaDerma Inc 8,019,711 0.023 0.0252 0.0211 0.0221 0.002 / 10.05%
AGTK Agritek Holdings Inc 7,872,254 0.0191 0.022 0.0182 0.022 -0.001 /-3.05%
CBIS Cannabis Science Inc 7,697,538 0.0495 0.0529 0.0481 0.0509 -0.002 /-4.62%
MONIF Monitise Plc Ord 5,761,195 0.0383 0.04 0.0378 0.0378 0.002 / 6.09%
VATE Elev8 Brands Inc 5,601,335 0.0104 0.0111 0.008 0.0082 0.002 / 22.35%
OMVS On The Move Systems Corp 5,180,575 0.187 0.22 0.177 0.208 -0.016 /-7.88%
XCOMQ Xtera Communications Inc. 4,957,744 0.0494 0.25 0.035 0.18 -0.026 /-34.13%
KGKG Kona Gold Solutions Inc 3,520,368 0.0123 0.0144 0.011 0.0144 -0.001 /-10.22%
DOLV Dolat Ventures Inc 3,471,283 0.0389 0.0428 0.0375 0.0426 -0.003 /-7.38%
TMXN Trimax Corp 3,362,411 0.0232 0.03 0.0226 0.0299 -0.003 /-10.77%
LOTE Lot78 Inc 3,179,856 0.062 0.0755 0.0583 0.075 -0.013 /-17.33%
MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc 3,121,365 0.1004 0.1025 0.1 0.1013 0
IMTL Image Protect Inc 3,085,072 0.018 0.02 0.014 0.02 -0.001 /-5.26%
OMHE Omni Health Inc 3,041,831 0.014 0.015 0.0128 0.015 -0.003 /-17.65%
ECGR Bellatora Inc 3,004,779 0.221 0.225 0.182 0.184 0.041 / 22.78%
POTN Potnetwork Holdings Inc 2,768,896 0.0584 0.0612 0.057 0.0606 0
ACOL Acology Inc 2,577,149 0.013 0.0133 0.0125 0.0125 0
PAOG PAO Group Inc 2,520,097 0.017 0.0182 0.015 0.0165 0
CBMJ Canna Consumer Goods Inc 2,467,068 0.0135 0.017 0.0105 0.0141 0
USRM US Stem Cell Inc 2,434,641 0.0338 0.034 0.029 0.0315 0.004 / 12.67%
MCOA Marijuana Company of America Inc 2,379,845 0.029 0.0303 0.0288 0.03 -0.001 /-3.33%
SGBY Signal Bay Inc 2,353,419 0.0121 0.0128 0.0121 0.0127 0
INMG Innovativ Media Group Inc 2,351,488 0.0296 0.0299 0.026 0.0279 0.003 / 10.04%
ARYC Arrayit Corp 2,307,599 0.0108 0.021 0.0092 0.021 0.001 / 4.85%
APTY APT Systems Inc 2,255,081 0.0268 0.03 0.0199 0.0213 0.006 / 25.82%
AMFE Amfil Technologies Inc 2,180,446 0.1673 0.175 0.16 0.17 -0.007 /-3.85%
PSID PositiveID Corp 2,133,821 0.014 0.0164 0.0138 0.0145 -0.001 /-4.76%
PGUS Progreen US Inc 2,089,451 0.0134 0.0135 0.0106 0.011 0.001 / 11.67%
SIPC Sipp Industries Inc New 2,058,323 0.0165 0.017 0.0137 0.0163 0
MCPI Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining Inc 2,056,408 0.083 0.095 0.08 0.08 0.003 / 3.88%
SENY Sauer Energy Inc 2,024,267 0.012 0.012 0.011 0.012 0.001 / 7.14%
EAPH Easton Pharms Inc 1,952,322 0.028 0.0295 0.0265 0.029 0
CETY Clean Energy Technologies Inc. 1,942,312 0.0193 0.0194 0.0145 0.0176 0.001 / 7.22%
GRWC Grow Condos Inc 1,918,090 0.04 0.05 0.039 0.049 -0.008 /-16.67%
UAHC United Amer Healthcare Cp 1,829,236 0.595 0.69 0.403 0.4248 0.195 / 48.75%
TRTC Terra Tech Corp 1,762,995 0.2427 0.244 0.2411 0.243 0
FNHI Franchise Hldgs Intl Inc 1,700,252 0.0331 0.0383 0.0311 0.035 -0.001 /-2.65%
MSRT MassRoots Inc 1,638,345 0.479 0.49 0.46 0.4822 0.022 / 4.81%
DIGAF BitX Financial Corp 1,627,935 0.209 0.295 0.195 0.295 -0.056 /-21.13%
PNTV Players Network Inc 1,410,664 0.1061 0.11 0.1 0.106 0.001 / 0.57%
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Hot OTC Penny Stocks 08-16-2017

Symbol Company Name Volume Price High Low Open Change
SING Singlepoint Inc 76,692,592 0.0839 0.0966 0.062 0.0966 -0.014 /-14.48%
HEMP Hemp Inc 46,887,300 0.0234 0.0265 0.0217 0.026 -0.003 /-11.70%
BTSC Bitcoin Services Inc 44,437,512 0.097 0.1379 0.086 0.1377 -0.045 /-31.74%
ACRL Atacama Resources International Inc 33,530,658 0.015 0.0295 0.013 0.014 0.004 / 30.43%
BTCS BTCS Inc 28,308,011 0.2851 0.3849 0.28 0.375 -0.136 /-32.28%
GAHC Global Arena Holding Inc 22,885,911 0.0295 0.036 0.0228 0.035 -0.006 /-17.37%
OXIS Oxis International Inc. 17,336,336 0.0985 0.108 0.065 0.0895 0.014 / 15.88%
TMXN Trimax Corp 11,490,097 0.0185 0.024 0.011 0.0147 0.007 / 54.17%
RBNW Renewable Energy & Power Inc 10,777,222 0.0705 0.0722 0.0179 0.0179 0.053 / 293.85%
SFOR Strikeforce Technologies Inc 8,510,367 0.0106 0.0122 0.0085 0.0088 0.002 / 20.45%
AGTK Agritek Holdings Inc 6,027,600 0.0129 0.0139 0.0115 0.0123 0
INMG Innovativ Media Group Inc 5,653,239 0.02 0.0218 0.0173 0.021 0
SRMX Saddle Ranch Media Inc 5,474,048 0.0108 0.0125 0.0081 0.0125 -0.002 /-13.60%
RSII Rising India Inc 5,358,933 0.0109 0.011 0.006 0.01 0
CBIS Cannabis Science Inc 5,340,949 0.0439 0.046 0.042 0.0437 0.001 / 2.09%
ACOL Acology Inc 4,124,037 0.0124 0.0138 0.0122 0.0138 -0.001 /-10.14%
MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc 4,117,282 0.1018 0.1043 0.1 0.1043 0.002 / 1.80%
ARYC Arrayit Corp 3,701,623 0.01 0.01 0.0092 0.0096 0
SLDC Solid Controls Inc 3,546,729 0.0282 0.04 0.028 0.04 -0.012 /-29.50%
ENUM Enumeral Biomedical Holdings Inc 3,521,056 0.0134 0.024 0.011 0.0112 0.001 / 6.35%
PURA Puration Inc 3,484,208 0.023 0.023 0.021 0.022 0.001 / 2.22%
AMFE Amfil Technologies Inc 3,276,602 0.185 0.205 0.167 0.205 -0.024 /-11.27%
USRM US Stem Cell Inc 3,214,446 0.0299 0.032 0.0275 0.032 -0.002 /-6.56%
MCOA Marijuana Company of America Inc 3,161,703 0.03 0.033 0.03 0.0312 -0.001 /-3.85%
DIGAF BitX Financial Corp 3,014,940 0.15 0.221 0.13 0.2165 -0.060 /-28.57%
TRTC Terra Tech Corp 3,009,623 0.252 0.2635 0.25 0.251 -0.006 /-2.33%
JNSH Jns Holdings Corp 2,991,291 0.0119 0.012 0.0089 0.011 0.004 / 41.67%
DOLV Dolat Ventures Inc 2,834,074 0.0485 0.057 0.0485 0.057 -0.006 /-10.19%
KGKG Kona Gold Solutions Inc 2,724,916 0.014 0.015 0.013 0.014 0.001 / 7.69%
MEDD Medical Imaging Corp 2,579,232 0.092 0.097 0.0788 0.0788 0.022 / 31.24%
RMHB Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc 2,430,992 0.0445 0.047 0.042 0.045 -0.002 /-4.91%
CNCPF Conduit Capital Ltd 2,427,741 0.1847 0.1847 0.1843 0.1843 -0.001 /-0.27%
OMVS On The Move Systems Corp 2,267,108 0.225 0.245 0.17 0.195 0.045 / 25.00%
SGBY Signal Bay Inc 2,261,443 0.0142 0.0153 0.0133 0.0133 0
POTN Potnetwork Holdings Inc 2,235,300 0.053 0.055 0.0465 0.0468 0.007 / 13.98%
FFMGF First Mining Finance 2,226,566 0.55 0.56 0.501 0.5191 0.018 / 3.34%
OMHE Omni Health Inc 2,181,153 0.0166 0.022 0.0162 0.017 -0.001 /-2.92%
NBGGY National Bank Of Greece S A ADR (Sponsored) Repstg 1 Ord Sh (New) 2,064,616 0.4195 0.44 0.415 0.436 -0.006 /-1.29%
PSID PositiveID Corp 2,004,273 0.0175 0.0185 0.015 0.0185 -0.002 /-12.06%
PAOG PAO Group Inc 1,991,382 0.0181 0.0189 0.0172 0.0189 -0.001 /-4.74%
PNTV Players Network Inc 1,988,181 0.102 0.11 0.101 0.11 -0.006 /-5.12%
GRCU Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc 1,955,515 0.015 0.0171 0.0138 0.0171 -0.002 /-12.28%
BICX Biocorrx Inc 1,867,046 0.083 0.094 0.06 0.09 -0.011 /-11.70%
RXMD Progressive Care Inc 1,827,613 0.0167 0.017 0.015 0.017 -0.001 /-6.70%
BMXI Brookmount Expls Inc 1,734,978 0.0359 0.0395 0.032 0.0395 0.004 / 12.19%
GRNH Greengro Techs Inc 1,716,128 0.059 0.0609 0.054 0.0555 0.003 / 5.17%
ARTTF Artemis Resources Ltd 1,618,934 0.29 0.55 0.25 0.25 0.100 / 52.63%
CLKA Clikia Corp 1,611,939 0.0149 0.0175 0.0123 0.015 0.002 / 19.20%
SGMD Sugarmade Inc 1,564,592 0.052 0.055 0.048 0.05 0.003 / 7.00%
BBEPQ Breitburn Energy Partners LP 1,463,964 0.0497 0.06 0.049 0.0501 0
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Hot OTC Penny Stocks 08-18-2017

Symbol Company Name Volume Price High Low Open Change
SING Singlepoint Inc 58,666,375 0.0618 0.0783 0.055 0.0745 -0.008 /-10.82%
HEMP Hemp Inc 43,680,798 0.0268 0.0274 0.0225 0.0225 0.004 / 16.52%
GAHC Global Arena Holding Inc 39,549,129 0.037 0.0415 0.0325 0.034 0.005 / 15.63%
AGTK Agritek Holdings Inc 39,001,908 0.0229 0.0239 0.0165 0.0176 0.004 / 23.12%
CBIS Cannabis Science Inc 26,265,566 0.0538 0.0595 0.0511 0.055 -0.001 /-2.00%
BTSC Bitcoin Services Inc 25,789,568 0.0994 0.122 0.087 0.115 -0.007 /-6.67%
BTCS BTCS Inc 21,516,872 0.222 0.31 0.201 0.2825 -0.033 /-12.94%
TMXN Trimax Corp 17,152,219 0.034 0.054 0.0285 0.0539 -0.001 /-4.23%
INMG Innovativ Media Group Inc 13,971,615 0.0145 0.018 0.0122 0.018 -0.004 /-19.44%
OXIS Oxis International Inc. 12,648,111 0.092 0.1189 0.089 0.105 -0.002 /-2.13%
USRM US Stem Cell Inc 11,344,861 0.0229 0.0264 0.021 0.0236 -0.001 /-4.58%
CODEF Coderes Sa Ord 10,000,000 0.4177 0.4177 0.4148 0.4148
MCOA Marijuana Company of America Inc 8,143,449 0.0333 0.0333 0.027 0.032 0.001 / 4.06%
PNTV Players Network Inc 8,137,870 0.092 0.102 0.0712 0.095 -0.008 /-7.82%
OMVS On The Move Systems Corp 7,798,966 0.185 0.2575 0.1751 0.235 -0.060 /-24.49%
EAPH Easton Pharms Inc 7,610,831 0.0255 0.026 0.0211 0.023 0.003 / 10.87%
SGBY Signal Bay Inc 7,418,456 0.013 0.0134 0.012 0.0125 0
AGTEF Agtech Holdings Ltd Ord 6,952,418 0.181 0.204 0.173 0.18 0.011 / 6.47%
MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc 6,795,881 0.1044 0.105 0.1 0.1 0.003 / 2.45%
GVCL GVCL Ventures Inc 6,169,878 0.025 0.033 0.017 0.02 0.008 / 47.06%
POTN Potnetwork Holdings Inc 5,969,523 0.06 0.064 0.058 0.061 0.001 / 2.39%
PSID PositiveID Corp 5,764,769 0.0153 0.0251 0.014 0.02 0.001 / 10.07%
DIGAF BitX Financial Corp 5,667,253 0.27 0.39 0.25 0.3025 -0.012 /-4.26%
RBNW Renewable Energy & Power Inc 4,836,085 0.0439 0.0595 0.0335 0.0595 -0.008 /-15.58%
RXMD Progressive Care Inc 4,507,298 0.0169 0.0169 0.0122 0.0155 0.001 / 9.03%
KGKG Kona Gold Solutions Inc 4,401,763 0.0108 0.0118 0.0092 0.011 0
MMEX MMEX Resources Corp 4,209,782 0.0103 0.0105 0.0097 0.0102 0.001 / 5.10%
TGRR Tiger Reef Inc 3,873,240 0.0198 0.0229 0.014 0.022 0.002 / 13.14%
BIEI Premier Biomedical Inc 3,491,528 0.011 0.012 0.0109 0.011 0
GRNH Greengro Techs Inc 2,939,897 0.062 0.064 0.0595 0.0595 0.002 / 2.48%
GOHE Global Payout Inc 2,929,284 0.023 0.028 0.022 0.027 -0.002 /-8.00%
AMFE Amfil Technologies Inc 2,535,042 0.19 0.193 0.17 0.18 0.020 / 11.76%
ECGR Bellatora Inc 2,467,727 0.145 0.146 0.12 0.1225 0.032 / 28.32%
ACOL Acology Inc 2,455,604 0.014 0.0145 0.0125 0.014 0.001 / 3.70%
CANB Canbiola Inc 2,192,624 0.025 0.027 0.0131 0.0132 0.012 / 92.31%
TRTC Terra Tech Corp 2,172,855 0.2473 0.26 0.246 0.247 -0.004 /-1.47%
PURA Puration Inc 2,072,975 0.0217 0.0217 0.0205 0.021 0
RMHB Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc 1,990,512 0.0439 0.0465 0.042 0.0459 0.002 / 4.52%
CETY Clean Energy Technologies Inc. 1,793,163 0.0166 0.02 0.0165 0.0195 0
PAOG PAO Group Inc 1,780,349 0.0192 0.0214 0.0172 0.02 -0.001 /-4.95%
DOLV Dolat Ventures Inc 1,543,374 0.0455 0.0498 0.0451 0.0462 0
GIGL Giggles N Hugs Inc 1,468,239 0.058 0.0699 0.058 0.0669 -0.014 /-19.44%
KBLB Kraig Biocraft Labs Inc 1,454,812 0.049 0.051 0.049 0.051 -0.002 /-4.48%
BDGN Budget Center Inc 1,395,082 0.021 0.025 0.0107 0.0125 0.011 / 112.12%
RETC 12 Retech Corp 1,390,436 0.0277 0.0347 0.0251 0.034 -0.006 /-18.53%
MOGLQ Mongolian Mining Corp Ord 1,234,001 0.043 0.045 0.043 0.044 -0.002 /-4.44%
SIPC Sipp Industries Inc New 1,224,499 0.0121 0.0142 0.012 0.0142 -0.002 /-14.79%
MCPI Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining Inc 1,218,659 0.09 0.097 0.086 0.087 -0.008 /-8.16%
ITKG Integral Techs Inc 1,202,717 0.037 0.038 0.031 0.037 0.002 / 5.71%
ENDV Endonovo Therapeutics Inc 1,171,417 0.0287 0.03 0.0261 0.03 0.002 / 5.51%
submitted by InvestorsHangout to InvestorsHangout [link] [comments]  Double your Bitcoins! 200% after 100 hours PAYING 2019 Is BitX a sign that Naspers sees Bitcoin as the future? Luno (Formerly BitX) - How fast is Bitcoin? 2020 WIRD DAS BESTE JAHR FÜR DEN BITCOIN How to buy and sell bitcoins in Bitx

Bitcoin startup BitX has officially rebranded as Luno, a transition that finds the firm shifting focus to the European market. For the startup, which was founded in 2013, CEO Marc Swanepoel said ... Bitcoin wird unabhängiger vom S&P 500; Bitcoins Marktkapitalisierung knackt Rekorde – BTC jetzt mehr wert als Coca Cola ; Ripple und Santander erreichen Meilenstein: mehr als eine halbe Milliarde US-Dollar durch grenzüberschreitende Zahlungen; Auch MasterCard arbeitet an einer Krypto-Karte; NEWS. BITCOIN; LITECOIN; ETHEREUM; DASH; RIPPLE; IOTA; EOS; KRYPTOWÄHRUNGEN KAUFEN. Bitcoin kaufen ... Between bitcoin’s 67-day streak above $10,000 and Ethereum miners’ new $166m fee record, the crypto world has been anything but boring this week. Catch up on these stories and more in our weekly news recap. Aktuelle Nachrichten zum Thema Bitcoin . Aktuelle deutschsprachige News zu Bitcoin, Blockchain & Kryptowährungen auf BTC-ECHO. Bitcoin News is the world's premier 24/7 news feed covering everything bitcoin-related, including world economy, exchange rates and money politics.

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Having recently raised $4 million from Naspers, BitX CEO Marcus Swanepoel joins Bruce Whitfield in this riveting chat on the future. Bitcoin and BitX have made big forays into what will be one of ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Buy and sell bitcoins in Bitx. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue For a secure wallet to store, buy and sell follow To get discount worth R10 in BTC use the promo code 9C9W4 for every time you buy or sell 0.10 BTC or more. It's digital money, it's secure, it's's the future, now. The easiest way to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum Visit