docker - How to fix "VirtualBox Interface has active ...

Would it be safe to download Virtual Box without Tails? Or should I get Tails first then download Virtual Box?

Would it be safe to download Virtual Box without Tails? Or should I get Tails first then download Virtual Box? submitted by darealsneaktalk to TOR [link] [comments] - "A self-contained Live CD/USB key with everything you need to perform highly secure air-gapped Bitcoin transactions. Offline cold storage made (slightly more) practical.". It's a project related to the Turnkey (Linux based virtual machines that can be run on Virtualbox et al.) project. - submitted by todu to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Run your own Bitcoin Server on Ubuntu! My easy guide using VirtualBox.

Run your own Bitcoin Server on Ubuntu! My easy guide using VirtualBox. submitted by virtuexru to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Ubuntu: Virtualbox vs Different User? /r/Bitcoin

Ubuntu: Virtualbox vs Different User? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

How To Forward Port 8333 For A Node Running In VirtualBox On FreeNAS Server? /r/Bitcoin

How To Forward Port 8333 For A Node Running In VirtualBox On FreeNAS Server? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

After years of using VirtualBox I moved to VMWare Player and wow

I'm not a serious VM user by any means, all I use them for is testing Windows 10 updates with my customizations, I mess around with Linux here and there and if I'm feeling nostalgic I boot up Windows 2000 or XP. VirtualBox always did the job although it was buggy with anything that required 3D acceleration.

I never really looked at other solutions because Hyper V always seemed intimidating and VMWare wasn't free besides VMWare Player which could only run existing VMs but not create new ones. Atleast that's what I always thought until people here corrected me yesterday.

So I switched over to VMWare player and wow, while I haven't tested Linux yet Windows 2000 - Windows 10 run like a dream and 3D effects are fully working, no UI glitches nothing. Sure there are a few sound cracklings going on but I can live with that, thanks everyone here who corrected me on VMWare Player!

Honestly it runs so well I wonder if there's any catch... will VMWare mine bitcoins on my system? Will it spy on me, will it declare world-domination if I use it for too long?

I'm obviously just kidding about the last part :P
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How much space left on your local HDD after fresh mynode install - 1TB HD

My machine is linux mint 19.x running virtualbox and nothing else installed. I am at blockheight 573369 running mynode version 0.2.09 and my local disk has 186GB of space left. My virtualbox VM folder inside my home directory has taken up 704GB of space?! I dont understand whats going on here. The bitcoin blockchain itself today is ~270GB. My fresh and minimal install of linux mint combined with this i would expect not to use anymore than ~350GB total for the entire VM but something seems off. I have tried to blow away and reinstall virtualbox/mynode and this keeps happening. Yes, I have turned off and deleted the snapshot function in linux mint as well. The only folder on the entire system that is using up so much space is the Virtualbox VMs folder inside my home directory. Any help would be appreciated!
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Is it a virus?

So, basically, my anti-virus (norton) have been telling me that an attack called "miner.bitcoinminer activity 7" is coming from "\DEVICE\HARDDISCVOLUME3\PROGRAM FILES\VIRTUALBOX\VBOXHEADLESS.EXE". I have noticed that vbox have been using a lot more cpu power and ram memory than usual. What should I do? Do you think deleting vbox will solve this problem or is there another way? btw i get like one bitcoin miner warning from this source every ten seconds.
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03-16 15:35 - 'Scam?' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Prisoner279 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 113-123min

So I was in my discord dms this morning and I got a message from "BitMex News" saying I had won the giveaway of .75 bitcoin and I figured "Oh hey a scam, Ill run it on my VirtualBox and see what it tries to do" so I went on the website ([]1 ) and with a burner email I created an account and used the promotional code they gave me and sure enough it actually gave me .75 bitcoin. But I wanted to know if []2 is just part of their scam.
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: Prisoner279
1: Bitm*tic.*o* 2: bitmati*.**m
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Tamamı TÜRKÇE 129 Udemy Kursu (Programlama|Web Tasarım|Excel|Linux|MATLAB|Dreamweaver|Photoshop)

Sıfırdan Türkçe İos Programlama Öğrenin Sanal Havacılığa Giriş Blok Tabanlı Robot Programlamaya Giriş VirtualBox ile Sanal Makine Oluşturmak ve Yapılandırmak Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Adobe Photoshop Temel Tasarım Eğitimi Bilgisayar Sektörü ve İş Dünyası - 1 Emmet Eklentisi Kurulum ve Kullanımı PDO ile Youtube Data API Kullanarak Video Scripti Yapmak Angular 4 & Todo Uygulaması Uzmanından Ücretsiz Wordpress Eğitimi İonic 3'ü Gerçek Projeden Öğrenin - Meditasyon Uygulaması Unit Test Yazma Sanatı Film Yapım ve Yönetmenlik Yeni Lightroom CC ile Fotoğraf Düzenleme Derinlemesine Excel Vlookup ve Index-Match fonksiyonları Psikoloji ve Alt Alanları Kütüphaneler için Hizmet Ortak Tasarımı: Xlibris Yaklaşımı Blender Animasyon Temelleri Linux: Herkes İçin Özgür İşletim Sistemi VirtualBox ile Sanal Makine Kurulumu Tablosuz ( Div ) tasarım site yapımı ve basit veritabanı Sıfırdan PowerPoint Derslerini öğrenerek Slayt dersi hazırla MS Excel : İşinizi Kolaylaştıracak Kısayollar ve Öneriler Arduino Eğitim Kursu Ücretsiz Udemy HTML CSS JavaScript kursu Ücretsiz Udemy PHP Eğitim Seti Ücretsiz Udemy Arduino ile Robotik Eğitim Ücretsiz Udemy Siber Zorbalık Eğitimi Ücretsiz Udemy Excel Kursu Uzmanından Ücretsiz Udemy WordPress Kursu Ücretsiz Udemy Mühendisler İçin Matlab Udemy Ücretsiz İngilizce Kursu Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Adobe Photoshop Tasarım Eğitimi Udemy Ücretsiz Linux Dersleri Sıfırdan Türkçe İos Programlama Öğrenin Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Adobe Photoshop Temel Tasarım Eğitimi Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Adobe Dreamweaver Temel Kod Eğitimi PHP Eğitim Seti 1 Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Adobe Flash Temel Animasyon Eğitimi Forecasting in Time Series(Zaman Serilerinde Öngörü/Tahmin) İSG Sınavı Pratik Çalışma Soruları (Aralık 2019) TMGD Pratik Deneme SINAVI MBLOCK İLE BLOK TABANLI KODLAMA ÖĞRENİYORUM Bitcoin veya kripto paralar ile al-sat yaparak kazanın 2019 (HATALI PYTHON!) Sıfırdan ileri seviye Pyhton 3 Adobe Animate CC Dersleri Özer Kiraz ile sıfırdan başlayan İngilizce kursuna katılın! Unity C# | Oyun Geliştiricisi Olma Eğitimi C# Dersleri : Adım Adım Sıfırdan - İleriye Kolay ve Hızlı Illustrator CC Öğrenin Sıfırdan İleri Seviyeye Komple Uygulamalı Wordpress Eğitimi Temel ve İleri Excel: 2 Eğitim 1 Arada! PLAXIS İLE GEOTEKNİK TASARIM Öğrenci Kariyeri 101: Erasmus,W&T,AIESEC,Not Ortalaması,Staj En iyi [ÜCRETSİZ] Video Edit Programı Sketch ile Arayüz Tasarımı (UI Design) Java ile Programlama Online İş Modelleri Ücretsiz Eğitim Youtube Youtuber İle Öğrenilir 90 Dakikada Wordpress Eğitimi SolidWorks Tasarım Tablosu (Design Table) PHP Symfony FW ile Sıfırdan Gelişmiş Uygulama Geliştirme Unity 2019 Multiplayer Oyun Tasarlama Tinkercad İle Elektronik Devre Simülasyonu Ansys Rigid Dynamic Tanıtım Kursu Dropshipping Kursu Unity - Kendi Serverini Yazarak Online Oyununu Yapmak JAVA FULL STACK DEVELOPER -1 (Komple Web sıfır-Orta Seviye) Baştan Sona İDECAD STATİK v10 KURSU HTML5 ve CSS3 Python ile Yazıdan Sese Temel NodeJS Eğitimi Tamamı ile Web Tasarım - Trunçgil Akademi Linux: Herkes İçin Özgür İşletim Sistemi Oyun Modeli Tasarlama ÜCRETSİZ ! 3D Sıfırdan Catia Eğitimi (3D Örnek Çizimlerle) YDS YÖKDİL ve YKS-DİL İNGİLİZCE SINAVLARI HAZIRLIK REHBERİ TOEFL Speaking Kursu (Yeni sisteme göre) Basitten Karmaşığa Adım Adım JQUERY Eğitim Seti ÜCRETSİZ ! 2D Sıfırdan Catia Eğitimi (2D Örnek Çizimlerle) Python Programlamanın Temelleri Java ile Programlamaya Giriş 1 Java ile Programlamaya Giriş 2 Solfej Eğitimi - Nota Öğrenim Dersleri Unity 3D ile Sıfırdan Oyun Geliştirmeyi Öğrenin C# ile Katmanlı Mimari Öğren : Ado .Net ile WinForm Bir Saatte Css Öğren JSON Eğitimi (Uygulamalı) Mastercam ile Uygulamalı Cad Cam (Ücretsiz) Canva Sosyal Medya İçerik Üretimi [30 Dakika] (Ücretsiz) Faceboook Reklamcılığı [30 Dakika] Unreal Engine 0 Dan Düzgün Anlatım PHP PDO MySql kullanarak admin panelli site yapımı Agile Yazılım Geliştirme, Proje ve İnsan Yönetimi Yaklaşımı Oracle SQL Eğitimi Temel Dijital Pazarlama Eğitimi / Dijital Medya Kursu (Ücretsiz) Dijital Pazarlama Eğitim Videoları (Ücretsiz) Google İşletmem Eğitimi - Google My Business (Ücretsiz) Kod Yazmadan Kişisel Web Sitesi Oluşturma Sıfırdan Bootstrap 4 Öğrenme Hiç Bilmeyenler için Python Render Hataları Üzerine Kritik YAŞAMAK İÇİN YEMEYİ ÖĞRENİN Sanal makineye Sıfırdan Windows 10 kurulumu Hızlı HTML5 Programlama 3ds Max İle Villa Modelleme Eğitimi KONUŞMA DÜZEYİNDE İNGİLİZCE ÖĞRENİYORUM Android Uygulama Geliştirme - Kotlin Eşliğinde Devrim Danyal ile Kısa Kısa Blockchain Bitcoin Kriptopara SQL Server DBA Eğitim Videosu Serisi Electron.js ile Masaüstü Uygulama Yapımına Giriş Expressjs ve Socketio İle Chat Uygulaması Geliştirelim Kurumsal Mimariler İçin Sql Server Veri Tabanı Tasarımı Hasan Yüksektepe ile Wordpress Eklentisi Geliştirme SİBER ZORBALIK EĞİTİMİ Arduino ile Robotik Eğitimi Veri Bilimine Giriş Real Time Mesajlaşma Uygulaması Windows Server Hakkında Kısa Bilgi Sıfırdan Macbook Pages Öğrenin Baş Denetçi Nasıl Olunur Temel Linux Eğitimi Dokümantasyon Kaynağı PMBOK V6 İçeriği ile Proje Yönetimi Eğitimi - 0/11 - Giriş Geometri -Örnek Soru Çözümleri-TYT-YKS, Vray For Sketchup 1.49 Baştan sona C Programlama eğitimi Sıfırdan ReactJS ve Context Api Mühendislik Öğrencileri İçin Matlab Kodlama Bilmeden Web Sitesi Yapma | Blogger Dersleri
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Trezor Troubleshooting Guide

I've noticed some redundancy in some of the issues raised on this subreddit, thought I'd start a generic troubleshooting thread of what I've found useful. I'd appreciate any suggestions mods or other experts might have.

I - Prerequisite

  1. Read the FAQ
  2. Read the Users manual
  3. Read the Developers guide
  4. Search the Wiki
  5. Try the trezor Troubleshooter

II - Trezor connectivity / stuck spinning circle

  1. Try different cable / USB port / computer
  2. Try without crappy Antivirus software.
  3. Manually add the bootloader registry value just to be paranoid.
  4. Install WinUSB driver with Zadig.
  5. Try disabling browser extensions / ad-blockers.
  6. Try Chrome Guest Mode (easiest way to disable extensions)
  7. Try different browser (Chrome / Chromium / Firefox / Brave)
  8. Try WebUSB
  9. Try Android
  10. Try VirtualBox
  11. Try
  12. Try
  13. Try

III - Updated FW, coins are gone

  1. Try Legacy Account section.
  2. Did you use the right seed?
  3. Did you use the right passphrase?
  4. Did you enter the recover seed words in the order the Trezor asked you to (hint: not first to last)?
  5. Did you verify that your recovery seed words are in the word list?
  6. Did you check all accounts (click add account) for transactions, or check all MEW ETH accounts (next page) as well?
  7. Did you check your transaction history (Legacy and Segwit) to see if anyone moved coins while you were dormant?
  8. Did you regularly do a dry-run recover to verify that you actually possess the recovery seed that the Trezor is operating with?
  9. Check to see if your brother-in-law found your seed and stole your coins.
  10. Check to see if the digital copy of your seed was hacked.

IV - Can't / Don't want to update FW.

  1. Try performing a dry-run to ensure you have the right seed.
  2. Say a prayer and hope you have the right passphrase.
  3. Use an old version of Electrum / MyCrypto / MEW to see if you can find TXN history.
  4. Use an old version of Electrum / MyCrypto / MEW to move most funds.
  5. Use an old version of trezorctl to move the other funds.
  6. Buy a second Trezor and update that.

V - I'm new to this, How should I backup my seed / passphrase.

  1. Make it simple, your kids / kin may be the ones doing the recovery.
  2. Make it secure in a lockbox or safe or something reasonable.
  3. Make it accessible in case there is market volatility.
  4. Make it resilient and redundant in case there is a fire / zombie apocalypse.
  5. Don't make it digital, hackers are smarter than you are.

VI - I forgot my PIN now I can't access my device

  1. Say a prayer and hope you have the right seed.
  2. Say a prayer and hope you have the right passphrase.
  3. Wipe your device then recover with the seed / passphrase to reset PIN.
  4. Don't forget again.

VII - I forgot my seed / passphrase, what now

  1. Nothing, you effectively put physical currency in an incinerator, no getting it back.
  2. Realize that you've learned a valuable lesson that will serve you well in the future.
  3. Advocate to others the importance of following section [V] above.

VIII - I want support for CrappyForkCoin and I want it now!

  1. Figure out what the fork_id is for CrappyForkCoin and write your own coin JSON file.
  2. Use your JSON file to compile your own CrappyForkCoin trezor FW.
  3. Flash your CrappyForkCoin trezor FW to your personal trezor.
  4. Use trezorctl to make CrappyForkCoin transactions.
  5. Read the wiki on how to add coins just to make sure.
submitted by brianddk to TREZOR [link] [comments]

Crytotux a linux image for Crypto dev education

Crytotux a linux image for Crypto dev education
Hi everyone, I've been involved in a lot of tech education lately. In order to facilitate workshops, We have created a Linux image for virtualbox with most tools preconfigured.
Screenshot with ganache-cli & Visual Code
It mainly includes:
  • Bitcoin node, tools and libraries for compilation (bitcoin-cli, bitcoind, bitcoin ppa, ... )
  • Ethereum initiation tools (metamask, ganache-cli ...)
  • Development tools : npm, Node.js, Go, gedit, Visual Code Studio
  • Decentralized projects and tools (IPFS, Chainpoint ...)
  • Complete and lightweight environment (based on lubuntu 18.04)

Happy to receive feedbacks and join efforts
submitted by Xalava to ethdev [link] [comments]

Malware analysis of Sepsis ransomware

About me and topic

Hello! I am a beginner level malware analyst/reverse-engineer, senior software developer, certified forensic investigator. The reason for the appearance of this report is the lack of such an analysis of the ransomware called Sepsis at that time on the Internet. The main purpose of my research was not only find out what malware does but also HOW it commits malicious actions.

This is my ever first post in english. English is not my native language so I hope you understand me right.

Required skills

To understand this topic you should be familiar with assembly language and malware analysis tools. In general, I explain each step in detail so don't worry if you don't have much knowledge about reverse-engineering and malware analysis.


Malware was first discovered on May 14, 2018 by MalwareHunterTeam. I downloaded the sample from Virusshare (also you can do it here, do it at your own risk!). Sample has the following hash values:

SHA1 518d5a0a8025147b9e29821bccdaf3b42c0d01db 

SHA256 3c7d9ecd35b21a2a8fac7cce4fdb3e11c1950d5a02a0c0b369f4082acf00bf9a 

The analysis was carried out on Virtualbox with Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit. The type of malware is a ransomware. Damage by executing can be seen on the screenshot.

All files are encrypted and [[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])].SEPSIS have been added to their names. Windows VM crashed.

Static analysis

First of all, open the file in PPEE with FileInfo plugin.

As we see, 51 out of 68 antiviruses define a file as malicious. Let's move on to suspicious strings.

Look at the line -KEY- ... - END PUBLIC KEY- this is the public key that most likely encrypts data.

The line looks like an argument to cmd.exe:
admin.exe delete shadows /all /quiet & bcdedit.exe /set {default} recoveryenabled no & bcdedit.exe /set {default} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures
admin.exe delete shadows /all /quiet - deletes all backups of the system to prevent the recovery of damaged files.
bcdedit.exe /set {default} recoveryenabled no - disables recovery mode.
bcdedit.exe /set {default} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures - disables the appearance of the Windows Error Recovery screen.

Open the URL strings.

By line'>
it can be understood that the user will be asked to bitcoins and give a link to how to do it. Open the Registry strings.

Pay attention to Software\Classes\mscfile\shell\open\command. The registry branch Software\Classes contains information about which programs are responsible for handling certain file types. That is, the malware most likely adds some commands that will be executed every time you open the .msc file. It is possible that malware affects the operation of the Winlogon process, which is responsible for logging in/out of the system.

PE headers are normal.

No more interesting PPEE shows. You should not hope to receive complete information using PPEE or other utilities, but for obtaining initial information and information about what a file is, this may be enough. Strings can be added specifically to confuse or recover dynamically or to be encrypted. Strings in the file can also be viewed using the famous strings program, but its more powerful counterpart is FLOSS from FireEye. It can show even obfuscated strings in a binary.

We launch it with a command with writing to a file since it has a very large output.
floss sepsis.bin > c:\floss_output.txt 

Open and browse the resulting file. We can see html file with such content.
Welcome to Sepsis Ransomware!
All your files have been encrypted!
All your files have been encrypted due to a security problem with your PC. If you want to restore them, write us to the e-mail [email protected]
Write this ID in the title of your message 16E734E0
In case of no answer in 24 hours write us to theese e-mails:[email protected]
The price depends on how fast you write to us. You have to pay for decryption in Bitcoins. After payment we will send you the decryption tool that will decrypt all your files.
Free decryption as guarantee
    Before paying you can send us up to 5 files for free decryption. The total size of files must be less than 10Mb (non archived), and files should not contain valuable information. (databases,backups, large excel sheets, etc.)
How to obtain Bitcoins
  • Do not rename encrypted files.
  • Do not try to decrypt your data using third party software, it may cause permanent data loss.
  • Decryption of your files with the help of third parties may cause increased price (they add their fee to our) or you can become a victim of a scam.

It looks like a message that will be shown to the victim after encrypting the files. We also see the line SeDebugPrivilege, which means that malware may connects to other processes. The line eventvwr.exe, in resulting output - signals a possible attempt to raise privileges. We also see names similar to the list of folders:

Windows MSOCache Perflogs DVD Maker Internet Explorer Reference Assemblies Windows Defender Windows Mail Windows Media Player Windows NT Windows Sidebar Startup Temp Program Files Program Files (x86) 

They probably used as a blacklist when encrypting. Open the file in PEiD to find out if packers have been used.

DIE shows us that the program is written in C/C++, this will allow us to decompile it well with HexRays in IDA.

You can guess what malware does without starting it by examining the imported libraries and their functions. This may not always help, as the file can be packed, but in our case we are lucky.

crypt32.dll for encryption, advapi32.dll working with the registry.

Dynamic analysis

The logic of the work of Sepsis in pseudocode

1 if (elevated) 2 copy_to(C:\Windows\svchost.exe) 3 add_to_autorun() 4 exec(C:\Windows\svchost.exe) 5 sleep() 6 else 7 copy_to(%TEMP%\svchost.exe) 8 add_to_autorun() 9 if (!elevated) 10 run_as_elevated() 11 sleep() 12 if (run_first) 13 run_first = FALSE 14 else 15 exit() 16 encrypt_all_data() 17 if (elevated) 18 wipe_backups() 19 set_process_critical() 20 rename_all_files() 21 show_user_manual() 22 exit() 

As we can see, the malware checks whether it is launched with elevated privileges - lines 1, 9, 17. Checking with TokenInformation, after calling GetTokenInformation, with the TokenElevation parameter.

The first launch on the victim's computer is assumed without elevated privileges so the malware copies itself to a temporary folder (line 7), under the name svchost.exe

and adds itself to autorun (line 8) by adding %TEMP%\svchost.exe to the HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell.

Winlogon is the process responsible for the session of the OS user (provide logging in and logging out of the system). When booting the OS, Winlogon starts what is written in the Shell key, that's why the malware is launched.

In line 9, again there is a check for the presence of elevated rights and if it's not true, then the malware makes privilege escalation (line 10). How does malware do it? This is done by adding itself to the registry branch HKCU\\Software\\Classes\\mscfile\\shell\\open\\command. All that is written to this registry branch will be launched when opening files of type .msc. Next, malware runs eventvwr.exe - a Windows system utility that runs the Microsoft Management Console (mmc.exe), which immediately loads the .msc file. The magic is that eventvwr.exe is compiled with autoElevated = True in the manifest, which allows it to run with elevated rights bypassing UAC and not showing the user a window requiring consent to run. Thus, Sepsis launches itself SECOND time.

In line 11, the malware falls asleep and the second instance comes into play. The first instance, after hibernation and checking in line 12, stops in line 15. The check for restart occurs by creating a mutex with the unique name HJG>

Now, we will analyze the work of malware after restart. As we see, the first launch was necessary to add to autorun and launch itself with elevated rights. After running in elevated rights, the malware brazenly copies itself to C:\Windows\svchost.exe, without generating any pop-up windows.

As we can see, after running CopyFile, the file C:\Windows\svchost.exe has the same hash as the original file.

Line 16 encrypts all files, except files in folders:
Windows MSOCache Perflogs DVD Maker Internet Explorer Reference Assemblies Windows Defender Windows Mail Windows Media Player Windows NT Windows Sidebar Startup Temp Program Files Program Files (x86) 
The public keys (that we saw in previous static analysis) was imported

Files are encrypted using the CryptEncrypt function.

Line 18 deletes all existing backups, using the command we saw earlier - /c vssadmin.exe delete shadows /all /quiet & bcdedit.exe /set {default} recoveryenabled no & bcdedit.exe /set {default} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures. This is done so that the user cannot recover the encrypted files.

Line 19, by calling the RtlSetProcessIsCritical undocumented function, the main process of Sepsis become system process. When the malware completes its work it completes its process and since it is system process OS crashes and reboots.

Line 20, for each existing disk in the system, an additional thread is created that renames all files in each folder with the exception of the list above.

Line 21, a file with html content (that we saw earlier) is created and displayed to the user.

System Restore

Delete infected files %TEMP%\svchost.exe, C:\Windows\svchost.exe
A unique pattern of malware sample is the name of the mutex - HJG>


I hope that you enjoy this report and I wait for feedback. If you want me to make similiar report please let me know!
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I think I understand the basic idea here... but let me know if this is a viable way to use Tails, or if I'm actually an idiot.

EDIT: I realize the folly of trying to use Tails in a VM. so im throwing that idea out the window.
So if I set up a Tails OS in persistence on a USB, can I boot that from Virtualbox? And would I lose bitcoins left in the Electrum wallet if I restarted Tails in this state?
Additionally, will this compromise any anonymity if I'm running VB from a win10 setup using a local account, having telemetry and all that junk turned off, using a VPN, then on the VM have Tails running Tor.
The reason I want to do it this way is I have all my encrypted password files on my win10 setup so I can easily copy in my credentials and PGP info when logging in. If I boot to Tails from my PC directly, I lose this simplicity. Its not the end of the world if i need to just suck it up and manually type it all. But if this sounds like a safe setup for a newb not looking to do very much, let me know.
I don't wanna overdo my opsec to a point where I don't understand it. I feel like that could just make it less effective. But I don't want it to be so simple that I expose myself.
submitted by AnoK760 to tails [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Virtual Machine

Hello bitcoiners,
I recently worked on a Packer builder that generates a VirtualBox Ubuntu image and a Vagrant box with all the main Bitcoin / LN softwares, ideal for Bitcoin workshops, hackathons, etc. If you are interested have a look at the repo

submitted by Janaka-Steph to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Help: Bitcoin Core does not auto start in Ubuntu with -datadir option

Please can someone help me out?
I have installed Ubuntu in VirtualBox to host Bitcoin Core. In VirtualBox I assigned a special disk with the blockchain. I am however new to Ubuntu. I am a Windows crack.
When I start bitcoin core from a terminal command prompt like:
bitcoin-qt -datadir=/media//Blockchain
then Bitcoin core starts correctly. "" is my username to login to Ubuntu. "Blockchain" is how the disk is named in VirtualBox. The host system is Windows 10.
However when I configure this command in the 'startup applications' of Ubuntu to start bitcoin core automatically when Ubuntu starts, I get the error message the path cannot be found.
While I am writing this post, I think it may be possible Ubuntu did not logged me in under username yet when auto starting bitcoin core, but this is a wild quess.
Is there an Ubuntu crack who can help me out please?
submitted by pdlvw to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Homelab collective ressources post!

Hey guys!
I'm fairly new to this sub and to having a home lab in general and I found this community to be so kind and helping, I wanted to give back what I've learned. I'm seeing a lot of questions asked around on improvements and on what to do with x extra hardware so I thought it would be nice to have a thread to regroup that.
I'll put here some stuff I gathered and the most common questions I've seen, feel free to contribute and i'll update the post along.
Latest Additions
Homelab Dashboard
Posts about dashboards have been growing lately and here are some of the best that were kind enough to provide us with their sources.
User Screenshot Source
yours truly
NiknakSi TBA
yourofl10 TBA
mescon & SyNiK4L
Or build yours from scratch: PRTG API, ELK, Grafana, freeboard, JumpSquares
Some other resources: Custom Monitoring Scripts by 0110010001100010
Credits to apt64 for his original post
= Pi specific =
= Download Automation =
= Virtualization =
= Monitoring =
= Media Center =
= Remote access =
= VOIP =
= Networking =
= File Servers/Storage/RAID =
= Cameras =
= Documentation =
= Dynamic DNS =
= Backup =
= Creating network diagrams =
= Guides =
= Misc =
That's all I could come up with on top of my head + some research, passing over to you guys so we can get a nice complete list!
Let's try and stick with free(or mostly) softwares, let me know if you guys feel otherwise.
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Comprehensive and honest user feedback from a Golem User

Hey everyone! Last week, a reporter approached us for words on Golem, and it was the first time a journalist actually also asked us to connect with a user for feedback. I told them to chat with PSVjasper99 and he provided super great feedback. He sent it to me and I shared it with our team, that appreciated it a lot. We consider your feedback extremely important, so posting here the report he prepared, and hoping to kick off a round of further feedback from all the Golem community. Thank you in advance!
Experience Golem
Jasper V. 15-8-2018
I came across Golem around August of last year. A little background first:
I was starting my first semester at university that year and was already interested in the whole cryptocurrency world. At first, like many, I was full of scepticism. I mainly knew Bitcoin from being used on the darker side of transactions. Right as I started to learn about Golem, which was pretty much under pressure since their first major release Brass Beta was due summer 2017 and had not come out yet, I started my new study at the Technical University. One of my first major subjects required me to run tasks and complete FEM analyses on my university laptop (I study mechanical engineering and materials). These took days to complete. That was the point I bought my first Golem tokens. The use was to use these tokens if in the future, CAD renders and FEM analyses were to be implemented into Golem. Of course, the magic month December came and we all know what happened. I continued to hold on to my tokens and accumulated some more between March and now. Never sold nothing.
Of course this was at first all based around speculation. I first installed testnet in November (I think it was). What I first realised was that it was pretty spectacular the way it worked. The UI was clean and organized, instructions were clear and off rendering we went. This did not always go to plan however, because many of the tasks timed out. This was however, not a major problem since Golem allowed to use tGNT for testnet so we could attempt tasks as many times as we wanted. Updates came along every three weeks or so. The main files I rendered were demos that were also provided to test the capacity of the network. I had a success rate of about 25-35% estimated. A lot of tasks timed out or had a few ‘stripes’ not rendered correctly.
When Golem Brass Beta was launched about 4 months ago, I think the whole community was very excited. I only run Golem when I am actually using my PC. Running Golem whilst not using your PC would not only be very inefficient, but expensive too. It is not like mining. At the moment there is a clear deficit in requestors as opposed to providers. People should not expect when they launch Golem, that is computing the whole time (yet!). I have had days with tens of tasks with some good rewards, about 6 GNT per day, and days after which I had not had a single task ever since. Therefore, I often use Golems ability to change hardware allocation a lot. As I’m typing this, I offer 6 of my 8 threads to Golem. When I am gaming, I allocate 4 of my 8 threads and when I’m playing intensive games or VR, I allocate 2 of my 8 threads. My RAM and SSD space is always on full, since I have enough of that and it does not really impact performance that much.
I have now completed about 200 tasks across two nodes. Seeing how Golem actually worked was pretty cool and it has come a very long way since testnet and continues to improve. Golems UI is very smooth and I really like the vertical placement of the window. The application starts with a clear introduction, ability to protect your node with a password (access to wallets), and clearly tells you what to with port forwarding etc. This does not always go well, we see a huge surge of people on Reddit and the Golem Rocket Chat who have problems configuring their ports and connections. Thankfully, there are a lot of active team members and enthusiasts on the Rocket Chat who always find a solution. A major thing that has improved are the pop-up messages when hovering over items, and the understandeability of the whole application. Everything is well documented in the help document provided and the application works smooth without stuttering. Tips are provided as well for using the right settings when requesting a task on Golem, concerning task timeout, amount of subtasks etc. The price is basically determined via supply and demand, which is an advantage and could as well be a disadvantage. I hope Golem becomes large enough to not be influenced by big players making price agreements and who could, in theory, manipulate the market. However if this is not the case, this system ensures that the price paid for the computation is fair.
However, Golem certainly has its flaws. Not all of these were noticed by me, but I also talk to some enthusiasts and friends daily that always have Golem running. Most likely the team is working on these problems:
However, does this impact the implication of Golem in the real world? I have no idea. Golem currently only has Blender rendering POC on Mainnet and the target audience for requestors is not that huge. However, with the next release that should increase. Therefore, I don’t see an average Joe use Golem in the near future, but if more types of computation would be implemented, that could certainly change. If prices remain competitive, there is a huge (growing!) market available to Golem. Whether there is a hurdle for people to go to dApps from regular apps, probably. I think the majority of the projected users don’t quite yet see the added value of decentralization. Furthermore, I can imagine people disliking the fact to go to an exchange and exchange fiat for BTC or ETH, then to exchange for GNT, and then to transfer that GNT to Golems app. Golem is aware of this and I can see this (for many dApps) be the main factor contributing to the (not yet) mass adoption of dApps. Furthermore, the ever-changing value of these tokens is what might scare people off.
I am not a Blender artist and therefore I am not really able to use golem as a requestor. I can occasionally run some demo files. I have therefore not used any regular apps that provide the same service. Hopefully, this will change in the future, with the implementation of more use cases and the opportunity for the community to build on top of Golem.
So to conclude, will dApps ever replace regular apps? I see a few reasons as to why they might and a few reasons as to why they won’t. The main key is to improve the number of use cases, as well as the availability, keep the price competitive and the usability up. First, the issues above need to be solved for Golem specifically from my point of view. Some proper marketing could not hurt as well, trialling at universities and companies. If dApps are adopted by a few large(r) players (with the right use cases), domestic (mass) adoption could follow. However, I think it is hard to comment on this seen as the technology and development is still taking baby steps. I hope there is much more to come!
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List of Lightning Network wallets, node guides for different OS, payments processors

credits to u/bitusher who initially posted this list here.
Keep in mind that this list likely will be incomplete a few weeks from now on, as new wallets (like LND wallet, ZAP, Shango etc) are in the late development phases and will come online "soon", as well as new merchants, new guides etc.
LN on IOS – LND Thin Wallet: (You need to connect to your own LN node)
LN on Android:
Bitcoin Lightning Wallet:
Eclair (pay or send only for android for LN / send and receive all btc onchain txs)
Eclair youtube tutorial 1
Eclair youtube tutorial 2
LN on Linux or Ubuntu: (or with windows in virtualbox)
LN on VPS:
LN on raspberry-pi:
LN on Windows:
LN on OSX:
LN on Google cloud:
Hosted Lightning payment processors: (Free LN payment processor)
LN megathread:
Stores that accept Lightning payments:
accept LN for free with:
Ultimate guide to setting up BTCpay:
videos as well:
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[QUESTION] Is Monero intended to be exceptionally difficult to set up?

I've had two frustrating days trying to get a monero node running. I'm hoping a kind redditor might be able to point me in the right direction. I'd love to give Monero a try, but I'm slightly shocked that the cryptocurrency whose primary value is anonymity has no easy anonymous way to send and receive transactions.
I would call myself a power user; comfortable in the command line but by no means an expert. I am at a slight disadvantage using a 32-bit Windows machine, but I really don't think that should be a deal-breaker. I've given a near herculean effort to set up Whonix in VirtualBox and troubleshoot the configuration to get that working. Once I finally got the Monero GUI working inside the VM, I realized syncing would take around 3 weeks straight, but it was getting slower as I let it run. Even a remote node sync was set to take weeks. My internet connection is plenty fast, but Whonix inside VirtualBox is not.
I downloaded the blockchain manually and got it onto the VM, which had its own handful of challenges. Apparently the nondescript errors the first time meant the blockchain file was being updated at the exact time I downloaded it. So the file was corrupted even though it downloaded without issue or error. A second download solved that issue an hour or two later, but now my VM is at 40 GB since it can't reclaim the space. Importing via the CLI has been equally frustrating. After overcoming those hurdles, it became clear that the import using the downloaded blockchain would be even longer than 3 weeks. It was importing blocks at a pace of 10 every minute or two. At this point I gave up the VM approach about a day and a half in.
I tried Tallow to route my Windows traffic through Tor. I have not been able to get this to work. I have not been able to figure out how to compile torsocks to run on Windows, meaning I can't run the CLI natively. Probably the most frustrating of all is that is blocked over Tor which would be the easiest option by far (though I'd still prefer a node). This has left me with no anonymous options to use the anonymous currency...
Is every Monero user running Linux or am I missing something? This has been exceptionally difficult with probably 50 hurdles to jump through thus far. Bitcoin Core just works. I don't understand why this has to be so difficult.
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Running Bitcoin Core in Linux Subsystem for Windows?

I haven't use the Linux Subsystem for Windows yet, but I'm thinking about getting it set up to run a LN node. I'm already running the Windows binary for Bitcoin Core, but I'm thinking about switching it to run on the Linux subsystem so I can build it locally.
Anybody have experience with the core client or a LN node on this? Anyone know what the trade-offs would be compared to running a linux virtual machine in VirtualBox or something?
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I have 1.5 or such ETH on the Rinkeby Test Net on Metamask...nobody is giving me a straight answer on how to move that to the the main ETH network.

All the posting I've done on Minds, I tried to make them as quality articles or links to music and videos that are part of what I'm willing to put effort into.
People over there have tried to help me,although one asked for my keys saying he would do the transfer no, I'm not easily fished, I'm on the internet since 1997, before the internet became known as "social media".
Anyway, I want to move my stuff from that Rinkeby Test Network, when Minds ran on that, I had my Minds detect Metamask and my tokens went into My Onchain and Receiver address, which are the same when things are normal, iot about 20 tokens in Offchain, basically that ETH I can't move. I've been given guides, help on the Help group and the MindUsers group but what they say doesn't check out with reality, I've shown them's just not working. Have 500 USD worth of ETH and it seems like it wa practise ETH/tokens that do not count because Minds was in Beta mode afaik is what I'm starting to think. My wallet address is the same on Rinkeby and Main, which I know is normal. Metamask is supposed to main everything easier, but even trying to do it outside of Metamask doesn't work, like giving the task to the people at Minds who will do it for me, when I click transfer after inserting my wallet address, no message that it gets taken care of.

I'm rather mad, there's this issue on Minds, and Steemit says a free account takes 1-2 weeks to be given, I have an account where I gave them my phone number for their damn SMS verification to consider me for a free account, it's been 6 months, no damn email activation like they told me I would get.I even had to try other of my email addresses with friends cell phones to get the SMS and nope, those 3 other accounts I made, with different IP addresses, that I keep within my real country so they don't think it's a suspicious request and ignore it, although one might have been done with me being on my VPS which is in the USA, although even things like Maxmind can't figure out its real location, that's some great sec from them, it says I'm in Canada even when I look up the IP on THE IP address info website/API,

I'm really aggravated by the situation. With crypto too. I had mined for 800 USD worth of Dashcoin through minergate and close to 2 fantomcoin since it could mine both cryptos at the same time and since I wasn't able to have dashcoin-linux or dashcoin-windows sync (it's a local DSH wallet), the a-holes at minergate stole all of my DSH by August 31st, no warning they would stop supporting DSH and 1 month to move it elsewhere, likely knowing it's a crypto that isn't in many good local or even online wallets, I couldn't find a single place to move the DSH too. It's a shitload of power drawn from me to have 800 something DSH, since it's not worth much, but it's the coin I could mine the second fastest, through commandline while in Windows 7 (I dual boot Mint 17.3 and Win7, although I might soon just have a Win7 virtual machine in virtualbox...I don't boot in it enough to warrant it at this point pretty much and run most of my games through Steam or CrossOveWine. Anyway getting away from the subject. I can only mine Monero really efficiently through CryptoMiner for AMD GPU and my AMD Radeon HD 7870 and a Radeon HD 7850 connected to work together with CrossOver, I get real decent Monero mining, also Ethereum since I got an AMD-FX8350 overclocked to 4.2ghz for all 8 cores, not anything crazy, but I got great cooling. I would eventually move the ETH I mined on that other place (not minergate) and the real luck I had when I mined 0,0017 Bitcoin Gold, I know my graphic cards are getting old hence my interest in being paid for my efforts to be relevant online and it seems like I can't get that either.
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BitcoinBox - A Pocket Game where you can trade Virtual or Real Bitcoins while competing with friends Qué es y cómo funciona la moneda virtual Bitcoin - YouTube Wirex tarjeta virtual de bitcoin (como usarla) COMO USAR BITCOIN (LA MONEDA VIRTUAL) - YouTube VIRTUAL MINING FARM (BITCOIN)

Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 3 [Idea] Secure Your Wallet Using VirtualBox. Close. 3. Posted by. u/LinuxNut. 5 years ago. Archived [Idea] Secure Your Wallet Using VirtualBox. I have an idea about how to secure your ... Windows did not shut down (or took a long time to do so) because 'VirtualBox still has active connections'. I'd like to share my solution here, using BlueStacks as just an example. I solved this by creating a task in task manager that runs a script on shutdown. The script kills the VirtualBox process, which is perfectly safe. Creating such a task is described here: VirtualBox ist sehr intuitiv und einfach zu verwenden, weshalb es etwas frustrierend sein kann, dass das Ändern der Bildschirmauflösung für Gastsystem doch mit etwas Arbeit verbunden ist. Wer jedoch weiß, was zu tun ist, bekommt ein sauber laufendes Gastsystem mit einer Vielzahl an möglichen Bildschirmauflösungen, bis hin zum perfekt laufenden Vollbildmodus. Virtualbox lässt sich komplett von der Kommandozeile aus steuern und bringt dabei auch Einstellungen mit, die es in der grafischen Oberfläche gar nicht gibt. Unsere Anleitung That said, Bitcoin might be hard to grasp on at first, it’s a form of crypto-currency that acts as a currency only live digitally on the internet. This isn’t a guide on understanding what Bitcoin is, but rather a step-by-step guide on how to spin off a virtual machine on your own to start mining Bitcoins. The setup only works for mining on a shared pool, and is what most people out there ...

[index] [18001] [34772] [24495] [20584] [38694] [2166] [25957] [45165] [27667] [29999]

BitcoinBox - A Pocket Game where you can trade Virtual or Real Bitcoins while competing with friends

Seguro que más de una vez has oído hablar de este tipo de moneda digital que acapara elogios y críticas a partes iguales. Pero, ¿Qué es un Bitcoin y cómo fun... One of the largest online exchanges for Bitcoins, a digital cryptocurrency "mined" by computers, has closed down amid allegations of theft. The founder of the Tokyo-based Mt. Gox website admitted ... Today I take a look at an application called Wirex, which allows you to instantly create virtual Visa cards and fund them with Bitcoin. Start using Wirex (25... Links Disclaimer Potential loss can always be around. Your Money Your Decision. Virtual Bitcoin Visa Cards with Wirex - Duration: 5:50. BTC Sessions 43,413 views. 5:50. Te Aseguro que Esto Cambiará Tu Vida ¡LAS MEJORES IDEAS nacen en la crisis y muchos se hacen ricos ...